7 Best Electric Enduro Dirt Bikes in 2020

Enduro riding has been a staple off road sport in the United States since the first couple of dirt bikes came out. Enduro is simply a type of dirt bike racing where downhill rolls are timed, and uphill climbs are mandatory but not timed. Riders are scored mainly in downhill stages, with neutral “transfer” stages in between. 

Here we show you what we think are the 7 best electric dirt bikes for enduro riding. Read on to find out.

#1Zero DSR75.8$15,495 USDClick to Read Our Zero DSR Review
#2Delfast Prime 2.075.62$5,599.00 USDClick to Read Our Delfast Prime 2.0 Review
#3KTM Freeride E-XC75.6$8,299 USDClick to Read Our KTM Freeride E-XC Review
#4Zero FXS75.3$8,995 USDClick to Read Our Zero FXS Review
#5Zero FX75$8,995 USDClick to Read Our Zero FX Review
#6Cake Kalk OR65$13,000 USDClick to Read Our Cake Kalk OR Review
#7Cake Kalk&64.9$14,000 USDClick to Read Our Cake Calk& Review

Recap: What’s an Electric Enduro Dirt Bike and How is it Different from a Regular Electric Dirt Bike?

An electric enduro dirt bike is an electric off road motorcycle built for long rides across rough off road trails. It’s popular in the ‘enduro’ race type where the uphill climb is essential, but only the downhill rolls get scored. Electric enduro dirt bikes have more suspension, longer wheelbases, and heavier-duty parts than regular electric dirt bikes or ‘trail’ dirt bikes which are built more for speed and handling across short courses.

How We Scored this Crop of Electric Enduro Dirt Bikes

A good list starts with a clean ranking scorecard. We cover everything from design and technology, to customer service. We’ve also grouped these factors into eight sections:

1. Build Quality

We take note the materials the bike’s frame, fairings and other components are made of, as well as their durability. We also provide plus points for components considered high-end in the motorcycle aftermarket industry, as well as special features like complete suspension systems.

2. Responsiveness

This criteria covers each bike’s throttle and brake response, as well as handling. We also add points for bikes with single-gear transmissions and instant acceleration.

3. Aesthetics

This factor consists of the bike’s design and originality. We also take note of unique details and add extra points to bikes with decals.

4. Cool Factor

Like in aesthetics, we also lay out points based on how visually appealing the bike looks or if it references pop culture (such as an electric dirt bike that looks like a terminator or a decepticon from the Transformers series).

5. Speed

We provide points based on standing torque and top speed, and also the duration in which the bike reaches peak speed.

6. Range

We take note of the bike’s battery level or operation time as well as range distance. We score bikes higher for having special features such as brake regen and extra power packs.

7. Weight

Lighter bikes get more points, and vice-versa.

8. After-Sales Support

We take into account the range of services a dealer or manufacturer provides and the responsiveness they can offer a customer after he/she purchases a bike. Additional points for reliable services, warranty support, quick-replies to inquiries, and visitable locations.

7 Best Recommended Electric Enduro Dirt Bikes

Best Electric Enduro Dirt Bike – Zero DSR

Score: 75.8/100

This action shot by zero does a great job of showcasing the Zero DSR. (Source: Zero Motorcycles)

Boasting massive standing power and torque instantly available at rest, and exceptional ergonomic seat design, the DSR takes the top spot in terms of endurance ride capability. The Zero DSR is a large electric adventure dirt bike known for its comfortable but sleek design.

Click to Read Our Zero DSR Review

Like all of Zero’s bikes, the DSR comprises high end and rare features. One of these is the ability to set the bike’s performance on the fly with the Zero Motorcycles app using a connected mobile phone. Another is the extra battery feature that allows riders to switch batteries on the fly without dismounting.

ManufacturerZero Motorcycles
ClassificationElectric Adventure Bike
Age RangeAdults
Retail Price$15,495 USD
Link to PurchaseZero’s website
Motor Power52kW (70 hp, 116 ft-lb equivalent)
Range163 miles
Top speed102mph (163km/h)
Seat height33.2in
PurposeAdventure bike
The GoodThe Bad
Monster torque makes this an incredible ride for showing off in both the streets and the dirt roadQuite heavy at 419lbs (wouldn’t be able to easily pick it back up once you drop it)
Looks awesome (great for picking up hot guys or girls)Not suitable for beginners as its power output may be difficult to control due to its single gear drive
Can be modified to fit utility boxes for storage convenienceYou’ll have to buy the utility boxes as separate items
Great range at 163 miles. Perfect for cross country riding
Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle First Ride Review (Source: YouTube)
2020 Zero DSR Review (Source: YouTube)

Runner Up Electric Enduro Dirt Bike – Delfast Prime 2.0

Score: 75.62/100

Great scenic lateral shot and caption by Delfast Bikes. It’s great seeing such a badass looking bike and it’s magnificent range. (Source: Delfast Bikes)

The Delfast Prime 2.0 is a hybrid electric dirt bike made for traversing all terrain. It’s got an adjustable seat height that varies between 29 and 36 inches so riders of all sizes should be able to set the bike’s seat height up based on their preference.

Click to Read Our Delfast Prime 2.0 Review

With a 236-mile range on Eco mode, the Prime 2.0 stands on the second podium as the second best electric dirt bike for endurance or ‘enduro’ riding. The Prime 2.0 also holds the Guinness world record for an electric dirt bike with the longest range.

The bike is also street legal. Meaning you can ride to your favorite track or trail using main city roads without getting flagged down. Just don’t forget your helmet.

ManufacturerDelfast Bikes
Retail Price$5,599.00 USD
ClassificationHybrid/Light electric dirt bike
Age RangeTeens and Adults
Link to PurchaseDelfast Bikes website
Motor Power1.5kW (12.1 hp, 99.6 ft-lbs equivalent)
Range236 miles
Top speed28mph (can be upgraded to 37mph)
Seat heightAdjustable
PurposeLong distance trail dirt bike, downhill dirt bike
The GoodThe Bad
Awesome range at 236 miles on a single chargeTops out at just 28mph without an upgrade
Complete with street legal gear such as a headlight, side mirrors, plate holdersThick frame but really thin shocks, handlebars, swing arm and seat. (Like looking at Gru from Despicable Me)
Just 5 hours recharge timeQuite heavy at 128lbs
Delfast’s promotion of the Prime 2.0 (Source: YouTube)

3rd – KTM Freeride E-XC

Score: 75.6/100

This clip from KTM’s video promotion greatly highlights the Freeride E-XC (Source: KTM)

The KTM Freeride E-XC is a large-sized e-dirt bike in KTM’s electric off-roader lineup. The KTM Freeride electric dirt bike features “petrol bike-like” acceleration power and suspension performance.

Click to Read Our KTM Freeride E-XC Review

It also sports a 5/8 x 1/4″ drive chain for stable off-road riding, a liquid-cooling system for efficient motor heat dispersion, and a regenerative braking system for additional range.

ManufacturerKTM AG
Retail Price$8,299 USD
ClassificationElectric dirt bike for adults
Link to PurchaseKTM Website
Motor Power18kW (24.6 hp, 36.9 ft-lbs equivalent)
Range11.5 miles (On unrestricted full power mode)
Top speed50 miles per hour
Weight92.5 kg
Seat height910 mm
PurposeDirt bike
The GoodThe Bad
Liquid Cooled control unit to prevent overheatingConsumes too much energy on Cross mode
Strong acceleration makes this bike great for competitive ridingDisplay has no odometer, trip meter and temperature gauge
Solid and flexible frame guarantees long-term durabilitySeat height too tall for short riders
Great suspension keeps your butt from getting sore during rough rides
Regenerative brakes replenish battery level and helps extend travel range
KTM Freeride E-XC – A quiet ride for a loud lifestyle | KTM (Source: KTM)
Epic Electric Dirt Bike Forest Ride – KTM E-XC 2020 (Source: Stunt Freaks Team)

4th – Zero FXS

Score: 75.3/100

This lateral shot by Zero does an exceptional job of showcasing the FXS’s rugged but sleek design. (Source: Zero Motorcycles)

The Zero FXS is a full-size electric dirt bike that possesses the most advanced tech Zero Motorcycles can get. This e dirt bike is almost on par with large cylinder gas-powered motorcycles performance-wise and way ahead acceleration-wise. With high torque and power instantly available, as you open the throttle, the Zero FXS performed quite efficiently on all off road courses especially enduro courses. You can also ride the Zero FXS on the city streets because of its street legal accessories.

Click to Read Our Zero FXS Review

ManufacturerZero Motorcycles
Retail Price$8,995 USD
ClassificationElectric dirt bike
Link to PurchaseZero Motorcycles Website
Motor Power20kW (27 hp, 33 ft-lbs equivalent)
Range27 miles (43km)
Top speed85mph (137km/h)
Weight247lb (112 kg)
Seat height34.7in (881mm)
PurposeDirt bike, Street bike, Supermoto
The GoodThe Bad
Insane acceleration makes this dirt bike a fun ride for adrenaline chasersRange is too short for long distance commuting
Highly flickable because of its lightweight frameIts rigid chassis can be prone to friction or vibration damage
Difficult to control all the power …so, not easier for beginners to ride
Electric motorcycle 2020 Zero FXS – REVIEW (Source: YouTube)
First Ride on a Zero FXS (Source: YouTube)

5th – Zero FX

Score: 75/100

This snapshot from Zero FX’s promotional video does a great job of highlighting the entirety of the bike from a lateral view.  (Source: Zero Motorcycles)

The Zero FX motorcycle is the base bike for the bike above, except only dedicated for off-road purposes. This means it’s not street legal, but still features all the high end components that make it an exceptional dirt bike to use for long endurance rides.

Click to Read Our Zero FX Review

The Zero FX motorcycle also features mobile phone connectivity through the use of Zero Motorcycles’ mobile app.

ManufacturerZero Motorcycles
Retail Price$8,995 USD
ClassificationElectric dirt bike for adults
Link to PurchaseZero Motorcycles Website
Motor Power20kW (27 hp, 33 ft-lbs equivalent)
Range27 miles (43km)
Top speed85mph (137km/h)
Weight247lb (112 kg)
Seat height34.7in (881mm)
PurposeDirt bike, Street bike, Supermoto
The GoodThe Bad
Insane acceleration makes this dirt bike a torque monsterLimited and varied range (range depends on throttle input)
Low frame weight makes this bike flickableVery rigid chassis (prone to friction and vibration damage)
Simplified use (no clutch, shifting, or stalling) no fuss no mussDifficult to control all the power
Zero FX with Modular Batteries Review (Source: Engadget)
Zero Motorcycles FX Honest Review (Source: Alex Simmons)

6th – Cake Kalk OR

Score: 65/100

This snapshot from Cake’s video promotion does great to highlight the Kalk OR as a whole. (Source: Cake)

The Kalk OR is a performance-oriented electric dirt bike bearing almost nothing but functional parts. This setup gives it a stripped non-attractive look and great off road long ride performance.

The OR is made of purpose-built parts for optimum performance. Most parts are custom-made by Cake specifically for the Kalk series making them only unique to the brand.

Click to Read Our Cake Kalk OR Review

This electric bike also features an onboard charger. This is a rare characteristic among electric bikes in the market. It allows you to park & charge at any power outlet without having to dismount.

Retail Price$13,000 USD
ClassificationElectric dirt bike for adults
Link to PurchaseCake Website
Motor Power11kW (17.4 hp, 26.1 ft-lbs equivalent)
Rangeup to 4 hours
Top speed55mph
Seat height35.8in
PurposeNon-street legal / Pure offroad dirt bike
The GoodThe Bad
Custom developed parts maximize this bike’s performanceCardboard box appearance is a real turn off
Relatively lightweight at 152lbs, and flickable tooInternal parts exposed to the elements
Flexible ride modesLack of proper fenders makes for a messy ride in the dirt
Less extra electronics means less malfunctions
Cake bike backflip urban freeride! (Source: Max Fredriksson)
Cake Bikes (Source: Max Fredriksson)

Last – Cake Kalk&

Score: 64.9/100

This snapshot from Cake’s promotional clip perfectly captures the Kalk& in all its glory. (Source: Cake)

The Kalk& is Cake’s street legal version of the Kalk OR. This means you can use it on the main city roads without getting flagged or fined.

Click to Read Our Cake Calk& Review

The Kalk& comes with the same performance perks as those on the Kalk OR along with extra accessories required by city laws to be street legal. These accessories include side mirrors, head and tail lights, reflectors, and a number plate bracket.

ClassificationDirt Bike
Retail Price$14,000 USD
Link to PurchaseCake Website
Motor Power10kW (17 hp, 25.5 ft-lbs equivalent)
Range22 miles at 44mph
Top speed+56mph
Seat height35.8in
PurposeDirt, Street
The GoodThe Bad
You can use it on the city streets (street legal)Still looks like folded cardboard
Flexible ride modesInternal parts exposed to the elements
Less extra electronics means less malfunctionsSmaller wheels will kill your butt on potholes
Headlights help you see in the dark
Kalk& – The street legal CAKE Kalk (Source: Cake)
Cake Electric Motorcycle|first Impression (Source: Sedlak Offroad School)


You can always make the most of your riding experiences with an electric enduro dirt bike. Most of the models mentioned above will provide extra perks such as street and expressway legality. For the electric dirt bikes without, you may have to modify them.

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