Top 5 Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Teens in 2020

Rev up those electric motors because we’re about to bring you the best electric dirt bikes for teens. Great teens’ electric dirt bikes can be hard to find this 2020 with a lot of awesome new e-dirt bikes coming out almost every month. Don’t worry, we at MudBike have got you covered with our top 5 recommendations on electric dirt bikes for teens in 2020.

Electric Dirt BikeScore (Out of 100)PriceLink to Review
Stealth F-37 Light Electric Dirt Bike72$9,000 USDREAD STEALTH F-37 REVIEW HERE
Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike71$3,999 USDREAD KUBERG FREERIDER REVIEW HERE
Stealth H-52 Electric Dirt Bike70$9,360 USDREAD STEALTH H-52 REVIEW HERE
Cake Kalk OR Electric Dirt Bike65$13,000 USDREAD CAKE KALK OR REVIEW HERE
KTM Freeride E-XC Electric Dirt Bike56$8,299 USDREAD KTM FREERIDE E-XC REVIEW HERE

Recap: What’s an Electric Dirt Bike?

An electric dirt bike is a lightweight and easily maneuverable battery-powered off road motorcycle. Like traditional petrol dirt bikes, it also has four main types that cater to various fields and purposes including trail electric dirt bikes, motocross e-dirt bikes, dual-sport, and e-pit bikes.

Trail Electric Dirt Bikes

Electric trail dirt bikes are known as the cross-country runners in the electric dirt bike world and are specialized for long distance travel instead of quick laps in the dirt track. Trail bikes offer a softer suspension because you’ll be spending a lot of time on the seat going over rough terrain. Trail bikes also don’t need stiff suspensions because there are not as many jumps and drops on the trails as there are on a motocross track, and the jumps and drops out in the woods are usually smaller and are most often run at a slower speed than the jumps on an MX track.

Motocross Electric Dirt Bikes

If trail dirt bikes are the cross-country runners, MX bikes are the sprinters. They’re built for short, but intense bursts of acceleration and braking. They’re lighter with stiff suspensions to take on the many jumps on an MX track. They’ll even make you swallow your tongue if you lose focus and hit the throttle too hard. Tons of fun to ride once you get used to them, but they can be more difficult to handle for beginner riders.

Dual-Purpose Electric Dirt Bikes

Another word for this type of bike is “Dual-sport”. A dual-purpose dirt bike is a type of street-legal motorcycle built for both street and off road use. Dual-purpose electric dirt bikes are equipped with street-legal bits and pieces such as lights, speedometers, mirrors, horns, registration plate mounts, and muffler and can and most likely be registered and licensed.

Mini or Pit Electric Dirt Bikes

Mini electric dirt bikes are miniature motorcycles resembling actual traditional dirt bikes (mostly the motocross bikes). They are excellent starter bikes for both young riders and adults alike; they’re relatively easy to ride, good fun to play around on, and they’re easy on the pocket book. Unlike many other electric motorcycles, mini electric dirt bikes offer a no-frills way to enter the 2-wheeled off road scene. They’re not road-legal, and are exclusively designed for off-road use, and barely offer anything in the way of rider comfort.

How to Choose a Teens’ Electric Dirt Bike

The best thing to do before comparing electric dirt bikes is to orient yourself with the bikes’ various specs. Here are a couple of things to consider when choosing an electric dirt bike:

Bike Size

Generally, to know the size that suits a teen’s height, simply let them sit on the dirt bike and make sure they can touch the floor flat with their feet. However that only works if you’re going to get the bike from a dealership. Another way to figure out the perfect bike size (especially remotely) is to compare between seat heights and a person’s actual or potential height.

Here’s a table we made to show you the electric dirt bike sizes that should fit teens of all ages:

Seat HeightTeen’s Height
31 to 35″5’ 2″ (157cm)
33 to 36″5’ 4″ (162cm)
34 to 37″5’ 6″ (167cm)
34 to 38″5’ 8″ (172cm)
35 to 39″5’ 10” (178cm)
37.5″ or taller6′ (182cm) or taller

Top Speed

Choosing a bike based on top speed is quite important even if it is a dirt bike. The top speed of your dirt bike on solid flat surfaces might not be the same off road. In fact it will most likely be slower by half. The key is to choose a dirt bike suitable and safe for you to ride, but won’t slow you down too much when you go off road.

Mud Bike’s Top 5 Recommended Electric Dirt Bikes for Teens

Stealth F-37 Light Electric Dirt Bike – Our Pick for the Best Electric Dirt Bike for Teenagers in 2020

"Stealth F-37 Light Electric Dirt Bike"
Great caption and scenic lateral night shot by Stealth Electric Bikes. It really portrays the Stealth F-37 electric dirt bike as a moon in a sea of spinning stars. Beautiful! (Source: Stealth Electric Bikes)

Up first is one of Stealth’s best bikes, the F-37 light electric dirt bike. If you enjoy having the physical exertion of using pedals on a bike while also having the option to pull the throttle, then this is the perfect bike for you.

Size and Reliability

The Stealth F-37 light electric dirt bike is a mid-size electric dirt bike with pedals. Like all Stealth bikes, it features a durable and easy-maintenance construction. It’s also got a naked frame which makes it easy to clean or eliminate stuck dirt or other environmental objects that might damage the system. It’s also got an adjustable seat height which caters to a minimum rider height of 5 feet and 4 inches and a maximum of 6 feet and 4 inches, so this bike is perfect for both teens and adults.


The “Street Fighter” features the same mountain bike/dirt bike look along with most Stealth bikes. But, the F-37 sits more on the mountain bike side because of its mountain bike-like saddle. It features the same naked appearance and the same aggressive, active profile.


Stealth F-37 uses a Crystalyte series brushless DC motor which propels the rider up to 38mph. A 1.5kWh Lithium ion powerpack powers the F-37’s motor and all its systems and provides a range of up to 60 miles. It also features regenerative braking which further increases range by feeding friction energy from the brakes back into the battery.

Frame and Suspension

Like most Stealth electric bikes, the F-37 features a highly durable and lightweight aircraft-grade alloy frame with a solid and reliable full suspension to support the extra weight. The Stealth F-37 relies on Fastace 200mm travel forks, and a DNM 200mm rear shock, as well as a Stealth OEM seat suspension to support rider weight and provide exceptional shock absorption on all terrains.

Additional Features

You can also charge your mobile phone through a charging port located on the bike’s left handlebar. This is great for live streaming your ride.

Need for info on the bike? Here’s a quick view of the bike’s basic specs:

Manufacturer NameStealth Electric Bikes
Motor Power3.7kW 
Range60 miles @ 15mph
Ride ModeEconomy mode – 60 miles @ 15mph max speed
Competition mode – 25 miles on full throttle
Regenerative BrakingYes
Top speed38mph
Seat heightAdjustable to suit most riders ranging from 5’4” up to 6’4”
PurposeStreet, offroad

Want to know about the Stealth F-37’s good and bad? Here are the advantages and disadvantage we’ve found so far on this bike:

The GoodThe Bad
Looks attractiveOnly 25 miles of range on max setting
Regenerative braking extend rangeEqual wheel sizes aren’t suited for downhill rides
Pedals allow the bike to be used even when out of power
Just 3 hours of recharge time
Full suspension allows great shock absorption even on tall jumps and drops

And, make sure to get more details on this bike…

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The best to get the Stealth F-37 hassle-free would be at Stealth’s US website. Otherwise, if you wanna check it out in person, or get permission for a test ride, you can visit one of Stealth’s main dealerships in the United States. These dealerships are located in Oregon, Washington, California, and in Florida.

Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike – Our Runner up for the Best Dirt Bike for Teens in 2020

"kuberg freerider"
That’s quite a wheelie! Great angled action shot by Kuberg. (Source: Kuberg)

Kuberg’s Freerider electric dirt bike flies like a buzzard when it comes to mild off road trails and zips like a dragonfly along suburban roads.


Kuberg’s Freerider is a mid-size electric dirt bike with a seat height of 34.5” so it’s a perfect fit for taller teens with a knack for wheelie stunts and short bursts of speed on the trails. It also has a shorter wheelbase than most electric dirt bikes of its size so it comes with the best handling.


The Freerider is pretty much built naked so maintenance won’t be an issue. Although you have to watch out for wet conditions because the bike’s components aren’t covered with waterproof panels like those on Stealth’s electric bikes. Best thing about the Freerider is that you can easily and freely customize its performance according to your preferences using your mobile phone.


The Kuberg Freerider features a unique look that only Kuberg bikes have. It doesn’t look like an authentic dirt bike but rather a minimalist & sleek looking wasp. It also features Kuberg’s attractive signature color scheme of green and black. I personally prefer green and black since it resembles my favorite bikes of all time — Kawasaki’s Ninja series.


The Kuberg Freerider features a 48V 8kW motor that generates 11 horsepower (and 190ft lbs) and propels the rider up to a top speed of 34mph. Given the bike’s short length and small wheels, we think it’s best to ride the bike around straight, clear streets and hard packed dirt trails. This is because a bike with a shorter wheelbase will be quickly maneuverable but also unstable on rough terrain.

Powered by a 48V 22.2Ah lithium battery, the Kuberg Freerider gets up to 1 hour operating time at its top speed. This means the bike can travel up to 34 miles at full speed before running out of juice.


Kuberg’s Freerider maintains a powder-coated steel frame with a curb weight of just 79lbs. This type of frame resists corrosion no matter where you ride it. 


Even a super lightweight bike like the Freerider needs a high quality suspension system. To support its weight, the Kuberg Freerider sports a Manitou Dorado air fork with 7 inches of travel for optimum shock absorption while a DNM Burner rear shock supports backend weight.

Additional Features

Adding to it’s already futuristic profile, the Freerider features a mobile phone-to-bike connectivity which allows riders to freely tweak their bike’s performance at any time. This is ideal for riders who like to be flexible in managing their bike’s power distribution when riding across various terrain.

Take a look at the Kuberg Freerider’s specs to further get an idea of what the bike comprises of:

Manufacturer NameKuberg
Motor Power48V, Peak power > 8kW
Rangeup to 1 hour
Ride ModeEnduro / offroad (Trail, Sand and Snow)
Regenerative Brakingnone
Top speed34 mph (55 km/h)
Weight79 lbs (36 kg)
Seat height34.5″ (86 cm)
PurposeDirt, Sand

Now for the good and bad…

The GoodThe Bad
Unique look makes it ideal to bring to school/workCan only run for one hour, tops
Ultralight material makes this bike highly portableNo integrated heads-up-display
Nimble for its size, great for stuntsCan only carry persons up to 220 pounds
Quick recharge time of 2.5 hours

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You can get the Kuberg Freerider from Kuberg’s US website. But if you want to book a test ride or have any other concerns, you can also visit their main dealerships in New York, Florida, California, and Indianapolis.

Stealth H-52 Electric Dirt Bike

Stealth H-52 electric dirt bike side view
This lateral snapshot from Stealth Electric Bikes really brings out the Stealth H-52’s badass look. (Source: Stealth Electric Bikes)


Stealth’s H-52 electric dirt bike is a mid-size, lightweight bike that might fit a teen. It’s got an adjustable seat height that can cater to a minimum rider height of 5 feet and 4 inches so it might be perfect for teens between 13 and 15 years of age.


In terms of reliability, the Stealth H-52 is solid due to its durable construction and uncomplicated drivetrain design. It’s also built naked so this makes it easy to clean and maintain and keeps hidden environmental objects from getting stuck messing with the bike’s systems.


The Stealth H-52 straddles the space between mountain bikes and full dirt bikes. It’s got a naked but aggressive build and an active profile — like you can’t ride it without rigorously jumping off of every slope you see in the trails.


The best thing about this bike is its monster acceleration. The Stealth H-52 uses a 5.2kW motor, enough power to reach a top speed of 50mph in seconds. This translates to the power produced by a 400cc motorcycle on full throttle. The motor grabs power from a 52V lithium Phosphate power pack which provides about 37 miles of range on constant full throttle. Plus, the bike’s got brake regen which further increases range by feeding friction energy back into the battery.

Frame and Suspension

The H-52 also has an aircraft-grade chromium-molybdenum alloy frame which basically offers extreme durability while maintaining a light weight. Add to that the amazing DNM USD 8, 200mm travel front forks, and matching rear shock to absorb the impact from tall jumps and drops.

Additional Features

You can even charge your mobile phone through a built-in mobile charging port. Additionally, you get a passcode ignition lock feature so nobody else can ride your bike even if they have the key to it.

If you want an idea of the Stealth H-52’s basic specs, check out this table:

Manufacturer NameStealth
Motor Power5200 Watts (8.3 bhp)
Range37 miles (on max setting)
Ride Mode2 modes with varying top speeds:

15.5mph on mode 1
50mph on mode 2
Regenerative BrakingYes
Top speed50mph
Seat heightAdjustable (minimum rider height: 162cm)

The bike is not perfect, however, so we put together this nifty little table to show you the best and worst features of the Stealth H-52:

The GoodThe Bad
Solid frame helps prevent damageNot suitable for riders with height of lower than 5 feet
Insane torque instantly available on opening the throttleNot street legal
Solid suspension soaks up shock from tall jumps and dropsNot waterproof
Brake regen helps extend range

There’s a lot more to this bike that what’s written here, so make sure to…

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You can get the Stealth H-52 straight from Stealth’s website. Otherwise, if you want to see the bike in person, or maybe try out a test ride, you can try Stealth’s US dealerships in Washington, Oregon, California, and Florida.

Cake Kalk OR Electric Dirt Bike

best electric pit bike
Great lateral stationary shot by Cake. It fully displays the Kalk OR for viewers to see and marvel at. (Source: Cake)

Cake’s Kalk OR is sweet as an actual cake when it comes to performance and the pleasure of riding. Though it might not be easy on the eyes, it does have features that translate to a sweet ride for teens.


The Cake Kalk OR is a large-size electric dirt bike with a seat height of 35.8 inches. This makes the bike more suited to taller teens or teens who are farther along the age gradient. Otherwise, shorter riders would probably do best to look for a shorter bike.


Cake purposely built the Kalk OR for a minimalist and purely performance focused experience. Given the bike’s bare body and very visible internal components, it’s pretty easy to maintain or repair. Although, the downside to this kind of component setup is that it’s not immune to outside elements such as water or salt.


The Cake Kalk OR looks like folded cardboard, there’s no doubt about that. But this cardboard dirt bike does perform better than most stylish dirt bikes out there.


To make up for the bike’s ‘lacking’ appearance, the Kalk OR features state of the art components that bring performance beyond the standard. It runs using an 11kW custom motor that generates 206 ft-lbs of torque (that’s almost twice that of a Kawasaki H2) and can reach a top speed of 55mph. Powered by a 51.8 Volt 50Ah power pack, the Kalk OR electric dirt bike maintains a maximum range of 4 hours on constant full throttle.


The Cake Kalk OR electric dirt bike features an aluminum and carbon fiber frame to both maximize durability and minimize extra weight. This brings the bike to a weight of 152lbs which isn’t heavy for a large size electric dirt bike.


To further improve on the performance, the Kalk OR sports an Öhlins suspension system with 8 inches of travel on both front and rear. To give you an idea about Öhlins, this is also the suspension brand used by Kawasaki sports tourers like the Ninja 1000 liter bike.

To get more of an idea about what the bike is made of, check out this table:

Manufacturer NameCake
Motor Power11000W
Rangeup to 4 hours
Regenerative BrakingYes
Top speed55mph
Seat height35.8in
PurposeNon-street legal / Pure offroad dirt bike

The Cake Kalk OR isn’t a perfect bike so here’s a simple table to show you all we think that are good and bad about this bike:

The GoodThe Bad
Custom developed parts maximize this bike’s performanceCardboard box appearance is a real turn off
Relatively lightweight at 152lbs, and flickable tooInternal parts exposed to the elements
Flexible ride modesLack of proper fenders makes for a messy ride in the dirt
Less extra electronics means less malfunctions

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of the Cake Kalk OR

The best place to get hold of the Cake Kalk OR would be straight from Cake’s website. But If you want to check the product out in person, you can drop by any of Cake’s distributors in North America. These include Aether Apparel, Deus Ex Machina, Stealth Tahoe, and Evolution motorcycles.

KTM Freeride E-XC Electric Dirt Bike

KTM Freeride E-XC Electric Dirt Bike
Quite a great move for KTM to include a fully lateral shot of the Freeride E-XC and its rider for a rough comparison of rider height to seat height. (Source: KTM)


KTM’s Freeride E-XC electric dirt bike is a large size electric powered motorcycle with the authentic look of a traditional KTM dirt bike. If you prefer a more legitimate approach to dirt biking then this is probably the best bike for you. Standing with a seat height of 35 inches, the Freeride E-XC is one of the better electric dirt bikes for teens between 16 and 19 years of age, and perfectly suited for adults, as well.

Looks and Reliability

The KTM Freeride E-XC bears the authentic dirt bike appearance and looks great and attractive with all its fairings. But this also takes away from the ease of maintenance. The amount of fairings covering the corner spots of this electric dirt bike makes it harder to clean or remove unwanted objects from the bike’s vital components.


KTM’s Freeride E-XC runs using an 18kW (24.5 bhp, and 240 ft lbs) KTM OEM motor paired with a 260V Lithium power pack to provide a top speed of 50 miles per hour with 11.5 miles of full-throttle range. It also features regenerative braking to further increase the range by refeeding power from the brakes back into the battery.


The Freeride E-XC features a solid but flexible steel-aluminium frame along with a high-strength polyamide subframe. This ensures that the bike can handle huge drops without metal fatigue. The subframe acts as a support to ensure the main frame stays straight even after a big landing.


Built for trail riding with a solid perimeter steel-aluminum frame and high quality WP suspension system, this bike can handle the worst punishment on the most intense terrains.

Here are KTM Freeride E-XC’s basic specs for a clearer view of what the bike is made of:

Manufacturer NameKTM AG
Motor Power18kW (24.5 bhp, 240ft-lbs) @ 4550 rpm
Range11.5 miles (On unrestricted full power mode)
Ride ModeOff-road, Sport
Regenerative BrakingYes
Top speed50 miles per hour
Weight92.5 kg
Seat height910 mm
PurposeDirt bike

If you want to compare the bikes based on their pros and cons, we also made a table that displays the KTM Freeride E-XC’s advantages and disadvantages so far:

The GoodThe Bad
Liquid Cooled control unit to prevent overheatingToo heavy to transport by hand
Strong acceleration makes this bike great for competitive ridingConsumes too much energy on Cross mode
Solid and flexible frame guarantees long-term durabilityDisplay has no odometer, trip meter and temperature gauge
Great suspension keeps your butt from getting sore during rough ridesSeat height too tall for short riders
Regenerative brakes replenish battery level and helps extend travel range

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of the KTM Freeride E-XC Electric Dirt Bike

The best place to get the KTM Freeride E-XC is the KTM website. You can also visit one of KTM’s ten main US dealerships if you want a test ride, customer support, or just tips from sales staff.


We’re entering the dawn of the electric dirt bike revolution, and the future looks bright if 2020’s crop of bikes is anything to go by. There are currently a good number of electric dirt bikes for teens on the market, and that number is only going to grow. Whether you’re shopping with a tight budget or ready to spend extravagantly, finding the best balance between power, comfort and handling is not too hard in 2020. It usually just depends on size or your own personal preference towards a specific manufacturer. And, while range is a limiting factor on most electric dirt bikes, coming battery tech is sure to solve that issue.


Q: Is dirt biking dangerous for teens?

A: It is. But not so much when they get used to it. Off road terrain is unpredictable on your first few runs, but gets easier once you get the feel of the field. Expect to see your teen fall once or twice during practice in all types of terrain and armor them up accordingly.

Q: How hard is it for teens to start dirt biking?

A: About as hard as riding their first bicycle — at least for me that is. Dirt biking is an activity where riding experience and your affinity to your dirt bike matters. The more they get used to their bike and know it from wheel to handlebars, then the easier they’ll find dirt biking to be.

Q: Where can a teen legally ride a dirt bike?

A: Dirt bikes can be legally ridden anywhere if they’re street legal, feature safety equipment, and are registered (that is if your teen is old enough to get a license). Otherwise for non-street legal dirt bikes, we suggest riding in your backyard, the local off road trails, or your neighborhood dirt track.

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