Best Bike Rack For SUV Without Hitch

Looking for the best bike rack for an SUV without a hitch? Then look no further. We’ve put together a list of our top picks to take some of the guesswork, and legwork, out of it for you. 

Bike racks have come a long way in recent years, plus there are many different types of bike racks on the market. But if your SUV doesn’t have a hitch, and you don’t want to install one, then you need the best SUV bike rack (no hitch). So read on for the full list of our recommendations.  

Thule Bike Rack? Yakima Bike Rack? Allen Bike Rack? Which Brand Should I Go For?

Thule, Yakima, and Allen are all top brands that make many different types of bike racks, including bike racks for SUVs without a hitch.

Thule is a Swedish company that is an international market leader in a number of outdoor adventure product categories, including roof racks, roof boxes, and bike racks that you use on your car or SUV.

Yakima is one of Thule’s main competitors and is a world leader in all types of bike racks, including roof racks, hitch racks, and trunk mounted bike racks. Yakima has a bike rack for everyone.

Allen is an American bike rack manufacturer with a network of dealers in 12 different countries around the world. They are best known for their hitch and trunk mounted bike racks.

We can recommend all of these brands, so which brand you should go for will depend entirely on you, your bike, your vehicle, and your budget. 

Best Bike Racks For SUVs Without Hitch: Our Top 8 Picks 

If you don’t have a hitch on your SUV, then your options include roof or trunk mount bike racks. Both have their pros and cons, however, neither is an option if you plan to carry heavy ebikes. 

There are several things to consider when choosing the best bike rack for an SUV without a hitch. These include the size of your bike’s wheels, the tire width, the weight of each bike, and how many bikes you intend to carry. Your budget will also be a factor as the different brands and types of bike racks can vary wildly in price – from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand!

Our top picks cover the different types of bike racks for SUVs without a hitch and for different budgets. So check out the table below for our top picks and what we like and dislike about them.

BrandModelTypeTop AdvantageTop DisadvantagePrice Check
ThuleProRide XTRoof mountNo need for removal of wheels.Locks sold separately.Click to check price
YakimaHighRoad Roof mountNo wheel removal and no contact with the bike frame.Locks not included.Click to check price
SwagmanSTANDARD Fork Mount Rooftop Bike CarrierVery affordable.Front wheel needs removing.Click to check price
Rocky MountsTomahawkRoof mountHolds wheel sizes from 20-29”.Not for use with fender equipped bikes.Click to check price
ThulePassageHanging trunk mountCarries 2 – 3 bikes.Needs adapters for some frames.Click to check price
SarisBones EXTrunk mount bike rackAnti-sway cradles help to protect bikes.Is not compatible with wheels smaller than 20”.Click to check price
AllenDeluxeTrunk mount bike rackFits most size bikes without an adapter.Not strong enough to carry heavier bikes.Click to check price
YakimaFullback 3Trunk mount bike rackComes with a lock.Expensive and heavier than other trunk racks.Click to check price

This table is intended to be a quick reference for the different no-hitch bike racks for SUVs on the market today. But how did we choose our top picks? Read on for our criteria below.  

How We Select The Best No-Hitch Bike Racks For SUVs

When selecting the best no-hitch bike racks for SUVs, we take the following into consideration:

Brand Reputation

What’s in a name? Many people think the brand name is just a name, but it’s much more than that. Good brands stand the test of time, which means they deliver quality products and good customer service that customers come to love and trust.

Modular Design

With modular design, think quality, ease of use, and how well the bike rack has been put together. Plus we take into consideration each rack’s sturdiness and how it behaves when driving with bikes loaded. 

Weight Capacity

We can’t stress the importance of the weight carrying capacity of a bike rack enough. All the good bike rack manufacturers will note the carrying capacity of their bike racks. So always be sure to know the weight of your bikes, especially if you intend to carry heavier bikes.  

Customer Reviews Over A Multitude Of Sites

You can’t try and test every bike rack you might be interested in, so what’s the alternative? The best advice is to read reviews from people who have actually used them. While we take into account our personal experiences, we also look at customer reviews and other reviews on the various different cycling forums. 

Ease Of Installation 

Do you want to install your bike rack once and leave it on your vehicle? Then a roof rack is a good option. However, if you don’t want to lift bikes overhead and you don’t want a hitch, then trunk racks are a great solution. But in this case, you will want a trunk rack that is easy and quick to install.

People Also Ask: 

Can A Bike Rack Go On A Van?

Yes, you can fit a bike rack onto a van, but you need to make sure the bike rack is compatible with your vehicle. Roof and trunk racks fit just about any vehicle, but a hitch mount is your best option if you want to transport heavy bikes.

Will A Trunk Bike Rack Work On An SUV?

Yes, a trunk bike rack works on an SUV. Trunk bike racks are designed to fit almost any vehicle. They use straps and hooks to independently attach to the rear of your vehicle and don’t require extra features like installing a hitch or roof rails.

Best Roof Bike Racks For SUVs [Without Hitch]: Put It All On The Roof! 

Roof mounted bike racks are an excellent way to transport bikes with an SUV. Different brands have various bike mounting options, such as securing your bikes by the wheels, the fork, or even the frame. They are very stable, don’t obstruct your rearview, and you have access to your trunk even with your bikes loaded. 

However, you do need to remember the extra height, so be mindful of low clearance areas like underground parking spots and low bridges. Plus, loading the bikes onto the roof of an SUV can prove quite a challenge for some people.

The following are our top picks:

Best Thule Roof Bike Rack for SUVs [Without Hitch]

Thule ProRide XT


  • No need to remove the wheels to load
  • Load capacity 44lbs


  • Locks are sold separately
  • Only carries 1 bike

The Thule ProRide XT allows you to mount your bike on your vehicle’s roof without removing any wheels. This bike rack features padded claws to protect the paintwork of your vehicle and secures your bike with its wheels and a dedicated frame holder for extra stability.

Weight Capacity:44lbs
Number Of Bikes:1
Ease Of Use:Easy

This rack features a mounting control dial to make sure your bike is secure without putting too much stress on the frame. With no wheels to remove, we found that this bike rack is quick and easy to load, and the wheel trays keep the wheels securely in place. There was no wobble or movement at all when we were transporting our bike. Plus, if you need to carry two bikes, then an extra rack can be easily fitted to the roof of your SUV.

Best Yakima Roof Bike Rack SUVs [Without Hitch]

Yakima HighRoad Wheel-On Upright Bike Roof Rack


  • No wheel removal required
  • No contact with the frame


  • Bike locks sold separately
  • Expensive

The Yakima HighRoad is one of the more expensive roof mount bike racks, but it’s very simple and quick to use. Once the rack is installed on the roof of your SUV, loading a bike takes 30 seconds. As this rack secures a bike by the wheels (there is no frame contact), it’s perfect for transporting frames that you don’t want to scratch, like carbon frames or expensive paint jobs.

Weight Capacity:44lbs
Number Of Bikes:1
Material:Alloy steel
Ease Of Use:Easy

We found the Yakima HighRoad one of the more robust of the roof mount bike racks that we tested. It’s quick and easy to use, plus the wheel trays are adjustable, which means it can accommodate different size wheel bases. In addition, with a bike loaded, it’s very secure, and we had no problems driving even longer distances. Plus, you can even leave it on when you’re not using it, as it’s completely out of the way and doesn’t rattle when not in use.

Best Swagman Roof Bike Rack SUVs [Without Hitch]

Swagman STANDARD Fork Mount Rooftop Bike Carrier


  • Very affordable.
  • Slim design means that you can fit 2 or 3 racks to carry extra bikes


  • Need to remove front wheel
  • Maximum bike weight 35lbs

The Swagman Standard Fork Mount roof rack is an affordable and effective way to transport a bike. It needs no tools to assemble and install (or uninstall). While it only carries 1 bike weighing up to 35 lbs, its slim design means that you can fit extra racks to carry up to 3 bikes – and at a price, you can afford to!

Type:Roof fork mount
Weight Capacity:35lbs
Number Of Bikes:1
Ease Of Use:Easy

Installing this bike rack took some time as the instructions were not very clear. But once installed, and if you have quick-release wheels, then this rack certainly is quick to use and holds the bike very securely. Another thing worth mentioning is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which is an added bonus at this price point.

Best Rocky Mounts Roof Bike Rack for SUVs [Without Hitch]

Rocky Mounts Tomahawk


  • Very versatile; fits most wheel sizes and tire widths up to 5”
  • Easy to use


  • Needs Allen keys to install
  • The release button can be tricky to use

This Rocky Mounts Tomahawk roof bike rack is a workhorse of a rack that fits just about any bike. This roof rack fits all styles of cross bars, holds wheels from 20” to 29”, and tire widths of up to 5” without the need for adapters. While it takes a bit of practice to install, this bike rack is simple to use and is a very affordable option. 

Type:Roof mount
Weight Capacity:35-40lbs
Number Of Bikes:1
Ease Of Use:Easy once installed

This rack differs from the others as it features an adjustable swing arm to make loading and offloading bikes easier. We did find the release button a bit tricky to use, and it needed quite a bit of force to release our bike, but maybe it frees up after a bit more use. Overall it felt very sturdy and secure when transporting a bike.

So we’ve covered the best roof racks for your SUV, but what if you don’t want the hassle of lifting your bikes overhead to load? Then read on for more of our top picks for the best bike racks for an SUV without a hitch.

Best Trunk Racks For SUVs [Without Hitch]: For 2 Or More!

Trunk mounted bike racks are the most versatile bike racks and some of the most affordable. They use a strap and hook system to attach to the rear of your SUV, but you do need to make sure the straps are secure to avoid any problems. 

Read on for our top picks.

Best Thule Trunk Rack for SUVs [without hitch]

Thule Passage Trunk Mount Bike Carrier


  • Features anti-sway cages to prevent bikes from moving
  • Carries 2 – 3 bikes


  • Needs adapters for some frames
  • Cradles are close together

This trunk mount bike rack is one of the more affordable racks from respected brand Thule. It features soft rubber cradles and anti-sway cradles that hold your bike securely. Plus, it also features soft cushion frame pads to protect your vehicle.

Type:Hanging trunk mount
Weight Capacity:35lbs per bike
Number Of Bikes:2 – 3
Material:Steel and rubber
Ease Of Use:Easy

The Thule Passage attaches to the rear of your SUV using 6 straps which, once tightened, firmly hold the rack onto the back of your car. The narrow arms make loading bikes easy, although their spacing means that not all frames will fit, especially mountain bikes. The bike are secured by their frame, so we wouldn’t recommend this rack, or any trunk rack, for carbon bikes.

Best Saris Trunk Rack for SUVs [without hitch]

Saris Bones EX


  • Anti-sway cradles help to protect bikes
  • Lightweight


  • Many bikes need a frame adapter which is available for purchase separately
  • Installation can be tricky at first

The Saris Bones EX is an updated version of the ever popular Saris Bones 3. The new version fits more vehicles and consists of 4 legs that are secured against your vehicle using 6 straps and 2 arms to carry up to 3 bikes. It’s one of the most popular trunk mount rear racks on the market today.

Type:Hanging trunk mount
Weight Capacity:35lbs per bike
Number Of Bikes:2 – 3
Ease Of Use:May take some practice to install.

Saris claims that the new Bones EX fits 90% of vehicles on the market, including those with rear spoilers. However, the first installation and getting it right may take some time. Although once fitted, the arced arms make loading and staggering bikes easier than other hanging racks. Plus, the anti-sway cradles and the extra distance between bikes means that your bikes are transported safely.

Best Allen Trunk Rack for SUVs [without hitch]

Allen Deluxe


  • Fits most wheel and frame sizes without an adapter
  • Very affordable


  • Not as strong as other trunk bike racks
  • Not easily lockable

The Allen Deluxe is one of the only trunk bike rack brands that can carry up to 4 bikes and fits most size bike wheels, including 16” and bigger. It’s an affordable solution for people who only ride at weekends and not on a daily basis. It’s easy and quick to install, plus it folds flat to store away when not in use.

Type:Trunk mount
Weight:From 7.5lbs
Weight Capacity:35lbs per bike
Number Of Bikes:2, 3 or 4
Material:Alloy steel
Ease Of Use:Easy

The Allen Deluxe is available in 2,3, or 4 bike configurations; in fact, Allen is one of the only brands that offer 4 bike trunk mounted bike racks. It’s a patented design that fits most vehicles, including SUVs. While we wouldn’t trust it for longer journeys, it’s good enough and gets the job done for shorter trips at a much cheaper price than most other brands.

Best Yakima Trunk Rack for SUVs [without hitch]

Yakima Fullback 3


  • Comes with integrated locks
  • Solid and strong metal construction


  • Installation my take some practice
  • Heavier than some of the other brands

The Yakima Fullback 3 is a modern yet rugged 3-bike trunk-mounted bike rack that fits a wide range of vehicles. It attaches to your vehicle with a unique 4-strap attachment system and an interlocking HUB that aligns key adjustment points. This makes installation simple after a bit of practice. This rack folds almost flat, making it easy to store plus, it comes with an integrated locking system to secure both your bikes and the rack.

Weight Capacity:Max 35lbs per bike
Number Of Bikes:3
Ease Of Use:Easy

We found the Yakima Fullback 3 to be one of the easiest trunk racks to install with its 4 strap system. Once installed, our bikes were easy to load and unload with Yakima’s unique ZipStrip cradle system, which secures both the top tube and the seat tube. As an added bonus, this rack includes a full SKS (Same Key System) locking package, which locks your bikes to the rack, and the rack to your vehicle, which helps to prevent any theft. 

Still unsure about which bike rack is best for an SUV with no hitch? Then read on for the summary of our top 3 picks.

Summary: Our Final Results and Picks for the Best Bike Racks For SUVs Without Hitch

If you’re still not sure which is the best bike rack for your SUV without a hitch, we’ve made it easier for you and narrowed it down to our top 3 – check out the table below:

BrandModelTop AdvantageTop DisadvantagePrice
Best OptionThulePro Ride XTHas a weight capacity of 44lbs plus you don’t have to remove a wheel.Locks not includedClick to check price
Best ValueRocky MountsTomahawkHolds wheel sizes from 20-29” and up to 5” wide without needing to purchase adapters.Needs tools to install.Click to check price
Chaepest Recommended OptionAllenDeluxeFits most wheel and frame sizes without an adapter.Not suitable to carry heavy bikes.Click to check price

There are clearly many bike racks for SUVs without a hitch on the market, and many of the top brands have several options. But we’ve identified the best price points for each category, so you don’t have to. Click the link on the bike rack that you’re most interested in to check the price, you never know, it could be on sale at this time of the year.

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