Top 11 Best Electric Dirt Bike (Motorcycle) for Adults in 2023

#1Zero DSR/BF84.00$18,995 USDClick to Read Our Zero DSR/BF Review
#2Segway X26084.00$4,999 USDClick to Read Our Segway X260 Review
#3Luna Cycle Sur Ron Storm Bee83.00$10,460.40 USDClick to Read Our Sur Ron Storm Bee Review 
#4Enduro eBikes 12000W82.50$3,999 USDClick to Read Our Enduro eBikes 12000W Review
#5Segway X16082.00$3,499.99 USDClick to Read Our Segway X160 Review
#6Hi-Power Cycles Typhoon Pro81.30$11,500 USDClick to Read Our Typhoon Pro Review
#7Zero DSR75.80$15,495 USDClick to Read Our Zero DSR Review
#8KTM Freeride E-XC75.63$8,299 USDClick to Read Our KTM Freeride E-XC Review
#9Delfast Prime 2.075.62$5,599.00 USDClick to Read Our Delfast Prime 2.0 Review
#10Zero FXS75.30$8,995 USDClick to Read Zero FXS Review
#11Zero FX75.00$8,995 USDClick to Read Our Zero FX Review
Kai Peters surveys the trail from the back of his 2009 Zero. Electric dirt bikes have come a long way since! (Photo Credit: Neal Oeters, Shady Cove, OR.)

How We Score Electric Dirt Bikes for Adults

A good list starts with a nifty ranking scorecard. We cover everything from design and technology, to customer service. We’ve also grouped these factors into eight sections:

1. Build Quality

We note materials, components, and durability. We provide plus points for high-end components, as well as reliability and ease of repair.

2. Responsiveness

This criteria covers each bike’s throttle and brake response, as well as handling. We also add points for bikes with single-gear transmissions and instant acceleration.

3. Aesthetics

This factor consists of the bikes’ design and originality. We also take note of unique details and add extra points for bikes with great details.

4. Cool Factor

Like with aesthetics, we also lay out points based on how visually appealing the bike looks or if it has references to pop culture (such as an electric dirt bike that looks like something out of Mad Max).

5. Speed

We provide points based on standing torque and top speed, and also the duration in which the bike reaches peak speed.

6. Range

We take note of the bike’s battery level or operation time as well as range distance. We score bikes higher for having special features such as brake regen and extra reserve power packs.

7. Weight

Lighter bikes get more points, and vice-versa. The last thing we want is a 900lbs off-roader.

8. After-Sales Support

We take into account the range of services a dealer or manufacturer provides and the responsiveness they can offer a customer after purchase. Additional points for reliable services, warranty support, quick-replies to inquiries, and visitable locations.

Our 11 Best Electric Dirt Bikes and Motorcycles for Adults this Year: Quick Review

Best Electric Dirt Bike for Adults — Zero DSR/BF

Score: 84/100

This shot makes the Zero DSR/BF electric motorcycle look as badass in urban areas as it does off-road. (Source: Zero Motorcycles)

The Zero DSR/BF is a full-size electric supermoto made for long rides across both on and off road routes. If you prefer relaxed cruises over great distances, then this bike is for you.

A successor to Zero’s previous DSR model, the Zero DSR/BF electric motorcycle comes with adventure bike features which provide greater convenience and safety for riders. These features include solid aluminum side panniers and top box, an adjustable touring windscreen, and full body crash guards.

Click to Read Our Zero DSR/BF Review

ManufacturerZero Motorcycles
Retail Price$18,995 USD
ClassificationAdventure Supermoto
Age RangeAdults
Link to PurchaseZero Motorcycles website
Motor Power52kW (70 hp, 116 ft-lb equivalent)
Range157 miles (253 km)
Top speed102 mph
Weight489 lb
Seat height33.2 inches
PurposeStreet, Off-road, wet terrain
The GoodThe Bad
Smooth rev range gives the feeling of traditional gas-powered bikeVery heavy at 489lbs for an electric dirt bike. Try not to drop the bike on yourself
The lack of engine vibration means the control surfaces on the motorcycle can be solid-mounted, increasing road feel and riding feedbackWindscreen doesn’t perform quite well
Comes with the full set of adventure bike accessories (A top box, side panniers, an adjustable windscreen, and crash bars)Headlight isn’t that bright. Might need an upgrade
157 miles of range paired with brake regen
Comes with smartphone connectability for performance adjustment
Only 2 hours recharge time. More than good enough for its range

Runner-up — Segway X260: A Stark Contrast to the Sur Ron X?

"best electric dirt bike"
Great side action shot by Segway. It shows viewers how a rider would look on the bike… and that the bike stands up to some hardcore riding. (Source: Segway)

The Segway X260 is a medium electric dirt bike meant for narrow off road trails and tracks. The bike’s 31.1-inch adjustable seat height allows both teens and adults to safely operate the bike. 

The Segway X260 light electric dirt bike features a dual drive system which uses both a belt and a chain to propel the bike. This increases the torque at the wheels to provide stronger acceleration.

Click to Read Our Segway X260 Review

ManufacturerSegway Inc.
ClassificationLight electric dirt bike
Age RangeAdults (Segway recommends)
Retail Price$4,999 USD
Link to PurchaseSegway website
Motor Power5kW (7hp, 184.3 ft-lbs equivalent)
Range74.6 miles
Top speed46.6 miles per hour
Weight121.3 lbs
Seat heightMax of 31.1 inches (adjustable)
PurposeNarrow trails, dirt track
The GoodThe Bad
Features dual-drive for better torque on the wheelsNo proper rear mudguard so prepare for a really muddy back
Can be connected to mobile phone through the Segway Ninebot appNot street legal (don’t let the headlight fool you. You need more than that for the bike to be street legal)
Adjustable seat height to accommodate both teens and adultsMay not be suitable for tall drops (thin structure might bend under too much pressure)
Has built-in headlights good for nighttime riding
Has brake regen to further conserve or stretch battery power
Segway X260 Dirt eBike | Is it really a rebranded Sur Ron? (Source: YouTube)
Segway x260 First Impression (Source: YouTube)
Segway X260 Unboxing (Source: YouTube)

3rd — Luna Cycle Sur Ron Storm Bee

Score: 83/100

The Sur Ron Storm Bee’s badass geometry really stands out in this full-body showroom shot by Sur Ron. (Source: Sur Ron)

The Sur Ron Storm Bee is a full size electric motocross dirt bike built for adult professionals and beginner riders. The Sur Ron Storm Bee is also Sur Ron’s second production dirt bike — right after the Sur Ron X. The Sur Ron Storm Bee sports an authentic dirt bike look (or close enough).

Click to Read Our Sur Ron Storm Bee Review

ManufacturerLoncin Holdings
Retail Price$10,460.40 USD
ClassificationMotocross dirt bike
Age RangeAdults
Link to PurchaseSur Ron website
Motor Power21.5kW (35.6 hp, 382 ft-lbs torque equivalent) 
Range93 miles @ 31mph
Top speed68mph
Seat height36 inches
PurposeAll off road terrain

Judging from the details on the table, the Luna Cycle Sur Ron Storm Bee performs pretty well when it comes to power and range. It’s 260-lb weight isn’t bad for a pedalled bike. I guess all you gotta watch out for is the price tag.

The GoodThe Bad
Brake regen helps further increase rangeCan only go up to 68mph
Has hardcore off road tires for the best grip in all kinds of off road terrainNot road legal
Has an extremely flexible and lightweight frame36 inch seat height means shorter riders won’t be comfortable on the bike
Has an integrated charger so you can just park and charge
The Sur Ron Storm Bee in Action (Source: YouTube)
Sur Ron Storm Bee First Look (Source: YouTube)

Enduro eBikes 12000W

"best electric dirt bike"
It’s good of Enduro to include a clear rendered image that gives viewers a better idea of how the bike looks like. (Source: Enduro E Bikes)

The Enduro eBikes 12000W electric dirt bike is a medium size trail/enduro ebike for both adults and teens. Its rugged design and tough build makes the 12000W a great option for aggressive off road riding.

The Enduro E Bikes 12000W features a Sine Wave controller which provides smooth power delivery depending on throttle input. This is the same controller used by the Stealth B-52 “Bomber” and other Stealth electric dirt bikes as well.

Click to Read Our Enduro eBikes 12000W Review

ManufacturerEnduro E Bikes
ClassificationHybrid electric dirt bike
Age RangeAdults
Retail Price$3,999.00 USD
Link to PurchaseEnduro E Bikes website
Motor Power12kW (13hp, 31.1ft-lbs equivalent)
Range32 miles
Ride ModeThrottle, pedal
Top speed74.5mph
Seat height25 inches
PurposeDirt, Mud, Sand
The GoodThe Bad
Good top speed at 74.5 miles per hourOnly 32 miles of range
Has pedals to save batteryTakes way too long to recharge (10 hours at most)
12000W ebike main road ride (Source: YouTube)
Electric enduro e bike 12000w (Source: YouTube)

Segway X160

"best electric dirt bike"
Ready to hit the dirt? The Segway X160 electric dirt bike is here to make your off-roading dreams come true. It packs serious power, with a top speed of 35 mph and an extended range battery that can go up to 32 miles on a single charge. With its rugged design, it’s no wonder why the Segway X160 has been hailed as one of the best electric dirt bikes available. Whether you’re zipping around town or tearing up trails, this two-wheeled beast will get you where you want to go—quickly and in style. Big kudos to Tech We Want for this fantastic edited pic of the X160. (Source:

The Segway X160 is a medium light electric dirt bike intended for shallow dirt tracks or the local trails. The bike’s size and seat height suggests both teens and adults can operate it, despite Segway’s recommendation for adults. The bike’s features include: smartphone connectivity and configurability, built-in headlights, adjustable and flexible frame length & seat height, and a modular frame.

ClassificationTrail electric dirt bike
Age RangeAdults
Retail Price$3,499.99 USD
Link to PurchaseAmazon
Motor PowerUnknown KWs(2.9 hp and 162.2 ft-lbs equivalent)
Range40.4 miles
Top speed31.1 miles per hour
Seat heightAdjustable
PurposeAll-terrain (mostly off road)
The GoodThe Bad
Can connect with Segway’s mobile app to configure the bike’s performanceTakes 4 – 5 hours of recharge time (too long for its max range of only 40 miles)
Has brake regen to further extend range
Segway X160 in action (Souce: YouTube)
Segway X160 unboxing (Source: YouTube)

High-Power Cycles Typhoon Pro

Score: 81.3/100

"best electric dirt bike"
The Typhoon Pro shows off its badass form in this full body shot by Hi-Power Cycles. Kudos to HPC for a clear side shot with a clear view of all the bike’s components. (Source: Hi-Power Cycles)

The HPC Typhoon Pro is a large hybrid e dirt bike built for the trails and dirt tracks. Featuring an aggressive black gold steampunk look, and scrambleresque styling, the HPC Typhoon Pro is a great option for stylish riders.

Click to Read Our HPC Typhoon Pro Review

ManufacturerHi-Power Cycles
ClassificationHybrid electric dirt bike
Age RangeAdults
Retail Price$11,500.00 USD
Link to PurchaseHi-Power Cycles website
Motor Power7kW (21.82hp, 120lb-ft of torque)
Range45 miles (standard)
60 miles (optional)80 miles (optional)
Top speed46 miles per hour
Weight115 lbs
Seat height32 inches
PurposeStreet, off road
The GoodThe Bad
Lightweight at just 115lbs. Light enough to carry by handComes standard with only 45 miles (or 1 hour) of throttle-only range
Comes with pedals to further slow battery consumption32-inch seat height might not accommodate shorter riders very well
Naked structure allows easier maintenance
Typhoon Pro 7.0 100 Mile Range Electric Bike – Top of The Line (Source: YouTube)
HPC Typhoon 2.0-6.0 Testing (Source: YouTube)
HPC Typhoon Promotional Video (Source: YouTube)

Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle

Score: 75.8/100

This action shot by zero does a great job of showcasing the Zero DSR. (Source: Zero Motorcycles)

The Zero DSR is a large electric adventure dirt bike known for its sleek and aggressive design, as well as convenient features. It is Zero’s base bike in their adventure lineup preceding the Zero DSR/BF which is a beefed up version of the DSR with built-in utility boxes.

Click to Read Our Zero DSR Review

Like all of Zero’s bikes, the DSR boasts a high tech arsenal of convenient features. One of these features is performance configurability with Zero’s mobile app using a connected mobile phone. Another is the ability to switch batteries on the fly (provided you bought the power tank accessory provided by Zero).

ManufacturerZero Motorcycles
ClassificationElectric Adventure Bike
Age RangeAdults
Retail Price$15,495 USD
Link to PurchaseZero’s website
Motor Power52kW (70 hp, 116 ft-lb equivalent)
Range163 miles
Top speed102mph (163km/h)
Seat height33.2in
PurposeAdventure bike
The GoodThe Bad
Monster torque makes this an incredible ride for showing off in both the streets and the dirt roadQuite heavy at 419lbs (wouldn’t be able to easily pick it back up once you drop it)
Looks awesome (great for picking up hot guys or girls)Not suitable for beginners as its power output may be difficult to control due to its single gear drive
Can be modified to fit utility boxes for storage convenienceYou’ll have to buy the utility boxes as separate items
Great range at 163 miles. Perfect for cross country riding
Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle First Ride Review (Source: YouTube)
2020 Zero DSR Review (Source: YouTube)

KTM Freeride E-XC

Score: 75.63/100

This clip from KTM’s video promotion greatly highlights the Freeride E-XC (Source: KTM)

The KTM Freeride E-XC is a full-sized electric dirt bike in KTM’s off-roader lineup. The KTM Freeride electric dirt bike shares the same aggressive profile with its petrol-powered counterpart, the KTM EXC.

Click to Read Our KTM Freeride E-XC Review

It also features a 5/8 x 1/4″ drive chain for stable off-road riding, a liquid-cooling system, and a regenerative braking system for additional range.

ManufacturerKTM AG
Retail Price$8,299 USD
ClassificationElectric dirt bike for adults
Link to PurchaseKTM Website
Motor Power18kW (24.6 hp, 36.9 ft-lbs equivalent)
Range11.5 miles (On unrestricted full power mode)
Top speed50 miles per hour
Weight92.5 kg
Seat height910 mm
PurposeDirt bike
The GoodThe Bad
Liquid Cooled control unit to prevent overheatingConsumes too much energy on Cross mode
Strong acceleration makes this bike great for competitive ridingDisplay has no odometer, trip meter and temperature gauge
Solid and flexible frame guarantees long-term durabilitySeat height too tall for short riders
Great suspension keeps your butt from getting sore during rough rides
Regenerative brakes replenish battery level and helps extend travel range
KTM Freeride E-XC – A quiet ride for a loud lifestyle | KTM (Source: KTM)
Epic Electric Dirt Bike Forest Ride – KTM E-XC 2020 (Source: Stunt Freaks Team)

Delfast Prime 2.0

Score: 75.62/100

Great scenic lateral shot and caption by Delfast Bikes. It’s great seeing such a badass looking bike and it’s magnificent range. (Source: Delfast Bikes)

The Delfast Prime 2.0 is a hybrid electric dirt bike made for traversing all terrain. It’s got an adjustable seat height that varies between 29 and 36 inches so riders of all sizes should be able to set the bike’s seat height up based on their preference.

Click to Read Our Delfast Prime 2.0 Review

The Delfast Prime 2.0’s best feature is its 236-mile range on Eco mode. The Prime 2.0 holds the record for an electric dirt bike with the longest range.

The bike also features street legal accessories. So you can ride to your favorite track or trail using main city roads. Just don’t forget to gear up.

ManufacturerDelfast Bikes
Retail Price$5,599.00 USD
ClassificationHybrid/Light electric dirt bike
Age RangeTeens and Adults
Link to PurchaseDelfast Bikes website
Motor Power1.5kW (12.1 hp, 99.6 ft-lbs equivalent) 
Range236 miles
Top speed28mph (can be upgraded to 37mph)
Seat heightAdjustable
PurposeLong distance trail dirt bike, downhill dirt bike
The GoodThe Bad
Awesome range at 236 miles on a single chargeTops out at just 28mph without an upgrade
Complete with street legal gear such as a headlight, side mirrors, plate holdersThick frame but really thin shocks, handlebars, swing arm and seat. (Like looking at Gru from Despicable Me)
Just 5 hours recharge timeQuite heavy at 128lbs
Delfast’s promotion of the Prime 2.0 (Source: YouTube)

Zero FXS

Score: 75.3/100

This lateral shot by Zero does an exceptional job of showcasing the FXS’s rugged but sleek design. (Source: Zero Motorcycles)

If you want a lightweight adult electric dirt bike that can keep up with the big boys, then it’s time to meet the Zero FXS. With a curb weight of just 250 pounds and a powerful motor capable of reaching 70 mph in seconds, this electric motocross bike will get you where you need to go—fast. 

In terms of power, the Zero FXS delivers. Its high-torque Z-Force motor is driven by lithium ion batteries that are almost twice as powerful as standard batteries found on other electric bikes. What’s more, the battery charge lasts for longer than most competitors’ offerings so you can ride for longer without needing to recharge. 

On the down side, however, the Zero FXS is also one of the most expensive electric dirt bikes on the market. Its steep price tag means it might be out of reach for some riders, and its lack of traditional features like a throttle or clutch mean you won’t get an authentic motocross experience when riding it. 

Overall, though, the Zero FXS is an impressive electric dirt bike that should have no problem keeping up with more traditional models. If you can afford its hefty price tag, then this could be the ideal option for you.

Click to Read Our Zero FXS Review

ManufacturerZero Motorcycles
Retail Price$8,995 USD
ClassificationElectric dirt bike
Link to PurchaseZero Motorcycles Website
Motor Power20kW (27 hp, 33 ft-lbs equivalent)
Range27 miles (43km)
Top speed85mph (137km/h)
Weight247lb (112 kg)
Seat height34.7in (881mm)
PurposeDirt bike, Street bike, Supermoto
The GoodThe Bad
Insane acceleration makes this dirt bike a fun ride for adrenaline chasersRange is too short for long distance commuting
Highly flickable because of its lightweight frameIts rigid chassis can be prone to friction or vibration damage
Difficult to control all the power …so, not easier for beginners to ride
Electric motorcycle 2020 Zero FXS – REVIEW (Source: YouTube)
First Ride on a Zero FXS (Source: YouTube)

Zero FX

Score: 75/100

This snapshot from Zero FX’s promotional video does a great job of highlighting the entirety of the bike from a lateral view.  (Source: Zero Motorcycles)

The Zero FX motorcycle is another large-size electric dirt bike by Zero Motorcycles with several top of the line features.

Click to Read Our Zero FX Review

These features include an onboard charger, which simplifies recharging by allowing riders to park right next to a power outlet and start charging. There’s also an option to add a second battery which can then switched to on the fly without taking out the power pack.

The Zero FX motorcycle also features connectivity and configurability with mobile phones through the use of Zero Motorcycles’ mobile app which is a perfect feature given that the FX is a dual-sport bike and performance flexibility is a must.

ManufacturerZero Motorcycles
Retail Price$8,995 USD
ClassificationElectric dirt bike for adults
Link to PurchaseZero Motorcycles Website
Motor Power20kW (27 hp, 33 ft-lbs equivalent)
Range27 miles (43km)
Top speed85mph (137km/h)
Weight247lb (112 kg)
Seat height34.7in (881mm)
PurposeDirt bike, Street bike, Supermoto
The GoodThe Bad
Insane acceleration makes this dirt bike a torque monsterLimited and varied range (range depends on throttle input)
Low frame weight makes this bike flickableVery rigid chassis (prone to friction and vibration damage)
Simplified use (no clutch, shifting, or stalling) no fuss no mussDifficult to control all the power
Zero FX with Modular Batteries Review (Source: Engadget)
Zero Motorcycles FX Honest Review (Source: Alex Simmons)

Other Good Electric Dirt Bike Offerings This Year

Stealth H-52

"best electric dirt bike"
Stealth wisely shot the Stealth H-52 electric dirt bike from the side for viewers to gaze upon. They would have been better to use a more lively colour, but… what a beast of a bike. (Source: Stealth)

If you’re in the market for an electric dirt bike, the Stealth H-52 is a great choice. It’s powerful and lightweight – weighing just around 70 lbs – making it easy to maneuver on any terrain. Plus, its price tag won’t break the bank; you can buy one for under $2,000. 

The Stealth H-52 has plenty of features that make it stand out from other electric dirt bikes on the market. Its advanced lithium battery technology provides a longer riding time and faster charging speed than most others available. 

It also has exceptional pedaling efficiency so you can go farther with less effort. And, if you’re looking for some extra kick, it comes with an optional turbo boost mode that will let you accelerate quickly and reach top speeds faster. 

Overall, the Stealth H-52 is a great electric dirt bike option. It provides speed, power and plenty of features to make it an attractive choice for riders looking to get some good off-road action without breaking the bank. 

If you’re on gear patrol for a reliable electric dirt bike, we highly recommend checking out our buying guides for this model and seeing if it meets your needs.

Click to Read Our Stealth H-52 Review

For modern MX fans, the Stealth H-52 should be interesting. The H-52 performs exceptionally in all kinds of terrain. This is thanks to an info-dense LED display, great suspension, long rear shock travel, and a pure, custom-built cockpit. 

Retail Price$9,360.00 USD
ClassificationLight electric motocross
Age RangeAdults
Link to PurchaseStealth’s website
Motor Power5.2 kW (8.4 hp, 10.3 ft-lbs equivalent)
Range37 miles (on max setting)
Top speed50mph
Seat heightAdjustable (minimum rider height: 162cm)
The GoodThe Bad
Solid, robust frame helps absorb damageMight not be suitable for riders shorter than 5 feet
Insane torque the second you open the throttleNot street legal
Solid suspension soaks up rough terrainSome of the essential components (like the controller) are not waterproof
Brake regen helps extend range
Review: Stealth H-52 Electric Bike (Source: YouTube)
Stealth H-52 Electric Bbike | Test Ride (Source: YouTube)

Kuberg Freerider Street: Wake Up the Kid in You

"best electric dirt bike"
Kuberg was probably going for a clear lateral shot of the Freerider Street here but the camera just couldn’t catch up with the fast-moving bike. At least it shows a full grown adult’s relative size comparison with the bike. (Source: Kuberg)

The Kuberg Freerider Street is an electric dirt bike perfect for both younger and older riders alike. With a few hours purchase, you can be sure to hit the trails in no time! This model is one of the leading electric models on the market, offering powerful performance without compromising safety. 

At just 28 pounds, it’s also lightweight enough to take anywhere. Plus, the charge time couldn’t be better – just two hours and you’re ready to go! Plus, this model comes with a braking system that’s smooth yet responsive so you know your ride will be safe at all times. 

Overall, the Kuberg Freerider Street electric dirt bike offers great power and convenience in one small package. 

With its lightweight design and fast charge time, you’re sure to be hitting the trails in no time! It may not be for everyone, but those who are looking for a fun and exciting ride won’t be disappointed.

Click to Read Our Kuberg Freerider Street Review

Like the base model, the Kuberg Freerider Street electric dirt bike features wi-fi app connectivity and wireless performance configuration. You can also view your bike’s current status (such as odometer and battery level) through the app in your mobile phone.

Retail Price$5,499.99 USD
ClassificationElectric motocross dirt bike
Age RangeAdults
Link to PurchaseKuberg California
Motor Power8kW (10.1 hp, 12.3 ft-lbs equivalent)
RangeUp to 1 hour
Top speed34 mph (55 km/h)
Weight79 lbs (36 kg)
Seat height34.5″ (86 cm)
PurposeStreet, hard packed dirt
The GoodThe Bad
Ultralight material makes this bike highly portableNo integrated heads-up-display
Nimble for its size, great for stuntsCan only carry up to 220lbs
Quick recharge time of 2.5 hours
Comes with side mirrors, headlights, and tail lights. For safety reasons
Kuberg Freerider Street Review Video (Source: YouTube)
Kuberg Freerider Street Test Ride (Source: YouTube)

Stealth F-37

"best electric dirt bike"
This scenic snapshot with a view of the night sky really makes the Stealth F-37’s beautiful form stand out. Kudos Stealth for this amazing shot. (Source: Stealth Electric Bikes)

For those looking for a bike view with plenty of power and speed, the Stealth F-37 Electric Dirtbike is the way to go. 

Whether you’re looking to race or just enjoy a casual ride in the park, this electric dirt bike from Stealth — a direct competitor of the popular Stark Varg —  offers you all that and more. It’s sleek design and powerful motor make it an ideal choice for any rider. 

So what makes this particular electric dirt bike stand out? Let’s take a look at some of its main features. 

First off, the bike comes equipped with fat tires that give it great traction on different terrains; it also has front shocks that absorb impact for comfortable riding. 

Plus, thanks to its built-in LCD display screen located at the center of the handlebars, you can get a great view of your speed and battery life.

The Stealth F-37 also offers plenty of power, with a 500W brushless motor that allows for speeds up to 25 mph. 

The bike runs on 48V lithium ion batteries that provide an impressive range of 22 miles when fully charged. Even better, it takes just 4-5 hours to charge the battery completely.

Click to Read Our Stealth F-37 Review

ManufacturerStealth Electric Bikes
Retail Price$9,000.00 USD
ClassificationHybrid Electric Dirt Bike
Age RangeAdults
Motor Power3.7kW (4.2 hp, 6.3 ft-lbs equivalent)
Range60 miles @ 15mph
Top speed38mph
Seat heightAdjustable to suit most riders ranging from 5’4” up to 6’4”
PurposeStreet, offroad
The GoodThe Bad
Looks cool (riders enjoy riding cool bikes)Only 25 miles of range on full-throttle (not good for high speed, long distance trail rides)
Brake regen helps extend rangeEqual wheel sizes won’t do too good on downhill treks
Pedals also help extend range while allowing the bike to be used even when out of power
Great recharge time of just 3 hours
Full suspension allows exceptional shock absorption even on tall drops
Stealth F-37 in action (Source: YouTube)
Stealth F-37 light electric dirt bike video review (Source: YouTube)

Kuberg Freerider

"best electric dirt bike"
Kuberg shot this clip with the Freerider in action so as to show viewers the Freerider’s versatility and stunt capability. (Source: Kuberg North America)

The Kuberg Freerider is a lightweight electric dirt bike built for short rides across dirt trails and small hills. It is one of two Freerider variants, the other being the Freerider Street which is street legal.

Click to Read Our Kuberg Freerider Review

Retail Price$3,999 USD
ClassificationElectric dirt bike for adults
Link to PurchaseKuberg Website
Motor Power8kW (10.1 hp, 12.3 ft-lbs equivalent)
RangeUp to 1 hour
Top speed34 mph (55 km/h)
Weight79 lbs (36 kg)
Seat height34.5″ (86 cm)
PurposeDirt, Sand
The GoodThe Bad
Unique look makes it ideal to bring to school/workCan only run for one hour, tops
Ultralight material makes this bike highly portableNo integrated heads-up-display
Nimble for its size, great for stuntsCan only carry persons up to 220 pounds
Quick recharge time of 2.5 hours
14kw Kuberg Freerider Top Speed Test – Electric Motorcycle (Source: Kuberg North America)
Having Some Fun on the Kuberg Freerider (Source: Kuberg Motorcycles)

Luna Cycle Sur Ron X

This angular snapshot from Luna Cycle’s promotional video does great at providing a good view of the Sur Ron X. (Source: Luna Cycle)

The Sur Ron X is a highly engineered monster electric dirt bike with highly sophisticated styling, and top of the line parts and performance. The Sur Ron X was awarded the German Red Dot Award in 2018.

Click to Read Our Luna Cycle Sur Ron X Review

ManufacturerLoncin Holdings
ClassificationElectric dirt bike for adults
Retail Price$3,600.00
ClassificationElectric dirt bike for adults
Link to PurchaseLuna Cycle Website
Motor Power5.2kW (7.2 hp, 10.8 ft-lbs equivalent)
Range50 miles
Top speed50 mph
Weight110 lbs
Seat height810 mm
The GoodThe Bad
Solid, lightweight buildTwitchy handling
Powerful electric motorToo much torque on sudden accelerations (resulting in unintended wheelies)
Excellent suspension systemLimited customization options
Grippy off-road tiresMissing fenders
Energy-efficient battery management system w/ regenerative coastingNarrow, Tough, Short seat length
Sur-Ron Electric bike in outdoor motocross National (Source: 7xmedia)
Review: Upgraded “X” Controller for Sur Ron (Source: Luna Cycle Ebikes)

Electric Motion Epure

Man, those tires are thick! This lateral body shot by Electric Motion really shows off the Epure’s badass wheels. (Source: Electric Motion)

The Epure is a full-size electric trials dirt bike made for both professional and beginner trial riders. It’s one of the three latest models released by Electric Motion in 2020, along with the Escape (a trail dirt bike) and the Etrek (a bigger motocross dirt bike).

Click to Read Our Electric Motion Epure Review

The Epure is unique in that it’s a low-rider. Meaning, it’s got pegs that are closer to the ground and has a low center of gravity. This provides more balance and control. The bike also features higher handlebars which make riding the Electric Motion Epure feel like riding a scooter.

ManufacturerElectric Motion
Retail Price$9,900.00 USD
ClassificationTrials dirt bike
Age RangeAdult
Link to PurchaseElectric Motion website
Motor Power11kW, (17.4 hp, 442.5ft-lbs equivalent)
Range27 miles
Top speed40.4 miles per hour
Weight153 pounds
Seat height26.4 inches
PurposeTrials dirt bike
The GoodThe Bad
Low center of gravity provides better balanceVery heavy at 153 pounds
Tall handlebars make it relaxing to rideMade of Electric Motion OEM components and no premium parts
Great aggressive stylingNo display or battery indicator
Monster torque 4.5x stronger than a certain Italian liter bike
Epure Walkaround. (Source: YouTube)
Epure parts breakdown (Source: YouTube)

Cake Kalk OR

This snapshot from Cake’s video promotion does great to highlight the Kalk OR as a whole. (Source: Cake)

When it comes to buying an electric dirt bike, the Cake Kalk OR is a style-conscious rider’s dream come true. 

With its clean lines and sleek design, this eco-friendly model stands out from the crowd and will turn heads when you hit the trails. 

But that’s not all – the Kalk OR offers plenty of features to get excited about, too! It has a long range battery life, adjustable suspension settings for improved agility on challenging terrain, and fast shipping times if you need your ride in a hurry. 

However, one thing to consider before taking the plunge is that this bike isn’t suitable for riders under 16 years old.

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This electric bike also features an onboard charger. This is a fairly uncommon characteristic among electric bikes in the market. It simplifies the charging process and allows you to park & charge at any outlet without having to pull out your battery or carry an external charger.

Retail Price$13,000 USD
ClassificationElectric dirt bike for adults
Link to PurchaseCake Website
Motor Power11kW (17.4 hp, 26.1 ft-lbs equivalent)
RangeUp to 4 hours
Top speed55mph
Seat height35.8in
PurposeOffroad dirt bike
The GoodThe Bad
Custom developed parts maximize this bike’s performanceCardboard box appearance is a real turn off for some
Relatively lightweight at 152lbs, and flickable tooInternal parts exposed to the elements
Flexible ride modesLack of proper fenders makes for a messy ride in the dirt
Less extra electronics means less malfunctions
Cake bike backflip urban freeride! (Source: Max Fredriksson)
Cake Bikes (Source: Max Fredriksson)

Cake Kalk&

This snapshot from Cake’s promotional clip perfectly captures the Kalk& in all its glory. (Source: Cake)

The Kalk& is Cake’s second dirt bike in the Kalk series, right after the Kalk OR. The Cake Kalk& is street legal, meaning you can use it on the main road without getting fined.

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As a street legal bike, the Kalk& comes with accessories required by city laws when driving on city streets. These include side mirrors, headlight, tail-light, light reflectors, and a plate holder. The Kalk&’s performance matches the Kalk OR.

ClassificationDirt Bike
Retail Price$14,000 USD
Link to PurchaseCake Website
Motor Power10kW (17 hp, 25.5 ft-lbs equivalent)
Range22 miles at 44mph
Top speed+56mph
Seat height35.8in
PurposeDirt, Street
The GoodThe Bad
You can use it on the city streets (street legal)Still looks like folded cardboard
Flexible ride modesInternal parts exposed to the elements
Less extra electronics means less malfunctionsSmaller wheels will kill your butt on potholes
Headlights help you see in the dark
Kalk& – The street legal CAKE Kalk (Source: Cake)
Cake Electric Motorcycle|first Impression (Source: Sedlak Offroad School)

Stealth B-52 “Bomber”

"best electric dirt bike"
This shot in a post-apocalyptic setting by Stealth for their promotional video perfectly captures the B-52’s badass aura. (Source: Stealth Electric Bikes)

The Stealth B-52 is one of Stealth’s most advanced electric dirt bikes sporting flagship features, parts, and performance.

The Stealth B-52, with its sleek design, state of the art electronic and mechanical parts, and peak performance is a technological marvel.

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The Stealth B-52 looks different from its peers due to its elongated swing arm and rear hub mounted motor. The ebike’s frame lives up to the name, comprised of aircraft alloy.

ManufacturerStealth Electric Bikes Australia
Retail Price$10,400 USD
ClassificationHybrid Electric Dirt Bike
Link to
Motor Power6.2 kW (8.4 hp, 12.6 ft-lbs equivalent)
RangeUp to 60 miles (100 km)
Top speed80km/hr (50mph)
Weight112 lbs
Seat heightAdjustable (minimum rider height: 162cm)
PurposeStreet, Mountain, Mud
The GoodThe Bad
Solid, robust frameNot suitable for riders shorter than 5’2”
Insane acceleration & top speedHeads-up-display location compromises safety
Inverted forks (more stable ride), solid rear suspensionToo many wires entangled in front
Tool-free adjustmentRoad-illegal in some countries
Powerful & Regenerative brakesController underside is not waterproof
The Stealth B-52 Electric Bike – The Shape of Things to Come. (Source: Stealth Electric Bikes)
Jarryd McNeil’s first run on the Stealth B-52 electric bike from Stealth Electric Bikes. (Source: Stealth Electric Bikes)

Upcoming Electric Dirt Bikes

Yamaha TY-E Electric Trials Dirt Bike

This lateral stationary body shot by Yamaha does a perfect job of highlighting the Yamaha TY-E electric trials dirt bike’s chassis. (Source: Yamaha)

The Yamaha TY-E Electric Trials Dirt Bike is a dirt rocket with some noteworthy features. 

It has an electric motor for propulsion, paired with a manual gearbox so you can go full throttle on your ride. With the help of its adjustable suspension, the bike’s handling is said to be great and it is lightweight enough for easy maneuverability. 

Additionally, this Yamaha model comes with a guide that will provide helpful instruction about getting started on electric dirt bikes, and electric scooters and riding safely. 

On the other hand, some users have reported that the battery range proves to be short when using all available power – making it less than ideal for long-distance trips or extended rides. 

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for something small and nimble that can take on a variety of terrain, the Yamaha TY-E might be for you. 

With its adjustable suspension and powerful motor, this dirt rocket is sure to thrill.

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Kalashnikov UM-1 Electric Adventure Bike

The UM 1 in all it’s rugged beauty shot by Kalashnikov. (Source: Kalashnikov)

Whenever you hear the word “Kalashnikov”, the first thing on your mind would probably be guns. That’s not the only thing they make apparently. Kalashnikov also makes electric off road motorcycles and this big beauty is one example.

The Kalashnikov UM-1 is going to be an electric adventure bike capable of long range travel (longer than those of Zero Motorcycles’ adventure bikes according to how Kalashnikov promotes it). The gun manufacturer originally planned the UM-1 for military use, but it stole so many biker’s hearts that they simply had to develop a civilian version.

Though the lack of development updates from Kalashnikov on the UM-1 is pretty disheartening, we can only hope that this badass beauty gets released before this year ends. Besides, the bike has been in the development phase for over 2 years now. It won’t be long before we can finally see it in person.

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Honda Mugen E-Rex

The Honda Mugen E-Rex electric dirt bike in a lateral shot by Mugen boasting its unique prehistoric styling. (Source: Mugen)

The collaboration of motorsport giant Honda and world class custom ride specialist Mugen brought us this little badass. The Honda Mugen E-Rex sports the ultimate in off road motorcycle styling — the prehistoric concept.

The Honda Mugen E-Rex features a rugged, but unique design that will probably net a lot of biker hearts when it gets released. No updates yet from Honda, but we’re pretty sure it’ll come out soon enough. Big disappointment for Honda if it doesn’t.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our nifty list of the best electric dirt bikes for adults and that you are much closer to making a choice. Have fun bombing trails over the weekend or sliding through traffic on your way to work with one of these awesome electric dirt bikes for adults.

People Also Ask

Are electric dirt bikes any good?

Yes, electric dirt bikes offer a great riding experience with the advantage of being more environmentally friendly than traditional gas-powered dirt bikes. 

They are also quieter and have less maintenance in comparison to gas-powered models. Electric dirt bikes come in various sizes which makes them suitable for all ages and skill levels, making them a great option for recreational riders or even professional racers.

How fast is an electric dirt bike?

Generally, an electric dirt bike can reach speeds of up to 40 mph, but a select few electric dirt bikes go even faster at more than 80 mph.

What is the fastest electric dirt bike?

The fastest electric dirt bike is the Zero Motorcycles FX, which has a top speed of 85 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds.

What is the best brand for an electric dirt bike?

Choosing the best electric dirt bike brand depends on your budget and needs. 

Popular brands like Razor, Segway, Super Soco, and SUR-RON offer a wide range of features to suit various needs and price points. 

Be sure to research the different models available before making your purchase.

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