Best Dirt Bike Helmets 2022: Keep Your Brains Inside

So you got a dirt bike, and now looking for the best dirt bike helmet to pair it with? Nice! We’d suggest getting proven and tested dirt bike helmets.

While the number of choices is overwhelming, we consulted riders and did our own research to find the best dirt bike helmets this year. Here’s our rankings, followed by a deep dive into the pros and cons of each motocross helmet so you can intelligently choose the best shell for your coconut.

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Best Dirt Bike Helmets This Year: Our Criteria and Results

When it comes to protective gear, buying a dirt bike helmet is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a rider.

Below is a list of some of the best dirt bike helmets from top manufacturers (arranged from best to worst), along with their top pros and cons.

How It LooksDirt Bike HelmetTop AdvantageTop DisadvantageLink to Purchase
Arai VX-Pro 4Outstanding ventilationToo expensiveClick to Check Price
Fox Racing V3Excellent VentilationA little costlyClick to Check Price
Bell Moto 9 FlexEmergency cheek pads removal systemA little costlyClick to Check Price
Alpinestars M10Lightweight carbon fiber shellFitment issuesClick to Check Price
Bell MX-9 MIPSVelocity-flow ventilation systemCheek pads are too snugClick to Check Price
O’Neal 5 SeriesMultiple VentsToo much wind noiseClick to Check Price
Troy Lee SE4Tons of great safety features and techNot ideal for oval head shapesClick to Check Price
Shoei VFX-EVOCool graphicsA little wind noiseClick to Check Price
6D ATR-2Wide angle of visionA lot of wind noiseClick to Check Price
O’Neal 3 SeriesDurable polycarbonate shell constructionMay not perform well in all conditionsClick to Check Price
Klim F5 KoroydGood impact energy absorptionNo visorClick to Check Price
Leatt GPX 6.5 CarbonTurbine-lined helmets (I will explain that later)Lots of wind noiseClick to Check Price
Troy Lee Designs SE4 CarbonLightweight and durable carbon fiber shellVery expensiveClick to Check Price
Fly Racing FormulaUtilizes Impact Energy Cells made of RheonA bit heavy to wearClick to Check Price
HJC CS-MX 2Advanced Channeling Ventilation SystemNo ECE ratingClick to Check Price
LS2 SubverterHigh quality on a budgetLots of wind noiseClick to Check Price
YEMA Motocross Dirt Bike HelmetGood material on a budgetQuestionable qualityClick to Check Price

Quite a number of options. But we’ll still update that list every time we find a new option so stay tuned!

How we select the best helmets

A dirt bike helmet’s certifications, shell material, EPS, shape, ventilation, and peripheral vision are all important. 

But we select our best helmets more around the following: 

Average Market Review Rating – What better way to find out if a helmet’s good than by getting it from those who’ve tried and tested them? 

Brand Reputation – Simply put, brand reputation is how people perceive a company or organization. The public’s view of a brand is influenced by their personal experiences.

Weight – The best dirt bike helmet is most certainly the one you can’t feel holding on to your head while riding. While we aren’t at that stage yet, something just as close would be perfect.

Comfort – When it comes to getting the right dirt bike helmet, it’s important to get one that’s comfortable and fits right. You’ll be happier when you’re riding, but your helmet will also work better, so you’ll be better protected and you’ll be able to absorb impact.

Best Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Under $1000: Here’s the Best of the Best

If you’ve got the cash and are looking for the best MX helmet with the best tech, then check either the Arai or 6D helmet we have listed below.

Best Arai Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Below $1000


  • Great comfort
  • Peak design provides great visibility
  • Well ventilated


  • Very expensive

Arai’s VX-PRO 4 is for aggressive dirt riders. To make this aggressive dirt bike helmet more durable, Arai increased the weight by 4 ounces. 

Designed to keep off-road riders safe, this high-end helmet is made by Arai. That’s why the Arai VX-PRO 4 is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable, customizable dirt bike helmet.

For optimal riding safety and security, the VX PRO-4 has the 2015 SNELL safety rating and DOT safety requirements. On the front, there are three huge chin vents, one in the center and two on each side.

Interested? Click the button below to check the dirt bike helmet’s latest price on Amazon.

You might want to check out the next options below if you don’t like this one.

Best 6D Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Below $1000


  • Tough and durable
  • Lightweight material
  • Wide angle of vision


  • Lots of wind noise

As a manufacturer who doesn’t shy away from trying new things, 6D has built a reputation for incorporating cutting-edge technology into every aspect of its helmets. 

The 6D ATR-2 has no exceptions. With the ATR-2, you’ll be able to ride as safely as possible in any situation on the road. 

Don’t be put off by the price. You might be better off investing in an ATR-2 if you can afford it.

There are 15 ventilation points on the ATR-2: nine intakes and six exhausts. The result is a helmet that’s super comfortable and highly ventilated. It’s possible to mix and match the ports and exhausts to provide the right support and comfort for your mood.

Whatcha think? Check out the dirt bike helmet price on Amazon by clicking the button below.

Maybe you’ll like the next category if you’re not interested in these options.

Best Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Under $750: Outstanding Options for Great Protection

If the thousand-dollar price point isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe the less-than-750-bucks ones will. Here you’ll find high-quality helmets that are a little cheaper than the top motocross helmets above.

Best Fly Racing Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Below $750


  • Comfortable, lightweight
  • Ventilation keeps head cool


  • Vents allow dirt to pass through helmet
  • Quite pricey

Fly Racing announced a Formula helmet a few days before the San Diego Supercross. 

The Formula uses Rheon Impact Energy Cells to reduce brain force transmission by absorbing low-speed linear and rotational impacts. Conehead EPS technology is another feature of the Formula. It is designed to absorb and disperse impact forces better than traditional EPS helmet liners.

How about it? Check out the dirt bike helmet’s Amazon price by clicking the button below.

If this isn’t your thing, then you might like the next ones below.

Best Troy Lee Designs Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Below $750


  • Dual-density EPS foam inner shell
  • Carbon fiber shell
  • Kevlar composite


  • Very expensive

Troy Lee Designs’ SE4 Carbon is their flagship dirt bike helmet. 

The MIPS system protects your brain in some crash scenarios by reducing rotational forces. 

Also included are a chin bar made from EPP (expanded polypropylene) and anatomically contoured cheek pads with an emergency release system, a snap-in, washable comfort liner made from Coolmax and Dri-lex material that wicks moisture.

Wanna try it? To check Amazon’s latest price, click the button below.

If you don’t like this option, you might want to try the next ones.

Best Klim Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Below $750


  • Incredibly light at just over three pounds
  • Comfortable, with lots of vents and easy-to-remove customizable pads
  • Easy-to-use magnetic chin strap


  • A bit pricey at more than $500–600 dollars (but arguably worth it)
  • Not yet race inspector-ready due to new technology

Klim F5 Koroyd‘s name comes from one of its most notable safety features.

Koroyd’s unique structure and energy management properties make it a good energy absorber, says Klim. Klom says when Koroyds are impacted, their cores crush homogeneously, reducing impact energy. 

The MIPS brain protection system is another thing that keeps you safe on the F5 Koroyd.

How about that? Check out the dirt bike helmet’s current price on Amazon by clicking the button below.

Uninterested? The next options below might be more your style.

Best Bell Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Below $750


  • Carbon Composite Shell
  • Antimicrobial fabric interior
  • Excellent Ventilation


  • Quite expensive

Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex helmet beats most of its rivals in most ways. 

A lightweight carbon fiber shell makes this helmet one of the lighter helmets in its class. It’ll keep you sweat-free for a very long time because it has an adjustable ventilation system. 

Additionally, the helmet’s interior is super comfy and the cheek pads can be removed quickly in case of an emergency. Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex helmets are one of the best and lightest motocross helmets around. There’s only one thing that turns you off about it: the price.

Interested? Check Amazon’s latest price for the dirt bike helmet by clicking the button below.

Maybe you’ll like the next one, if you’re not interested in this one.

Best Fox Racing Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Below $750


  • Sleek design
  • Equipped with MIPS technology
  • Excellent Ventilation


  • A bit costly

Fox Racing’s V3 helmet is one of the best dirt bike helmets out there. It has a sleek design and an advanced ventilation system. 

You won’t have to worry about overheating with a huge number of vents all over the shell. MIPS technology makes the Fox Racing V3 helmet extremely safe. 

For all types of off-road riding, I think it’s the safest helmet. If you’re worried about airflow and protection, I highly recommend this helmet.

Whatcha think? For the latest price on Amazon, click the button below.

You might want to check out the next options below if you don’t like this one.

Best Alpinestars Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Below $750


  • Custom-fit and sizing options
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Carbon fiber build


  • Mud can easily clog vents
  • Not ‘Snell’ tested

In terms of functionality and fit, the Alpinestars M10 is great. I love the carbon fiber construction. 

On long bike rides, the lighter outer shell helps riders stay alert. Riders aren’t going to notice an ounce or two difference. 

Yet, after wearing the M10 for a while, you’ll realize how much better it is than other helmets.

Wanna try it? You can check the dirt bike helmet’s Amazon price by clicking the button below.

If this isn’t your thing, then you might like the next ones below.

Best Shoei Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Below $750


  • More comfort
  • Great active ventilation
  • Cool graphics


  • Lots of wind noise

With the VFX-EVO (VFX-WR in Europe), Shoei aims to take motocross helmets to the next level.

It has something called EQRS, or Equal Value Rating Scale. It’s more ventilated with 16 intake and exhaust vents. Wind tunnel testing has been done on the exterior shell to create a more modern, complicated shape that Shoei hopes will increase aerodynamics.

Additionally, for the first time ever, a Shoei has incorporated a rotating force control system. Shoei calls it the motion energy distribution system. This may be just so they’re called MEDS, but in any case, it allows the helmet to move independently and reduces rotation by 15%, according to Shoei.

How about it? Check out the dirt bike helmet’s Amazon price by clicking the button below.

If nothing in this category interests you, you might wanna check out the next category below.

Best Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Under $500: Solid Mid-tier Helmets

600-dollar helmets still not worth going broke for about a week? Maybe you can try this option from the below-$500 category.

Best Leatt Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Below $500


  • Highly vented
  • One of the safest motocross helmets
  • Lightweight and durable because of the carbon shell


  • Non-closeable vents
  • Lots of wind noise when riding

Including neck braces and goggles, Leatt offers complete protection for motocross and off-road riding. 

Leatt’s top-of-the-line dirt bike helmet, the GPX 6.5 Carbon, has 360° Turbine Technology. Leatt says the helmet has turbines, which are three-dimensional moving discs made of energy-absorbing material and shape. 

The company says that the technology has two key advantages: reducing rotational acceleration to the head and brain, and absorbing energy upon impact.

Interested? You can check Amazon’s latest price for the dirt bike helmet by clicking the button below.

Check out these other options if this doesn’t interest you.

Best Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Under $300: Your Best Options under 3 Benjamins

We’re quite nearing the $100 helmet safety margin. These options are already quite cheap at less than $300, but you’ll still get some pretty decent tech and performance out of them. Check them out below.

Best Bell Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Below $300


  • Comes in Motocross and Adventure versions
  • Removable peak
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell


  • Not SHARP or Snell tested
  • Might not perform very well in certain conditions

Bell’s MX-9 Adventure MIPS isn’t afraid to push the envelope. Sometimes it does a lot, sometimes it does a lot worse.

I’d use this in the summer. Take a short, slow ride to the trails, pop the visor up, put on a pair of goggles and enjoy that great ventilation. But if you’re touring through winter or riding in the rain, it’s pretty hard to ignore the downsides.

With a middle-of-the-road price of $259.95, it’s a great choice for riders with a few lids, but it might not be your first choice for daily riding.

Wanna try it? Please click the button below to check the latest price on Amazon for the dirt bike helmet.

Try the next ones if you don’t like this one.

Best LS2 Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Below $300


  • Great airflow
  • Good high-speed stability
  • Protection from rotational injury


  • Chin strap is stiff and feels short
  • Light-colored interior becomes discolored with use
  • Difficult to clean bugs and dirt from vents and tight spaces

When it comes to dirt helmets, the LS2 Subverter is a real contender, although it’s quite a spartan choice for dual-sport or adventure riding. 

With the LS2, the styling was bold, the safety was smart, and the price was right. If gravity gets the best of you, this helmet won’t sting your wallet like some others.

Are you interested? Check out Amazon’s latest price for this dirt bike helmet by clicking the button below

If this isn’t your thing, here are a couple more.

Best Troy Lee Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Below $300


  • Technologically advanced Polyacrylite shell construction
  • EPS extends lower in occipital area (rear of the head) for extended protection
  • Massive airflow ducts


  • Chin strap not very secure

Unwrapping the Troy Lee Designs SE4 Composite from the TLD helmet bag, the first thing you’ll notice is how heavy it is. 

I’ll admit it feels a little unnerving when it’s close to the weight of a mountain bike helmet rather than the normal moto helmet I’m used to, but with a weight of just 1.325kg, the Troy Lee Designs SE4 is an ultra-light, high-performance helmet.

It fits like a glove, which is what you’d expect from a high-end helmet, and the eye ports fit any size goggle you’ve got. Troy Lee Designs’ SE4 comes in a bunch of colorways, all of which feature the cool design/colorway that has built the company’s name.

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If you aren’t interested in this option, you might wanna check out the next ones below.

Best Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Under $200: Entering the Budget Tier

Just a cut above the super cheap (also probably super unsafe) $100 helmets but still a bit decent for their price point. Check the options below if you’d rather buy cheap and buy twice.

Best Entry Level [Cheap/Budget] Motocross Helmet Under $200


  • Polycarbonate/ABS shell construction
  • Ultra-plush removable/washable padded liner
  • Adjustable visor design


  • Non-closeable vents
  • No way to cover your face from the mud and dirt

O’Neal Series 5 is a budget motocross helmet that looks cool and provides lots of safety. It has the essentials, like a well-adjustable peak and goggle-friendly front, but the vents aren’t stellar, so it can get a bit hot.

EPS foam and outer shell are molded together in the O’Neal Series 5 so they’re more durable and protective. For rotational forces, however, there’s no MIPS or similar system.

How about it? Check out the dirt bike helmet’s Amazon price by clicking the button below.

Check out the options below if you’re not interested in this one.

Best Runner Up Motocross Helmet Under $200


  • Adjustable peak
  • Double-D ring fastener


  • Not advisable for rough riding

It’s worth checking out the HJC CS-MX II if you want a dirt bike helmet at a lower price.

Despite being cheaper than most off-road helmets, riders love it and say it does everything they expect from one. It’s lightweight, ventilates well, and is comfortable all day long. 

There hasn’t been an independent safety test on it yet, but we think it’ll do well (most polycarb HJCs do). When it comes to motocross helmets on a budget, the CS-MX 2 is a great choice.

Whatcha think? For the latest price on Amazon, click the button below

If you don’t like these options, you might want to try the next category.

Best Second-Runner Up Motocross Helmet Under $200


  • Specified spot for wireless and Bluetooth communication
  • Perfectly light and easy to breathe in
  • DOT and ECE certified


  • The fit is not as snug (inconsistent sizing)
  • The visor is loose in some of the helmets and it comes popping off at high speeds

You can get best-in-class safety products from O’Neal 3 Series helmets. 

Other companies in the market have a tough time competing with them. You can buy these helmets on a budget, so you won’t lose a ton of money. 

Aside from being available in two premium colors — black and white — O’Neal helmets come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

How about it? For the latest dirt bike helmet price on Amazon, click the button below

If you aren’t interested in this option, you might wanna check out the next one below.

Best Dirt Bike [Motocross] Helmet Under $100: Is Your Head Only Worth 100 Bucks?

I don’t even know why I put this here. I personally wouldn’t get a helmet below 100 bucks… ESPECIALLY when I’m doing extreme motorsports such as motocross. It’s just not worth spilling your brains in the dirt. But if you insist, check out our best less-than-$100 motocross helmet below.

Best Entry Level [Cheap/Budget] Motocross Helmet Under $100


  • Extremely cheap
  • Good material (quite durable for its price)


  • Inconsistent quality

YEMA’s Motocross Dirt Bike Helmets are made from a tough material that will last you a long time. It’s made up of an ABS shell and EPS multi-density padding, and the chin strap is reinforced.

Easy-to-remove buckle makes it convenient to wear and take off the helmet on a daily basis. 

The body is entirely built for biking, but you can also use it for racing, dirt bikes, and even adventure rides. A sun visor system keeps our eyes protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

We get a relaxed ride since the body is designed so that it is completely ventilated so the air gets inside the helmet. Pads provide comfort, and they can be washed easily, so it keeps the helmet clean inside.

Wanna try it? You can check the dirt bike helmet’s Amazon price by clicking the button below

Still undecided? Check out our best picks for each category below. Hopefully, that’ll help you decide.

Summary: Our Final Results and Picks for the Best Helmets Per Section

The options above are all great, but we still have our favorite picks among them. Ones we’d certainly use (on a no-brainer) out on the dirt during a motocross event. Check them out below.

Price pointBrandModelWhy we like itLink to Purchase
Under $1000AraiVX-PRO 4It’s got the best tech and performance despite the hefty price tagClick to Check Price
Under $750Fly RacingFormulaIt’s got great ventilation and durable materialClick to Check Price
Under $500LeattGPX 6.5 CarbonIt’s the only option in the category as of nowClick to Check Price
Under $300BellMX-9 Adventure MIPSGreat ventilation coupled with a wide-angle viewing port (feels like wearing a bike helmet)Click to Check Price
Under $200HJCCS-MX IIDurable construction, high impact absorptionClick to Check Price
Under $100YEMAMotocrossIt was the only decent (according to reviews) one we could findClick to Check Price

There are clearly a lot of helmets in the market but we’ve identified the best price points for each category so you don’t have to. 

Click the link on the helmet that you’re most interested in to check the price because it’s bound to be on sale this time of the year.

How do I choose a motocross helmet?

How do you choose a motocross helmet all comes down to one most basic thing. Fitment. A super high-tech helmet won’t save you if it flies out during an impact.

You need a helmet that fits your head right. Different brands and models of motorcycle helmets have different shapes and sizes. 

Whenever you’re buying a motocross helmet, try it on at your local shop, get expert advice, and make sure it fits.

Don’t buy online until you measure your head. Ensure that you get the right size according to your head measurement in cm by looking at a size chart.

How much should I spend on MX helmets?

If you have to as how much should you spend on MX helmets, that’s a no-brainer. Motocross is an extreme sport, and getting the most expensive one usually means you’re getting the best one.

How do I know my head shape for motorcycle helmets?

To know your head shape for motorcycle helmets, look at the specs and size of a helmet (that’s usually written on the sales page of each helmet). Then get a tape measure and wrap it around your head. Find out the measurement.

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