11 Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids in 2022

Looking for the best electric dirt bikes for kids this year? Look no further because Mud Bike’s got you covered. Here we show you the top 11 electric dirt bikes for kids of various ages, carefully handpicked using a precise criteria. Read on to find out what these bikes are all about.

RankingElectric Dirt BikeScorePriceLink to Full Review
#8Monster Moto 100050$249.00 USDCLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL REVIEW

How We Chose the Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

A solid list starts with a solid ranking scorecard. We cover everything from looks and technology, to customer service. We’ve grouped these factors into eight categories:

1. Build Quality

We take into account the materials the bike’s frame, fairings and other components are made of. We also give plus points for components that are considered high-end in the motorcycle industry, as well as special features like having a complete suspension system.

2. Responsiveness

This factor covers each bike’s throttle and brake response, as well as handling. We also add points for bikes with single-gear transmissions and instant acceleration.

3. Aesthetics

This section comprises the bikes’ looks and design originality. We take note of unique details and add extra points to bikes with decals.

4. Cool Factor

Like aesthetics, we lay out points based on how appealing the bike looks or if it has any reference to pop culture (such as an electric dirt bike that looks like a speeder from Star Wars).

5. Speed

We add points based on the bike’s standing torque and top speed, as well as the duration in which the bike reaches its top speed.

6. Range

We take into account the bike’s battery capacity or hours of operation as well as operational distance. We score bikes higher for special features such as brake regen and extra battery packs.

7. Weight

The lighter the bike is, the more points it’ll get, and vice-versa. Lighter bikes are easier to control and are usually better offroad.

8. After-Sales Support

Last but not least, we also take note of the range of services and responsiveness the manufacturer or dealer can offer a customer after he/she purchases a bike. Plus points for reliable services, warranty support, quick-replies to inquiries, and visitable locations.

Choosing the Right Electric Dirt Bikes for Your Kid

Pairing the right bike to the right kid is extremely important. This requires sizing you kid up in terms of ability and physical stature. Here’s how we recommend how to pick the best electric dirt bike for your kid:

Size Your Kid Up

Choosing a suitable dirt bike that fits your kid’s height comes first. Your child’s safety and comfortability in riding electric dirt bikes depends on how the bike fits them.

Generally, to know the bike size that fits your child’s height, simply make them sit on it and ensure that they can flat-foot the bike. This works if you have physical access to the bike, in a dealership for example. One way to remotely find out the perfect bike size for your kid is to compare between the bikes’ seat heights and your kid’s actual or expected height.

Here’s a nifty table we made to assist you in picking an electric dirt bike based on your kid’s height.

Seat HeightKid’s Height
15” or shorter3’5” or shorter
15 to 18”3’9”
19 to 21”4’0”
21 to 25″4’ 2″
23 to 26″4’ 4″
24 to 27″4’ 6″
24 to 28″4’ 8″
25 to 29″4’ 10”
27.5″ or taller5′ or taller

Our Top Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids This Year

Best Kids’ Electric Dirt Bike: Apollo DB-10 Electric Motorcycle

This photoshopped image shows the Apollo DB-10 with pink decals in full detail. (Source: Apollo Motors)

The Apollo DB-10 electric motorcycle is a mini motocross dirt bike for kids. It features a seat height of 22.8 in which suits children between the age of 5 and 9 years.

Sporting the traditional dirt bike look and thick off road tires, the Apollo DB-10 gives kids the authentic experience of riding a real dirt bike. The DB-10 also features OEM but perfectly capable components that are also solid but easy to replace or repair.

Click to Read Our Apollo DB-10 Review

ManufacturerApollo Motors USA
Retail Price$674.99 USD
ClassificationKids motocross dirt bike
Age Range5 – 9 years old
Link to PurchaseTX Powersports
Motor Power500W 24V (2 hp, 54.4 ft-lbs torque)
Range9.4 miles (per charge)
Top speed15mph
Seat height22.8 inches
PurposeHard packed dirt, pavement
The GoodThe Bad
Comes with universal parts so it’s easily repairableVery low range of just 9.4 miles per charge
Looks pretty cool and comes with several decal designs you can choose fromOnly 15mph top speed (experienced kids will want more)
Has knobby off road tires for the best grip on dirt surfaces

Runner Up Kids’ Electric Dirt Bike: Kuberg Cross X-Force Pro 50

Score: 71/100

The aesthetic beauty of the Cross X-Force Pro 50 is exceptionally displayed in this photoshopped scenic image by Kuberg. (Source: Kuberg Motorcycles)

Lightning-fast acceleration, rapid torque, and huge power …at least that’s what Kuberg says. The Kuberg Cross X-Force Pro 50 is the latest release in Kuberg’s kids electric dirt bike lineup. It is a small-sized electric motocross dirt bike suitable for kids of 6 – 12 years old.

Like most Kuberg electric dirt bikes, the Kuberg Cross bears Kuberg’s signature wifi connectability and remote configurability through Kuberg’s Volt app. The Cross X-force Pro 50 also features unique decals for a much more stylish look (which kids would absolutely love).

Click To Read Our Kuberg Cross X-Force Pro 50 Review

Retail Price$4,399.99 USD
Age Range6 – 12 years old
Link to PurchaseKuberg Cross X-Force Pro 50
Manufacturer NameKuberg
Motor Power8000W (10.73 HP)
Range1 hour on max setting
Top speed34mph
Seat height15.4 inches
PurposeStreet, hard packed dirt
The GoodThe Bad
Ultralight material makes this bike highly portableCan only run for one hour, tops
Nimble for its size, great for stuntsNo integrated heads-up-display
Can only carry persons up to 220 pounds
Takes 5 hours to recharge from empty to full

3rd: Kuberg Trial Hero

This sideways and horizontally angled snapshot of the Trial Hero really highlights its sleek structure. (Source: Ka Uila Motors)

The Kuberg Trial Hero is a small size electric trials dirt bike made for kids between 6 and 12 years old. Trials motorcycles fit amateur or experienced riders who want to traverse extreme or jagged terrain. Trials motorcycles are designed to be both durable and lightweight. 

Like the Kuberg Cross X-Force Pro 50, the Trial Hero bears extra features not normally found on other electric dirt bikes for kids. These features include mobile phone wifi connectivity and the ability to manually tweak the bike’s performance through Kuberg’s mobile app.

Click To Read Our Kuberg Trial Hero Review

ClassificationKids Dirt Bike
Age RangeKids from 5 – 12 years
Retail Price$1,899.99 USD
Link to PurchaseKuberg
Manufacturer NameKuberg
Motor Power3000W (4.14bhp)
Range2 hours of continuous operation
Top speed17mph
Seat height20.5 inches
PurposeKids electric dirt bike
The GoodThe Bad
Speed is quite great at 17mphA bit heavy for a 5-year old
Adjustable performance through a connected mobile phoneDoesn’t have a built-in display
Adjustable suspension means better ride versatility
Solid build and high durability
Great range at 2 hours

Husqvarna EE 5 Kids Electric Dirt Bike

The Husqvarna EE 5’s simple offroad beauty is highlighted in this lateral studio shot by Husqvarna. (Source: Husqvarna Motorcycles)

The Husqvarna EE 5 is an e-motocross dirt bike that fits kids between 3 and 6 years old. It’s also Husqvarna’s first and only electric-powered dirt bike. The EE5 dishes out power equivalent to a 50cc petrol dirt bike and can run up to 2 hours before needing to recharge.

The Husqvarna EE 5 features quite a minimalist setup — not what you’d expect from a world class motorcycle giant’s first product in the electric bike industry. The EE 5 bears mostly Husqvarna OEM components.

Click Here To Read Our Full Husqvarna EE 5 Review

ManufacturerHusqvarna Motorcycles
Retail Price$5,750 USD
ClassificationElectric Dirt Bikes For Kids
Age Range3 – 6 years
Link to PurchaseHusqvarna Motorcycles Website
Manufacturer NameHusqvarna Motorcycles
Motor Power5kW (7 bhp, 10.2 ft-lbs equiv)
Range25 minutes to 2 hours depending on input
Top speed45mph
Weight89 pounds
Seat height26.2 inches
PurposeMotocross/Offroad racing
The GoodThe Bad
Can run up to 2 hours on casual ridingCan only run 25 minutes of hard riding
Chromoly frame makes the bike lightweight and durable at the same timeSmall wheels means the bike won’t be so effective in races or harsh off road terrain
Battery just takes an hour to charge from empty to full
Complete safety precautions for kids (wrist attached kill-switch and automated crash kill switch)
Controllable acceleration due to its carefully programmed ECU

Pulse Performance EM-1000 Kids Electric Dirt Bike

A rendered image by Pulse Performance Products on Amazon that clearly shows the bike in full outer detail. (Source: Amazon)

The Pulse Performance EM-1000 is a starter-level electric dirt bike meant for children between ages 8 and 11. Pulse Performance built this bike to be child-friendly with its simple mode of operation and gentle acceleration. It is a basic, no-suspension electric dirt bike meant as a training bike for young riders and bears the simplest but reliable components.

As an entry-level bike, the Pulse Performance EM-1000 kids electric dirt bike only features basic, easy to use components that are safe for inexperienced riders. The bike features a very low seat height to make it easy to mount and tiny offroad wheels to help familiarize kids with off road terrain.

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ManufacturerPulse Performance Products
Age Range8 – 11 years old
Retail Price$199.99 USD
ClassificationKids electric dirt bike
Link to PurchaseAmazon
Manufacturer NamePulse Performance Products
Motor Power100W (0.2 bhp)
Range40 minutes
Top speed10mph
Seat height15 inches
PurposeKids electric dirt bike (training dirt bike)
The GoodThe Bad
Great for training young first time ridersCan only run for 40 minutes per charge (not good for sharing between 2 or more kids)
Instant throttle response but gentle accelerationNo suspension so riding on rough roads will be a bit painful
Can easily be hand carried with a weight of 37lbsOnly 10mph of speed
Pneumatic knobby tires make up for the missing suspension

KTM SX E5 Electric Dirt Bike For Kids

KTM captured the SX E5 perfectly in this lateral action shot. (Source: KTM)

The KTM SX E5 is a visually smaller version of KTM’s Freeride E-XC (an electric dirt bike for adults). It is an aggressive looking electric dirt bike made for kids between 5 and 11 years old with experience in motocross.

This is because of its startling power output and complete suspension system. That means the KTM SX E5 isn’t your typical e-dirt bike for amateurs. It requires a lot of practice and presence of mind to safely use on the off road track.

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ClassificationKids Dirt Bike
Age RangeKids from 5 – 11 years
Retail Price$5,049 USD
Link to PurchaseKTM
Manufacturer NameKronreif, Trunkenpolz, Mattighofen (KTM)
Motor Power5000W (9 bhp, 11ft-lbs torque)
Range2 hours max
Top speed45mph
Seat height26.9 inches
The GoodThe Bad
Highly responsive throttle and brakesNot for beginners
More than 2 hours of range on casual ridingOnly 25 mins of range on all out races
Dust and waterproof layout and an air cooled motorWheels too small to be competitive in off road races
A lanyard attached between the rider’s wrist and the kill switch stops the motor when removed promoting safety
Lightweight anodized aluminum rims with MAXXIS tires for maximum grip

Kuberg Start Electric Dirt Bike For Kids

Kuberg Start
A full body shot of the Kuberg Start. Looks pretty badass doesn’t it? (Source: Ka Uila Motors)

The Kuberg Start is a small size trials e-dirt bike recommended for kids between 5 and 11 years old who want to begin with or move into a more active riding style. As a trials dirt bike, the Start comes seatless with raised handlebars to make up for the standing mount.

The Kuberg Start’s most advantageous feature would be its low height, seatless form which kids could easily mount. Another is its lengthened swingarm that further lowers the bike’s center of gravity to improve balance and stability.

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Retail Price$1,499.99 USD
ClassificationElectric trials dirt bike
Age RangeKids 3 – 5 years old
Link to PurchaseKuberg Florida
Manufacturer NameKuberg
Motor Power1000W (1.3 bhp)
Range1 hour
Top speed15mph
Seat height16 inches
PurposeHard packed dirt, moderate rough terrain
The GoodThe Bad
Low center of gravity gives better balanceAcceleration isn’t too strong for a bike with only one gear
Super lightweight at 45lbsOnly 1 hour of operating time paired with a menacing 6 hours of recharge time
Gentle biting brakes prevent accidents caused by panic-braking

Monster Moto 1000

Nice touch by Monster Moto for this photoshopped full body shot of the E1000. It displays the actual look of the bike without compromising its clarity. (Source: Monster Moto)

The Monster Moto E1000 is a mini electric dirt bike built for beginner riders. Although recommended by Monster Moto for 14-year olds or older, its small form suggests even kids younger than 5 years old can operate it.

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ManufacturerMonster Moto
Retail Price$249 USD
ClassificationKids starter bike
Age Range14 and up (Recommended by Monster Moto)
Link to PurchaseWalmart
Motor Power1kW (1.3 hp, 73 ft-lbs)
Range45 minutes on constant use
Top speed17 mph
Seat height24 inches
PurposeHard packed dirt, pavement
The GoodThe Bad
Low seat height and tall adjustable handlebars allow relaxed ridingNo suspension. Gonna be a shaky ride even on mild terrain
Disc brakes at the rear for better stopping performanceOnly usable up to 45 minutes before needing to recharge
Built in charger port (this enables you to park right next to any socket and start charging)Takes a menacing 6 hours to recharge

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket

Here’s a great lateral shot by Razor for the Razor MX500’s assembly video which perfectly displays the MX500 in full. (Source: Razor Worldwide)

The Razor MX500 is a dual-suspension teens electric dirt bike made for older kids (9 years old and above). The MX500 bears the authentic look of a traditional dirt bike. 

This bike features all the mandatory components of an electric dirt bike such as a twist-type throttle, hand brake levers for its front and rear disc brakes, and a motor coupled with mid capacity batteries. The Razor MX500 even features a retractable kickstand for when you need to park somewhere.

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ClassificationKids’ Electric Dirt Bike
Age Range9 years old and above
Retail Price$569.99 USD
Link to PurchaseAmazon
Manufacturer NameRazor
Motor Power500W (0.7 bhp)
Range40 Minutes of Constant Use
Top speed15 mph
Weight98 lbs
Seat heightN/A
PurposeKids Electric Dirt Bike
The GoodThe Bad
Very Easy To AssembleSmall size might be awkward for some
Carries up to 175 poundsOnly 40 Minutes of Running Time (Problematic When Shared By 2 or More Persons)
Solid Steel ConstructionA Bit Heavy For Convenient Hand Carrying
Equipped w/ Retractable KickstandTakes Too Long to Charge (12 hours charging time)

MotoTec 36v Pro Electric Dirt Bike 1000w

Here’s a great lateral shot by MotoTec which showcases the MotoTec 36v electric dirt bike’s rugged beauty. (Source: Amazon)

The MotoTec 36v electric dirt bike is a legit fun and safe ride for 9-year olds and older kids. This bike bears the authentic dirt bike look and functionality with its rugged form and dual suspension.

Despite consisting of OEM components, Mototec’s 36v electric dirt bike features useful add ons such as adjustable handlebars, key-operated ignition, and a key-locked ride mode selector with three ride modes located on its motor compartment.

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ClassificationKids motocross dirt bike
Age Range13 years or older (recommended by MotoTec)
Retail Price$489.00 USD
Link to PurchaseAmazon
Manufacturer NameMotoTec
Motor Power500W (0.7 bhp)
Range2 hours on max setting
Top speed16mph
Seat height23 inches
PurposeMild to moderate off road conditions
The GoodThe Bad
Key lock operated speed selector (located on the motor) allows you to set your kids’ top speed when riding the bike. (They’ll have to ask you for permission in increasing the bike’s speed as the key can be removed at any time)No way to tell the bike’s exact status because of the lack of a proper display
Solid steel frame allows the bike to absorb a lot more punishment before breakingToo small for MotoTec’s recommended rider age limit of 13 years and older
Can carry up to 150lbs of rider weight
Up to 2 hours of operating time on max setting

Other Great Options

Razor Dirt Rocket MX350

dirt rocket mx350 lateral shot
Here’s a particularly great lateral shot by Razor in their promotional film that greatly highlights the Razor MX350 electric dirt bike. (Source: Razor)

The Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 is a rigid-tail (no rear suspension) kids electric dirt bike meant for starter kid riders. This is further proven with the bike’s friendly power delivery and gentle acceleration. 

The Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 kids electric dirt bike bears the traditional dirt bike design. This bike features all the basic components of an electric dirt bike such as a twist throttle, a left-hand lever actuated rear brake, and even a kickstand.

Click To Read Our Razor MX350 Review

ClassificationElectric dirt bike for kids
Age Range9 years old and above
Retail Price$319.99 USD
Link to PurchaseAmazon
Manufacturer NameRazor
Motor Power350W (0.4 bhp)
RangeUp to 30 minutes of continuous use
Top speed14 mph (22 km/h)
Seat heightN/A
PurposeElectric dirt bike for teens
The GoodThe Bad
Very easy to assembleOnly 30 minutes of constant running time
Can carry up to 140lbsRigid tail may cause discomfort when riding on bumpy terrain
Solid steel construction
Equipped w/ retractable kickstand

Best Ride On Cars (Yes, that’s the brand name) Honda CRF250R Dirt Bike 6V Red

This kiddie bike might just be the best bike for starter riders (Source: Amazon)
  • Includes storage space
  • Intended for riders who are 6 years and younger
  • Has training wheels

Buy Best Ride On Cars Honda CRF250R Dirt Bike 6V Red on Amazon

Razor SX500 McGrath Electric Dirt Bike

Those race replica decals look pretty cool. (Source: Amazon)
  • Features a steel frame construction, scaled down to reach speeds of 15 mph
  • 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Intended for riders aged 7 and older

Buy Razor SX500 McGrath on Amazon

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket

Quite a badass looking bike. (Source: Amazon)
  • 16-inch tires for solid riding on mild off road terrain
  • Powered by a 65-watt battery with 1 hour range
  • Intended for riders aged 8 and older

Buy Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket on Amazon

Burromax TT250 Electric Dirt Bike

Quite a badass looking bike. (Source: Amazon)
  • Adjustable top speed between 14mph and 7mph
  • Can accommodate up to 250 lbs and kids of all ages
  • Features a realistic looking 250W engine

Buy Burromax TT250

MotoTec 24v (MT-Dirt-500)

Here’s an awesome lateral shot image of the MotoTec 24v Electric Dirt Bike which exceptionally showcases the entire bike. (Source: Amazon)
  • Adjustable suspension allows you to set the bike up for any mild terrain.
  • Solid steel frame allows the bike to absorb a lot more punishment before breaking.
  • Adjustable handlebars allow you to set your kid’s riding position to a comfortable level.

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Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket

Here’s a rendered image from Amazon which does a great job of showcasing the Razor MX400. (Source: Amazon)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid steel construction
  • Only 30 minutes of constant running time

Click To Read Our MX400 Dirt Rocket Review


Finding the right electric dirt bike for kids can be really difficult if you don’t know the do’s and don’ts. We covered the best of the best we’ve ever reviewed here, so we hope this article will help you to get the perfect electric dirt bike for your kid. If you want to check out more electric dirt bike options then visit our main page.

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