Best Dirt Bike Stand 2023: Our Top 15 Picks

Why are we showing you the best dirt bike stands for this year?

Dirt bikes are so fun to ride that we ride them until we’re exhausted, but we come back giggling. However, you must let it rest after a long day. One of the best ways to keep your bike safe is with a dirt bike stand.

Dirt bike stands keep your bike at a safe elevation, prevent free-fall, and prevent slippage. They’re great for cleaning and maintaining bikes.

I got a bunch of dirt bike stands down below if you’re wondering what to get… complete with scores, top pros and cons, and a link to purchase.

Best Dirt Bike Stand for Your Bike – How Can You Tell?

For us, the best dirt bike stand is one that perfectly fits the bike you have, and has a lot of features that come with it. 

To give you a better idea of what we’re talking about, Here’s a quick look at the best dirt bike stands we could find on Amazon… plus their score against other options, top pros and cons, and a link to where you can check the price.

Score out of 10Dirt Bike StandStand TypeTop ProTop ConPurchase Link
10BIG RED T64017 Torin Hydraulic Powersports Lift JackHydraulicGreat lift range for wide useLarge size doesn’t allow for easy storingClick to check price
9Liftmaster 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor LiftScissorGreat weight capacity to carry bigger bikesLifting system is slowClick to check price
BikeMaster Easy Lift Motorcycle Jack Stand
HydraulicGood weight lifting capacity and has an anti-slip deck for better dirt bike securityLifting system a bit on the slow sideClick to check price
9Motorsport Products 92-5012 MX Hydraulic Scissor LiftScissorFootpeg secure spring system to stabilize the bike as you raise itA bit heavy and hard to transport due to its large sizeClick to check price
8OTC 1545 Motorcycle LiftHydraulicHigh weight lifting capacityThe bike stand is super heavyClick to check price
8Black Widow MX Stand Alum-LiteFixedHuge load capacity and removable trayNo height adjustmentClick to check price
8Dr Dry DRC HC2 lift standHydraulicGood Height adjustment rangeLifting is slowClick to check price
8MSR Hi-Jack Dirt Bike StandScissorTop-notch build quality and ease of useLess portable because of its weightClick to check price
7Polisport Black Motorcycle StandFixedNon-slip rubber top to avoid dropping your bikeToo tall to get the bike on it easilyClick to check price
7Motorsport Products 92-4016 Orange P12 Adjustable Lift StandHydraulicEasy lift systemNo dampener shock so very prone to damageClick to check price
7Matrix Concepts M64 Elite StandFixedLightweight material for easy storageNot suitable for bigger dirt bikesClick to check price
6RISK Racing 00381 ATS Motocross/Dirt Bike StandFixed with adjustable heightHas magnetic side panels to better secure your dirt bikeQuite pricey despite limited versatilityClick to check price
5Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift TableHydraulic scissorEasy foot paddle system for convenient liftingLow weight limit so not good for big bikesClick to check price
5Dirt Bike Universal Triangle Motorcycle StandTriangleCompact size (can fit in a pouch)Not versatile like some of the othersClick to check price
5Pit Posse Universal Dirt Bike Triangle Side StandTrianglePerfect as a parking standCan’t lift the tire off the groundClick to check price

Do the numbers above not make any sense? Well, we scored our best dirt bike stands using the criteria below.

How Did We Select The Best Stands? Our Criteria…

You can’t just get any stand on the market. I wouldn’t even consider most of them because they are too small, too tall, or just too expensive. That’s why we made this list of the best dirt bike stands based on these three things: 

Solid Construction: Dirt Bike Stands

You want it to hold your bike safely without moving too much. There’s the load capacity to think about, but most of them can handle a lot more than a dirt bike.

Adjustable Height Range

When you’re looking for a motocross lift stand, make sure it’s got the right heights. Make sure it has an adjustable top deck.

MX Stand Market Price

Fixed dirt bike stands can be pretty cheap, but you need to consider your budget when you get into the more sophisticated scissor jacks.

Dirt Bike Stand Height – What Size Do You Need?

Fixed dirt bike stands come in different heights, depending on what size dirt bike they’re for. You’ll need an 8 to 10-inch tall pitbike stand if you’re using a pit bike. You’ll need much taller stands for bigger bikes, at least 17 inches tall… or just get a lift stand. Your life’ll be a lot better.

How tall is the average dirt bike stand?

When it comes to dirt bike stands, there is no “average” height. Mostly because stands are made to accommodate various dirt bikes with different heights. However, you can find fixed dirt bikes at 8 to 21 inches tall (maybe even more).

Now that you know the basics, why not scroll down and read about the best dirt bike options for sale this year? I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Dirt Bike Stand for Sale – Best Options This Year

Whenever you’re not riding, dirt bike stands keep it straight, balanced, and steady. Most of them are metal, like aluminum.

You can use this tool to prevent wheel and suspension problems on your bike. You need them to fix dirt bikes, change tires, or tweak the drive chain. It’s a must-have tool for bikers.

Here are more details on the products listed above.

[Low Maintenance] BIG RED T64017 Torin Hydraulic Powersports Lift Jack

What we like about this option

  • Capacity to handle a lot of weight
  • Quality construction
  • Locks that keep bikes secure
  • Suitable for a variety of vehicles
  • Lift range is great

What we don’t like about this option

  • The unit is quite large, so storing it is difficult


  • Perfect for lifting motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, and UTVs
  • It lifts from 5-1/8″ to 16-1/8″ inches
  • Has a 1500lb load capacity
  • Powersports jack with wide bearings
  • It’s got a powder-coat finish to make it last

You need a professional tool like the Big Red if you’re into Powersports, like dirt biking. Like its name says, the Big Red can haul a big load. You can easily hold a load of 1500 pounds with the bike stand.

It’s a big advantage to have a big weight capacity. With it, you can lift more than just bikes now. It’ll work for snowmobiles, ATVs and UTVs too.

There are a lot of lifts in the BIG RED T64017 Torin Hydraulic Powersports Lift Jack. Depending on your needs, you can get ground clearance starting at 5-1/8 inches and going up to 16-1/8 inches. You can lock the height too.

A bottle jack, a pulling bar, and two locking swivel casters make maintenance a breeze with this best dirt bike stand. It’s the best, because the wide-load bearing jack works great for Powersports.

Too big for your dirt bike? Scroll some more and you’ll probably find the Liftmaster better.

[Quick Lift] Liftmaster 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift

What we like about this option

  • Very stable
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Great weight capacity
  • Affordable

What we don’t like about this option

  • Lifting system is slow


  • Constructed with steel
  • Operates with a crank
  • Fits most motorcycles
  • Useful for garages, shops, and tracks
  • Comes with a 10.6 inch wide deck

It’s different from the rest of the motorcycle stands, according to the Liftmaster reviews. The reason for that is it doesn’t use hydraulics. You just crank it.

Despite the fact that it rises slowly, its stability is unbeatable. It easily lifts 1100 pounds. Which is great in my point of view.

There’s enough room for all motorcycle sizes on the 10.6-inch full deck. The rubber padding underneath keeps the bike from slipping down, just like the rest of the units.

What makes the Liftmaster stand out is its durability. Thanks to the solid steel construction, this unit is solid and won’t wobble when you load it up. It also has a blue and black powder-coated finish, so it won’t get damaged by bike oils or other chemicals.

Still doesn’t fit? Check the Extreme Max lift stand below and see if it fits what you’re looking for.

[Awesome Design] Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

What we like about this option

  • Great height adjustment
  • Easy foot paddles
  • Sturdy
  • Rubberized non-slip padding
  • Has all the tools you need

What we don’t like about this option

  • Weight limit is low


  • Lifts bikes up to 34.5 inches
  • Rubber padding prevents scratches and scrapes
  • Raising and lowering the platform is easy with the foot pedal
  • Everything you need is in the package
  • 300 lb maximum weight capacity

If you’re looking for a reliable dirt bike tire lift stand, this one’s for you. I’m talking about the Extreme Max hydraulic dirt bike stand.

It’s the fastest growing platform on the market. A 34.5-inch clearance is possible with this unit. You can use that for small kid bikes.

There’s a hollow space on top of the platform. While doing maintenance, it works as a drain to get rid of oil and grease. The entire platform is covered in a 16.25 x 13.25-inch rubber padding, so you don’t have to worry about scrapes and scratches.

It’s easy to raise or lower the platform with the foot pedal. I wouldn’t recommend it for heavy road bikes, though. The 300 lb weight limit is perfect for dirt bikes.

Too low of a weight limit? Try the heavy duty OTC lift stand below.

[Pull, Lift & Ride Design] OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

What we like about this option

  • Lifts a lot of weight.
  • It’s really durable.
  • Totally safe to use.
  • Works on all bikes.
  • Great for maintenance.

What we don’t like about this option

  • It’s a heavy bike stand


  • 1500 lb weight capacity
  • Large cruisers can be lifted with 17-inch skids
  • There’s a 3.5-inch clearance and a 16-3/4-inch clearance.
  • A removable handle gives you 360-degree access to your load
  • Warranty: 2 years

For heavy bikes like the Ducati, the OTC hydraulic dirt bike stand is the best choice. Your biggest and widest cruiser will be no problem to lift with its 17-inch skids. In addition, the stand can hold 1500 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off.

It uses the same foot lift system as the other hydraulic stand. It has a wireless roll-off release system on the foot that makes it better than some of the others. Basically, it keeps the bike in place by locking the rear casters. The OTC has two ratcheting tie-down straps for extra safety.

This adjustable motorcycle stand lets you adjust the height of the bike. There’s a 3.5-inch clearance at the lowest setting. You can lift the dirt bike up to 16-3/4 inches, though.

It’s heavy, yes. But it’ll be easy to move around since it’s got a 360-degree handle.

Way too heavy for your taste? Maybe a simple triangle stand will do. If that’s the case, read on.

Dirt Bike Universal Triangle Motorcycle Stand

What we like about this option

  • It’s super light
  • It’s compact
  • Works great as a bike stand
  • Quality construction
  • Budget-friendly

What we don’t like about this option

  • Not as versatile as others


  • Fits 80cc-500cc bikes
  • Direct replacement for your old one
  • A space saver
  • Great for motorcycles
  • Easy to carry, small and lightweight

The unit fits a wide range of bikes, which makes it so unique. This bike stand fits all bikes 80cc to 500cc.

Rubber grips are on the angled stand. That way, the bike axle won’t slip. And it won’t wobble if you work on it.

It can also just be used as a regular bike stand if you don’t plan to use it for maintenance. The Dirt Bike Universal Triangle Motorcycle Stand is a great option for dirt bikes without stands. It’s lightweight and small.

Despite being made of steel, it weighs just 1.8 pounds. It’s easy to carry.

Looking for a branded dirt bike stand instead of an OEM one? Maybe one that comes with the free t-shirts moto freaks love? Maybe you’ll find the Pit Posse dirt bike stand a bit more to your liking.

Pit Posse Dirt Bike Stand – Best Dirt Bike Stand Option for the Pit

Pit Posse Motorsports was founded in 2003 with a mission to provide biking and scootering enthusiasts with quality tools and accessories. 

Currently, the company makes lots of tools and accessories for garages, trailers, and shops. Pit Posse tools design is made using high grade materials and sophisticated technology to ensure superior quality for long-term use.

Check out one of their products for dirt bikes below.

Pit Posse Universal Dirt Bike Triangle Side Stand

What we like about this option

  • No installation needed
  • Lifts heavy weights
  • Solid build
  • Easy to carry around
  • Perfect as a parking stand

What we don’t like about this option

  • No way to lift the tire off the ground


  • Steel construction
  • The triangle stand has a wider base for stability
  • Fits most dirt bikes
  • Rubber ends to keep it from wiggling.
  • Guaranteed for life

Pit Posse makes dirt bike triangle stands so you don’t have to mess with installing the stand.

When it comes to parking stands, it’s a better choice than the others. It’s because it’s so lightweight and compact. You can just plug it into the rear axle and get the height you need to do maintenance on the bike.

The triangle stand is actually quite stable, even though it looks flimsy. Because it has a widened base, it’s safe when the bike leans on it. The rubber end that keeps the bike from falling is where you put the rear axle on.

The construction is good, so you can’t complain. It’s made from durable steel. It won’t let you down when it comes to lifting the heavy stuff.

Don’t have a pit bike? You can check out the Polisport dirt bike stand below for slightly bigger bikes.

Polisport Black Motorcycle Stand

What we like about this option

  • Easy to carry
  • Capacity for heavy stuff
  • Built like a tank
  • Rubberized top is non-slip
  • Easy to store

What we don’t like about this option

  • Too tall to get the bike set up easily


  • Four colors are available: black/black, black/blue, black/orange and black/red
  • Holds up to 550 pounds
  • Made from polypropylene plastic
  • Has a rubber top that’s been injection molded
  • Folds up to 2 inches thick for easy storage and transport

It’s hard to carry most bike stands, even though they’re light. Here’s a solution to that problem: the Polisport folding dirt bike stand.

It’s true!

The unit folds up. However, before we get there, it’s also easy to carry thanks to the polypropylene plastic. It’s also really light.

Don’t think it’s flimsy just because it’s plastic. This stands up to heavier bikes better than other stands. You can put almost any size bike on top of it since it can handle 550 pounds. They stay steady in their place thanks to the rubber top.

There’s a lot of space on the deck. You get an 11.5 x 12 inch top when you expand the unit. Afterwards, just collapse it, and you’ll be left with a 24.5-inch thick unit. You can store it easier that way. It has a handle so carrying it won’t be a problem.

Too short for your dirt bike? Maybe this next option will do. It has an adjustable stand, so it’ll probably fit your bike.

Motorsport Products 92-4016 Orange P12 Adjustable Lift Stand

What we like about this option

  • Easy to lift.
  • Great for a variety of bikes.
  • Three colors to choose from.
  • Height range is good.
  • Strong structure.

What we don’t like about this option

  • No shock dampener


  • Adjusts to 11 different heights.
  • There’s a height range of 9.5 inches to 14.5 inches.
  • Fits bikes from 50cc to 650cc.
  • Foot lever makes it easy to lift.
  • Available in three colors: orange, red, and green.

One of the best dirt bike kickstands is the Aluminum dirt bike stand from MotorSport. The first thing to look at is the material. It is not a traditional aluminum stand. It’s the same kind of aluminum that’s used on airplanes. That’s why it’s so durable.

Next is the lifting system. A simple foot lever lets you adjust it while you’re standing. When it comes to adjustability, this thing is pretty tall. The bike stand can be adjusted in 11 different heights. It can go as low as 9.5 inches and as tall as 14.5 inches.

The deck stand is perfect for getting a dirtbike from 50cc up to 650cc on it. As long as you keep the bike on it, you can easily lift both wheels off the ground. You’ll find rubber padding on top to keep your bike in one position. But what wins you over is its durability as it won’t get damaged by chemicals or oils.

The MotorSports sport bike stand gives you maximum stability on uneven or even surfaces.

Risk Racing Dirt Bike Stand – Best Dirt Bike Stand Low Risk Buying Option

With moto innovation from the US of A, Risk Racing comes up with some of the most creative and clever solutions to problems that every dirt biker faces. 

Risk is based in North Carolina and makes great products like the Lock N Load trailer and truck restraint system that keeps bikes’ suspensions from getting compressed, Holeshot practicing gates, Seal Doctor cleaning tools, Mud Axe cleaning tools, and Light Mine worklights. Risk makes Motocross sweeter.

Check one of their best innovations below.

RISK Racing 00381 ATS Motocross/Dirt Bike Stand

What we like about this option

  • Easy to adjust
  • Magnets on the sides
  • Built to last
  • Fits any bike
  • A top made of rubber

What we don’t like about this option

  • Quite pricey for its type


  • Levels the bike with an adjustable top
  • Magnets store bolts and tools on the side panels
  • Easily fits any size bike with oversized top and base
  • Center hole for oil drain
  • The top is non-slip rubber to keep your bike from slipping

You won’t be able to level the bike with a cheap motorcycle stand. You’ll have the tire hanging off one side. That’s hard work.

Get rid of such a problem by taking the Risk Racing ATS stand.

It’s got an anodized aluminum turnbuckle system on one side, which makes it better than the standard motocross stand features. You can adjust the height of any bike on it with the red screws.

Bikes of any kind!

Because the top and bottom of the unit are so big, that’s possible. All bikes can fit in there. It has a big hole in the middle to make it sit better. It also works as a drain. The rubber top keeps it in place. It’s rubber, so it’s chemical-resistant. This way, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

Magnetic side panels on the stand make maintenance work even easier. They’re great for storing bolts and tools. Never lose track of them again.

BikeMaster Easy Lift Motorcycle Jack Stand

What we like about this option

  • Easy lifting system
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Good weight lifting ability
  • Slip-resistant deck
  • Good height adjuster

What we don’t like about this option

  • A little slow with the lifting system


  • Lifts 330 lbs max.
  • Easy lowering with damper shocks.
  • Deck height can be adjusted.
  • Anti-slip pad prevents bikes from slipping.
  • Locks the lift lever so it stays put.

BikeMaster’s dirt bike tire changer is one of the best on the market. Easy lift and lower system makes it great.

Using it, you can fine-tune the bike while keeping it at the right height. With its secure lift lock system, the stand won’t collapse when you set it to the right height.

It has anti-slip pads on the deck. No slipping.

A simple lever system lets you push or pull the bike up or down. Using just your feet, you can raise the stand 400mm high to lift the tires.

Moreover, the dirt bike wheel stand is made of high-quality materials. It can handle heavy bikes with ease.

Black Widow MX Stand Alum-Lite

What we like about this option

  • Lightweight
  • Huge load capacity
  • Removable tray

What we don’t like about this option

  • Not Height adjustable


  • 1500 pounds (680 kg) maximum weight capacity
  • Height: 16 1/2 inches (420mm)
  • Rubber-mounted oil and gas platform 10″ x 10″ (25 x 25cm)
  • Easy to handle because it’s made of lightweight aluminum
  • The quick oil change cutout is 3.375″ x 3.375″ (85mm x 85mm)
  • Tray for holding tools, spare parts, or you can use it as an oil pan

Black Widow MX stands are fixed so you have to lift the back of your bike and slide it on. Quite popular.

Just over 6 pounds, it is extremely light, but has a capacity of 1,500 pounds, which is a bit more than you need, but it’ll give you some peace of mind.

Whether you’re taking the Black Widow MX Stand to the track or trail, or doing DIY projects at home, it’s perfect.

It’s made out of 1″ tubes that’s reinforced at the top and sides. It has a wide floor stance of 16 1/2″ x 16 5/8″ (420mm x 422mm) which makes it more stable.

A riveted rubber pad on the top platform keeps the bike from slipping and it’s resistant to oil and gas spills.

There’s a removable tray you can use for tools, spare parts, or to catch oil when you’re changing it.

Dr Dry DRC HC2 lift stand

What we like about this option

  • Good range of heights
  • Durable steel construction

What we don’t like about this option

  • Lifting Capacity isn’t great


  • 330 pounds (150 kgs) is the maximum lifting weight
  • You can adjust the height of the top plate to fit under most dirt bikes
  • The adjustability ranges from 9 3/4″ to 13 3/45″ (250mm to 350mm)
  • A durable double long-levered jack pedal makes it easy to operate
  • The lever locks in the raised position with the ‘Safety Hold Hook’ so accidents can’t happen
  • When lowering the bike, the damper shock prevents it from freefalling

Dirt bike lift stands like the DRC HC2 are among the most versatile on the market.

Using the threaded bar, you can adjust the top plate height so it fits your bike, then just slide it underneath your bike and lock it with the locking ring.

It fits dirt bikes from small youth dirt bikes to full-size 500cc dirt bikes.

An anti-slip rubber pad is on the top plate, so your bike won’t slip.

It’s extra stable because of the dual plates on the lifting arm.

When the bike is on the stand, the arm is locked in the down position with a safety hook.

A damper shock stops the bike from freefalling when it’s lowered.

Lift stands are portable, so you can take them to the trail or track.

Matrix Dirt Bike Stand – One of the Most Popular Best Dirt Bike Stand Options

Matrix Concepts doesn’t just make fixed stands, they create solutions for motocross storage and service.

They’re able to innovate instead of just producing the same types of products they’ve made for years. Their focus is on the goal, not the tool, so they can devise faster, easier, or lighter ways to accomplish the same thing. 

Matrix Concepts stands are lightweight, sturdy, and compatible with different accessories like casters and drain pans, so you can change oil and move your bike around with ease.

Here’s one of their highest quality products.

Matrix Concepts M64 Elite Stand

What we like about this option

  • Lightweight

What we don’t like about this option

  • Fixed Height


  • Made from lightweight, high-strength polycarbonate
  • Weight: 4.5 kilos (10 pounds)
  • You can customize the side panels with your name and number
  • Stability is increased with extra-wide feet
  • Four rectangles of anti-flex tubes
  • Several top motocross and supercross teams use the M64
  • You can choose from Black, Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Pink, and Green

A Matrix Concepts M64 Elite Stand is a lightweight composite off-road stand that they call the ‘Next Generation’.

Matrix Concepts’ plastic stand made from polycarbonate composite plastic is the only one of its kind in the world.

This motorcycle stand weighs only 10 pounds and is one of the lightest and most durable on the market.

Some of the top off-road racing, motocross, and Supercross teams use, test, and endorse the M64. That’s saying a lot about the quality, they wouldn’t use anything that wouldn’t hold up.

You can put your name, racing number, sponsor logos, or some cool stickers on the side panels.

A magnetic strip is available on the top rail or can be snapped into the bottom of the M21 Stacking Tray, which can be used for tools or spares.

Motorsport Products 92-5012 MX Hydraulic Scissor Lift

What we like about this option

  • Good working height
  • Safety features

What we don’t like about this option

  • Heavy (Workshop use only)
  • Price


  • 300 pounds (136 kg) maximum weight
  • The item weighs 76.12 pounds (34.6 kg)
  • A hydraulic scissor lift for dirt bikes and MX
  • Full height adjustment from 14′′ (355mm) to 33′′ (838mm)
  • The stand can be raised and lowered with foot pedals
  • Stabilizes the bike as you raise it with the footpegs
  • Pin for extra stability to prevent lowering unexpectedly
  • Constructed from heavy-duty steel
  • There’s a huge hole in the top platform for draining oil
  • Rubber top that’s oil and gas resistant
  • Black hardcoat

Motorcycle lift stands like the Motorsport Products 92-5012 MX Hydraulic Scissor Lift are the best on the market.

A 300-pound weight capacity makes it ideal for lifting dirt bikes to a comfortable standing height. To raise and lower your bike, foot pedals control the range of 14″ to 33″.

Stabilizing the bike on the stand, safety securing springs hook onto the footpegs. The stand can be secured with a safety pin in one of four places across the lower frame to prevent it from falling if the hydraulics fail.

There’s a heavy-duty rubber mat on top that prevents the bike from slipping and is oil and gas resistant, as well as a large hole for draining oil while you’re changing it.

Because it needs a smooth even surface to work at working height, this lift is definitely a workshop lift.

MSR Hi-Jack Dirt Bike Stand

What we like about this option

  • It is perfect for MX bikes
  • It’s very easy to use
  • Build quality is top-notch

What we don’t like about this option

  • It’s heavy, so it’s less portable


  • The size ranges from 14″ to 33″
  • Anodized steel frame
  • Comes only in black

Another top-notch motorcycle stand made for MX Dirt Bikes. With this thing, you can customize your bike quickly whenever you want with a hydraulic scissor lift to provide perfect comfort and control.

No worries, this guy’s gonna elevate your dirt bikes perfectly so you can comfortably do repairs, adjustments, and maintenance at an easy height!

Moreover, the MSR Hi-Jack Dirt Bike Stand’s height can be adjusted from 14 inches all the way up to 33 inches from the ground using the foot pedals. As a bonus, the footpeg secure springs keep your bike in place while you work, and there’s a safety pin just in case things don’t go as planned. Pretty cool, huh?

The rubber surface protects it from damage, and it has a big oil drain hole. These heavy-duty hydraulic scissor lifts can handle loads up to 300 pounds. Thus, if you have multiple motocross bikes with different weights, it shouldn’t be a problem!

Made up your mind? If you’re still having trouble picking the best dirt bike stand for you, why not have a look below at our top 3 recommendations?

People Also Ask

Should I keep my dirt bike on a stand?

Yes, you should keep your dirt bike on a stand to prevent damage from occurring and to more easily access and inspect the bike for maintenance and repairs. 

The stand also keeps the tires off of the ground, which maintains tire pressure better. Keeping your dirt bike on a stand will help prolong its life and improve performance.

What can you use instead of a dirt bike stand?

You can use a jack stand instead of a dirt bike stand. Jack stands are sturdy and provide secure support for the bike while performing maintenance or repairs. Additionally, they offer adjustable height for easier access to various areas of the bike.

Why don’t motocross bikes have kickstands?

 Motocross bikes don’t have kickstands because they are designed for off-road use, where the riders spend much of their time with their feet on the ground and the bike balancing itself. 

Having a kickstand would get in the way of this efficient maneuvering. 

Additionally, when stopped in such severe terrain, often an inclined or awkward surface is encountered; making it difficult to place a kickstand securely.

Which is the best dirt bike company?

We believe the best dirt bike company is Honda, due to their reputation for producing reliable bikes that provide riders with a strong combination of power and comfort. 

Additionally, Honda offers a wide range of options at different price points that are designed to meet every rider’s needs and budget.

Ok, So, Which Stand Should I Buy?

My budget pick is either one of the triangle bike stands. They’re good and simple. Get the Pit Posse or dirt bike universal if you just want a kickstand. They’re light and easy to carry around. Best of all, they’re cheap.

The BIG RED seems like the best choice. Here’s why. First, we’ve got the weight limit. That makes it perfect for working with heavy bikes since it can pull 1500 lbs. Don’t limit it to motorcycles either. You can even lift snowmobiles, ATVs, and UTVs with this unit. So, it’s useful for a lot of things.

I’m going with the BikeMaster as my mid-tier pick. Since it can handle 330 pounds, it’s perfect for dirt bikes. And it’s easy to operate with a foot lever. You can put your bike on it and it has a rubber top that keeps it steady. What really makes it stand out is the damper shock control system. Most of the other stands have a fast-drop lift, and that can sometimes cause you to lose control. With this one, it lowers the bike slowly so you don’t lose control.

Cheap OptionBest OptionMid Option
Dirt Bike Universal Triangle StandBIG RED T64017 Torin Hydraulic StandBikeMaster Easy Lift & Lower Off​
Link to PurchaseLink to PurchaseLink to Purchase

Dirt bike stands can be hard to find. That’s why I came up with this list.

I researched a lot to find you the top 15 dirt bike kickstands on the market. Here you’ll find the right kind of unit to help you with your bike repair work, whether you just need a stand or a tool.

You can just pick one from them. Get the perfect dirt bike lift for your dirt bike.

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