Apollo DB-10 Electric Motorcycle Review

Apollo just released an all new kids’ electric dirt bike for your action-craving kids — the Apollo DB-10 electric motorcycle. Apollo’s dirt bikes are affordable alternatives to world class brands such as Suzuki or Honda — the petrol-powered ones, that is. Will the Apollo DB-10 electric motorcycle have the same quality? Will it be as fun to ride for kids as Apollo’s petrol dirt bikes? Read on to find out.

This photoshopped image shows the Apollo DB-10 with pink decals in full detail. (Source: Apollo Motors)

Apollo DB-10 Detailed Overview

Apollo DB-10 Electric Motorcycle Main Features

Besides the authentic dirt bike look and the thick knobby tires, nothing much separates the Apollo DB-10 electric motorcycle from a generic kids electric dirt bike. Perhaps one upside of this bike is that it’s made of OEM universal components. This makes the bike easy to repair or replace/swap its parts.

Apollo DB-10 Display and Batteries

The Apollo DB-10 electric motorcycle lacks a display, which is a big downside since both riders and parents won’t have an idea how much battery is left or what ride mode the bike is set in. The batteries on the other hand, comprises 12V 12AH lead acid power pack which gives a very short 9.4 miles range per charge. This is probably great for beginner riders but extremely menacing for experienced riders who will want more time on the saddle.

Apollo DB-10 Electric Motorcycle Frame

A generic steel frame houses the Apollo DB-10’s components. Though there’s nothing special about the frame material, the frame’s internal trellis structure maintains the bike’s durability and light weight. This allows the bike to carry up to 132lbs of rider weight and in itself weighs just 66lbs.

Apollo DB-10 Motor and Transmission

A 500W 24V neodymium magnet DC motor powers the Apollo DB-10 electric motorcycle. The name may be a mouthful but these are just fancy words for a generic electric motor. This motor setup propels riders up to 15mph but the bike’s top speed can be manually adjusted down to either 7mph or 4mph through a switch on the bike’s battery compartment.

The Apollo DB-10 runs using a single gear and this allows the bike to attain full power upon opening the throttle. This however may be dangerous to beginner riders since there’s no way to control the power delivery upon opening the throttle. Make sure to advice your kid on safety measures before letting them ride.

Apollo DB-10 Electric Motorcycle Brakes and Suspension

Perhaps the best thing about this bike is that it features mechanical disc brakes. Disc brakes have a much better performance than regular rim or drum brakes. Here’s why:

  • Disc brakes provide greater stopping power, which is a huge help especially when bombing downhill on your bike.
  • They don’t heat the rim either. What’s up with heated rims? Well, they cause tire blowouts, and that’s a really bad situation for an off road rider in lots of ways.
  • You’re also less likely to experience wheel lockups with disc brakes, and less likely to slip on wet terrain.
  • You can even change rotor sizes to vary brake strength between your front and rear wheels.
  • Disc brakes also allow you to use any tire size.

As for the suspension, the Apollo DB-10 electric motorcycle features generic but effective front upside-down fork and a rear mono shock for optimum shock absorption in all kinds of terrain. Just not big drops or you’ll see your bike (and also your kid) do yoga.

Apollo DB-10 Motorcycle Tires & Wheels

Like most kids’ dirt bikes, the Apollo DB-10 electric motorcycle features thick knobby tires for the best grip in off road terrain. It also comes in spoked wheels for better shock absorption. This is because the Apollo DB-10 electric motorcycle is a starter bike and kids of its recommended age don’t really need high performance gear yet. Besides, that will only raise the price with no real benefit.

If you decide to purchase this bike you can also get a helmet goggles and gloves off Amazon that are often purchased with other Apollo bikes.

Apollo DB-10 Electric Motorcycle Tech Specifications

If the Apollo DB-10’s features above sound like a mouthful, check out this nifty list we put together to get an idea of what the Apollo DB-10 is made of:

Manufacturer NameApollo Motors USA
Model NameApollo DB-10
Model Year2020
Motor ManufacturerApollo Motors USA
Motor ModelApollo 24V neodymium magnet DC motor
Motor Power500W 24V (2 hp, 54.4 ft-lbs torque)
Motor PlacementMid-drive
Power Pack12V 12AH lead acid battery
Battery Capacity12Ah
Battery RemovalEasy slide out
Range9.4 miles (per charge)
Ride Mode3 adjustable speeds (15mph, 7mph, 4mph)
Regenerative BrakingN/A
ThrottleTwist throttle
Gears1 gear (3 speeds adjustable)
Top speed15mph
Seat height22.8 inches
SuspensionFront upside-down fork, rear mono shock (both OEM)
PurposeHard packed dirt, pavement
SecurityButton operated ignition

Where Can I Get an Apollo DB-10 Electric Motorcycle?

For now, the only place you can get the Apollo DB-10 electric motorcycle is from online motorsports shops such as TX Powersports. We picked this online shop because they provide a wider range of purchase options such as installments, shipping and delivery options, warranty options, and even MCO title processing. You also have the option to have your bike delivered at your door unassembled or fully assembled.

What is Apollo’s After-Sales Support Like?

When it comes to their petrol dirt bikes, Apollo has a pretty good customer service quality. For their electric bikes however, it’s up to the dealers who sell them to manage customer services and the like. 

TX powersports is an Apollo dealership located in Arlington, USA which provides a wide range of aftermarket services such as repair and modification. You can get in touch with them through their emails: [email protected] and [email protected] or contact their number: 1-877-214-4563 for remote assistance.

Apollo DB-10 Videos

No official videos on the Apollo DB-10 electric motorcycle currently exist, but you can check out Apollo’s dirt bikes in action by visiting Apollo’s YouTube channel.

The Apollo DB-10 electric dirt bike in action. (Source: YouTube)

Choice Apollo DB-10 Electric Motorcycle Commentaries (No customer reviews from all dealers)

Apollo DB-10 Pictures

If you want check out other decal variants for the Apollo DB-10, don’t hesitate to check out these pictures:

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