MotoTec 36v Electric Dirt Bike Review

With Mototec’s 36v electric dirt bike just now hitting the market, 2020 is quickly becoming the year of the electric off roader. But is MotoTech’s new offering competitive enough to take top spot? If not, which other kids’ electric dirt bikes should you be considering?

MotoTech is no stranger to electric play things, manufacturing electric recreational vehicles since 2009. The company’s 36v electric dirt bike is actually the company’s first model aimed at young teens. But, as of April 2020, manufacturers are starting to provide an increasing number of attractive offerings, from Razor’s MX500 Dirt Rocket to Kuberg’s Trial Hero. So where exactly does the bike stand in the market?

Here’s a great lateral shot by MotoTec which showcases the MotoTec 36v electric dirt bike’s rugged beauty. (Source: Ebay)

What is the MotoTec 36v Electric Dirt Bike?

The MotoTec 36v electric dirt bike is a legitimate fun ride for 13-year olds and even older teens. This bike resembles an authentic dirt bike in both looks and functionality with its rugged geometry and dual suspension. It also comes right after the smaller MotoTec 24v electric dirt bike which we also reviewed and is aimed at younger kids.


Mototec 36v Electric Dirt Bike Features

Despite consisting mostly of manufacturer-provided components, Mototec’s 36v electric dirt bike features great add ons such as adjustable handlebars, key-lock ignition, and a key-lock operated ride mode selector with three ride modes located on its motor compartment.

Display and Batteries

Like its predecessor, the MotoTec 36v electric dirt bike uses a simpler and smaller LED battery indicator. This time located right next to the throttle on the right handlebar as opposed to the MotoTec 24v’s gas tank indicator location. This gives the bike a mechanical profile and slightly reduces its battery consumption leading to a longer range. This also constitutes a disadvantage as there’s no way to tell the bike’s current status.

As mentioned in its name, a 36 Volt 8Ah lithium ion battery pack powers this MotoTec electric dirt bike and rests in a compartment in its “gas tank” accessible through its flippable seat. This battery setup is also a huge upgrade from the MotoTec 24v electric dirt bike’s sealed lead acid batteries.

The 36 Volt 8Ah lithium ion battery pack gives the bike a range of 2 hours on max setting which is double that of MotoTec’s 24v electric dirt bike’s. What’s also great is that this battery pack comes with its own powerful charger which provides the bike a charging time of only 6 hours from empty to full. One other bike with the same charging duration is Kuberg’s Trial Hero electric trials dirt bike.


The MotoTec 36v electric dirt bike features a durable steel frame which can easily handle harsh punishment and is not easily broken. A steel frame consists of metal properties that prevent fatigue from repetitive bending. This means that even if it does break, it can be very easily repaired.

The steel frame also allows the bike to carry heavy loads (up to 150lbs of rider weight), and the dense material adds to the dirt bike’s weight. This translates to a more stable ride on rough surfaces.

Other kids’ electric dirt bikes we’ve reviewed that sport the same solid steel frame include MotoTec’s 24v electric dirt bike, Razor’s MX350, and MX500 electric dirt bikes, and Kuberg’s Trial Hero electric trials dirt bike. These will definitely be your most durable options if your kids like to ride hard.

Motor and Transmission

A 36v 500W motor propels the MotoTec 36v electric dirt bike up to a speed of 16mph on the highest setting. This can be adjusted though as the MotoTec 36v electric dirt bike also comes with a key-lock mechanism that allows parents to set their teens’ ride modes and top speeds.

The MotoTec 36v electric dirt bike also runs using a 1-speed chain driven transmission. This simple twist & go mode of operation means your child won’t have to focus on anything else except the trail, the throttle, and the brakes, which translates to a larger safety margin.

This bike also comes with three ride modes that settle on three specific top speeds. Speed 1 gives a low top speed of 5mph but also the least battery consumption. Speed 2 allows the bike to top at 10mph while balancing out power consumption. Finally, Speed 3 tops the bike’s speed out at 16mph while also consuming the most battery power. The speed options are a nice touch by MotoTec as it gives parents the flexibility in deciding kids’ riding conditions.

These ride mode options can be selected using a key-lock mechanism on the bike’s motor compartment which also means your teens can’t freely decide to go all out on the bike. They’ll have to ask permission to set its speed as the key can be removed right after selecting a ride mode.

This power distribution setup relies on a standard 36v 500W controller manufactured by MotoTec which provides a good responsiveness. If that’s not enough for you, the universal nature of the MotoTec 36v electric dirt bike’s controller means you easily replace it with a stronger one. This MotoTec electric dirt bike is mostly made of generic components so that makes it easy to repair or upgrade with other generic aftermarket components.

Brakes and Suspension

Unlike other kids electric dirt bikes we reviewed, such as Razor’s MX350 and MX400, the MotoTec 36v electric dirt bike uses hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear. This type of setup ensures the most efficient braking action and allows the bike to quickly stop when both are used at the same time. Each brake requires a specific lever situated on each side of the handlebars.

As for its suspension, the MotoTec 36v electric dirt bike uses standard issue MotoTec hydraulic front forks and a hydraulic rear shock. This suspension setup helps fully absorb shocks brought about by off road riding and reduces damage to the bike’s frame during hard landings. Other kids’ electric dirt bikes we’ve reviewed which also feature dual suspensions include the MotoTec 24v electric dirt bike, Razor’s MX500, and the Kuberg Trial Hero.

Wheels and Tires

Like its predecessor, the MotoTec 36v electric dirt bike sports 2.5 x 10 aluminum wheels with knobby pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires are made of an airtight inner core filled with pressurized air. A tread reinforced with a steel belt or other materials, covers the tire’s inner core and provides the road contact area. We highly recommend using this bike on mild to moderate off road terrain since its small wheels may cause difficulty in traversing harsher terrain.

MotoTec 36v Electric Dirt Bike Tech Specifications

If you want an idea of what makes this Mototec dirt bike tick, take a look at its individual components below:

Manufacturer NameMotoTec
Model NameMotoTec 36v Electric Dirt Bike 500w
Model Year2020
Motor ManufacturerMotoTec
Motor ModelMotoTec 36V 500W motor
Motor Power500W
Motor PlacementMid-drive
ControllerMotoTec 36V 500W controller
Power Pack36v 8Ah lithium ion
Battery Capacity8Ah
Battery RemovalEasy slide out under a flippable seat
Range2 hours on max setting
Ride ModeSpeed 1 – Low speed, high range

Speed 2 – Balanced

Speed 3 – High speed, lower range
Regenerative BrakingNo
ThrottleVariable twist
Top speed16mph
Seat height23 inches
SuspensionMotoTec hydraulic front forksMotoTec hydraulic rear shock
DisplayLED light battery indicator
PurposeMild to moderate off road conditions
SecurityKey-lock mechanism for both ignition and speed selection

Where Can I Get a MotoTec 36v Electric Dirt Bike?

The best place you could get the MotoTec 36v Electric Dirt Bike is from Amazon. They offer brand new MotoTec electric dirt bikes at low prices and you may even get a discount added. They also offer warranties and return services. You can also purchase the bike straight from MotoTec’s website.

After-Sales Support

MotoTec currently doesn’t offer their contact information. You can however always contact the seller on Amazon for concerns about their product. Alternatively, Big Toys USA, MotoTec’s main distributor based in Plover, Wisconsin, offers support for all MotoTec products. You can contact them via a contact feature on their website.


Need further visual aids on the MotoTec 36v? Here are a couple of videos of what other people think about the bike as well as an unboxing video:

MotoTec 36V Electric Dirt Bike Review (Source: YouTube)
Another Review of The MotoTec 36V Dirt Bike (Source: YouTube)
MotoTec 36V Electric Dirt Bike Unboxing (Source: YouTube)

Choice Commentaries

Want to know what people who actually bought the MotoTec 36v think? Check out the comments here:

“Great Starter bike”
“Perfect for a 5-7 year old to transition from bicycle to understanding basics of balancing on motorcycle, braking, using twist throttle. 3 different speed settings help riders not get in trouble. Easy to assemble, quality is toy grade but descent for price.”

-lind12950 (Source: Ebay)

“Good to start younger rider”
“My 6 yo daughter could ride her bicycle and took to this ebike quickly. She can pick it up on her own which is a plus, and the selectable top speed is good to keep it under control while she got comfortable. One criticism, the “suspension” is little more than springs, and suggest the buyer spend some time to properly tighten all the fasteners, adjust the controls, and tidy up the wiring behind the number plate. Also needed to trim a small bit of plastic from the shrouds, as the number plate limited the steering lock. Overall, it works great, haven’t depleted the battery on a single ride yet, and she enjoys it.”

-gary.647 (Source: Ebay)

“Do not buy”
“Purchased this for my 5 year old to learn and grow into for Christmas. My older son started to assemble it and the forks were different lengths, no joke. Sure they can be adjusted but… Just very very cheaply made. Sent it back because it is not safe to ride and my 5 year would destroy that thing, even though it says 13+”

-luv2crawl (Source: Ebay)

Image Gallery

Want to check the bike out at different angles? Here are a few more images of the MotoTec 36v:

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