Best Sur Ron Battery Charger Options

Choosing the right Sur Ron battery charger can be a challenge. There’s so much information and ratings. In addition, it’s hard to know if one will fit your specific Sur Ron – the X, S, or Storm Bee. The electric dirt bike battery charger aftermarket scene is crowded. But which ones can your Sur Ron get the most out of? Read on to find out.

Sur Ron Charger Watts, Volts, and Amps – What Are the Stock Specs?

Ideally, the best replacement charger you can get for your Sur Ron is the stock battery charger made by Sur Ron USA. It’s because this charger was built to accommodate the stock Sur Ron battery’s voltage and amperage (so you don’t break the battery, or cause a battery fire).

Sur Ron has a 60V voltage. That’s pretty standard for most mid-size electric dirt bikes. The stock Sur Ron battery charger maintains an input voltage of 110V and a max and a min output of 60V and 67.2V, respectively. So it perfectly matches the voltage on the stock Sur Ron battery.

Sur Ron’s battery charger also has a wattage of 600W which translates to about 0.6kWh in energy consumption.

This table will give you a good idea of the stock Sur Ron charger’s specs if you’re not up to speed:

ModelStock Sur Ron battery charger
Input Voltage110V
Min. Output Voltage60V
Max. Output Voltage67.2V

If you’re confused about the numbers above, it’s actually pretty straightforward. The input voltage on the Sur Ron battery charger doesn’t affect the battery. It’s more about where you plug it in. Make sure the sockets have the same voltage or lower, or you’ll blow the charger up.

How Long Do Sur Rons Take to Charge?

Sur Ron X takes about 3 hours to fully charge. That’s not too bad, but it could be better. Nobody likes waiting 3 hours on a sunny day to go out and ride. It could start raining in 3 hours!

How Do You Charge a Sur Ron Electric bike?

To charge a Sur Ron X electric bike, just pop the battery compartment lid open, pull the battery out, and plug it into any socket you can find in your house. 

The stock charger has a wattage of 600W, which is 0.6kWh. Multiply that by 10.42 cents, which is how much energy costs in the US, and you get charged 6.25 cents an hour. I’d call that a pretty good deal.

Sur Ron Charger Upgrade Options

Finding the right Sur Ron battery charger can be a pain. 

Because there aren’t many specifically made for the Sur Ron electric dirt bike, we end up getting the ones from the manufacturer. And they cost so much, they almost aren’t worth it. 

It turns out, we’ve found some cheaper and better Sur Ron battery charger options (though you might have to change your wiring). We’ll get into them in more detail later. First, let’s go over the basics of charging and battery management.

Voltage, Watts, Amps and Your Battery – How Much Power Can Your Battery Take?

Most people don’t think about the power requirements of their electric dirt bike batteries. As long as your charger charges fast, it doesn’t really matter how powerful it is, right? 

Nope. Like all things energy-related, a Sur Ron battery and charger has to match to balance out. Otherwise, you end up breaking one or both. Ever have an electrical fire? Not fun.

E Bike with a Burning Battery (Source: YouTube)

For a better understanding of how your charger can affect your battery, let’s find out what Voltage, Watts, and Amps are.

What is a Volt?

A volt — or usually, output voltage — is the power that comes out of the charger. It needs to match the voltage on your battery. Think of it as forcing water through a straw. You want to use as much water as the straw can take. Too much force might cause the straw to burst.

When you’re using a charger with 60V output, it has to match with a battery that has the same input voltage… or your battery could burst.

What is Input Voltage?

We use 110V in the US, and most countries use 220V. For the best charging experience, get a power adapter that can handle 100-240V. Most Sur Ron battery chargers offer that, but beware of cheap knockoffs that only have one input type.

Why Should You Match Charger Input Voltage for an EV Battery?

Different voltages can shorten the life of your batteries.

What is a Watt?

Watts are how much energy something needs to function. In this case, it’s how much energy a Sur Ron battery charger draws when it’s charging your electric dirt bike. Wattage is usually found by multiplying the output voltage by the amperage.

What is an Amp?

Amperage is how much power and how fast your charger pulls from the outlet while it’s powering up your Sur Ron electric dirt bike.

What’s Cool

You can buy any charger with 4.5A and above, like 6A, if you’re using a 4.5A charger. Having a higher amperage allows for a cooler power supply and faster charging. A charger with a lower amperage than your original supply can overheat, burn, and in some cases stop working.

The Takeaway

  • Don’t forget to match your charger voltage to your battery
  • Get a charger with the same or more amperage

What Sur Ron Charger Upgrades Are Available?

So far, we’ve found two charger options that are compatible with the stock Sur Ron X electric dirt bike. They include: a stock replacement charger, and an alternative lithium battery charger.

ModelSur-Ron Li-Ion 10 Amp Battery Charger
Input Voltage110V
Min. Output Voltage60V
Max. Output Voltage67.2V
US Power Cost Per Hour (In Cents)6.25
Where to BuyLuna Cycle

By far the most expensive replacement option on this list. But it’s a better alternative than buying the stock charger from Sur Ron itself since this one costs way less at $125 USD.

ModelGritShift Sur Ron Portable Lithium Battery Charger
Input Voltage100 – 240V
Min. Output Voltage60V
Max. Output Voltage67.2V
US Power Cost Per Hour (In Cents)6.25
Where to BuyAmazon

The GritShift Sur Ron charger is a little more affordable at $59.89 USD. Plus, you get up to 240V of input, so you can charge pretty much anywhere. Definitely a good deal.

Sur-Ron Li-Ion 10 Amp Battery Charger

The Sur Ron Li-Ion 10 Amp battery charger is a cheaper alternative to buying the stock charger from Sur Ron itself when you’re looking for a replacement. In addition to a $125 USD price tag, you get all the features on the stock charger from Sur Ron.

Like the stock Sur Ron X charger, the Luna Cycle charger keeps a 110V input voltage. You’ll have to watch out for higher voltage sockets, though, since charging from a higher voltage outlet could set off a battery fire. 

There’s also a minimum and maximum output voltage of 60V and 67.2V, respectively. They match the stock Sur Ron battery voltage. Which is good since you won’t harm the battery in the long run.

GritShift Sur Ron Portable Lithium Battery Charger

A far better alternative would be GritShift’s version of the stock Sur Ron battery charger. In addition to its higher input voltage (which allows you to pretty much use any socket around the world to charge), you get overcharge protection and a faster charging rate (expect to see a 9% bonus in battery charge an hour).

It features the standard Sur Ron min./max. output voltage of 60V and 67.2V, respectively. They’re also lighter and smaller, so they’re easier to carry.

The GritShift Sur Ron portable lithium battery charger sits at a modest price on Amazon. Best deal you can get for your Sur Ron electric dirt bike.

Now that you know your options for Sur Ron battery chargers, why not go all out and learn how to charge a Sur Ron battery?

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