TORP Light Electric Dirt Bike Preview

TORP claims this bike to be the lightest and most agile electric dirt bike on the market, and we can pretty much agree the Torp Bike is unique. 

Lookin’ like a sleek mashup of a dirt bike and a beefy e-bike, the TORP ebike will be a lightweight machine possessing mountain bike agility paired with a dirt bike’s power and endurance. Let’s check it out in detail.

TORP eBike Features

TORP Light Electric Dirt Bike Frame

With an aluminum frame, the bike will be just over 66 pounds. The frame looks mostly hollow. Not really much to it. It’s a simple and unique-looking frame packed with the usual components you’d see on an electric dirt bike.

TORP Light Electric Dirt Bike Motor

According to TORP, the bike will sport a 15kW brushless outrunner motor that makes a great 221 foot pounds of torque. The company also says the bike will have a top speed of up to 50mph. Now, for a 15000W motor, that top speed isn’t at all very impressive. The Enduro E Bikes 12000W light electric dirt bike with a 12kW motor shoots up to a 74.5mph, for example.

The TORP light electric dirt bike will have three ride modes. Which is pretty helpful in my opinion since some of us would sometimes prefer to go for a long and slow stroll — a “chill ride” — as my buddies would call it. 

The ride modes themselves will come in quite amusing but creative names: Baby Blue for the first and the most beginner-friendly mode with the lowest power and longest range,  Rookie Green for standard mode, and Bad-Ass Red for everything the bike has to offer — full power and fastest speed. 

Oh and If you’re a self proclaimed master of riding electric dirt bikes, you may have to suffer through a bit of slow riding first. TORP locks the bike in Baby Blue mode to start with and unlocks others once you literally reach certain milestones. It’s a pretty unique idea by TORP, but quite nonsensical. Who buys a high-torque bike to start slow?

TORP Light Electric Dirt Bike Battery

The TORP edirt bike will draw power from a removable 72V, 1.8kWh Lithium-ion powerpack with 68 miles of range packed into it on a full charge. Torp also says this translates to about 2.5 hours of riding time. Gotta say, that amount of range is pretty decent. Of course, it wouldn’t be suitable for long treks and endurance rides, but it’ll be good enough for short, fast rounds on the dirt trails and tracks. 

Overall, it would be more or less on par with many electric dirt bikes out there, including the Segway X260 at 74.6 miles.

The company claims charge time to 80% would take only half an hour, and 1.5 hours to charge fully. I’d say that’s pretty awesome, and hell, might be a bike I’d even bring on long treks, with a portable recharger in my pack.

TORP Light Electric Dirt Bike Brakes and Suspension

TORP hasn’t yet disclosed any info on the specs of the brakes themselves except for the fact like all high end electric dirt bikes, the TORP light electric dirt bike will feature configurable regenerative brakes.

TORP also comes with an app which allows you to manually change how your bike performs, and that includes the bike’s components such as the brakes. So, it will be interesting to see what exactly the engineers weave into the bike controls.

As for the suspension, TORP hasn’t released any info on their exact specs. All we know, judging from the pics TORP released is that the bike will feature a long travel Dorado front suspension. It’s a pretty good suspension brand used by high end electric and gas powered motorcycles.

TORP Light Electric Dirt Bike Wheels and Tires

Judging from the pictures on their website. TORP will equip the light electric dirt bike with Halo Contra tires wrapped around 24-inch lightweight, high strength alloy rims. The Halo Contra is an off road tire with big knobs for solid grip on hard terrain. 

It has pretty decent performance, but I still recommend upgrading to one of the big 5 tire brands — Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Pirelli or Maxxis. That way you can guarantee much more riding confidence because they have exceptional grip.

TORP Light Electric Dirt Bike’s Other Features

The TORP light electric dirt bike will include awesome features like bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity using TORP’s fancy mobile app. This is a pretty helpful feature since it allows you to configure the way your bike performs on the fly. I really wish I had this feature on my Yamaha DT, that way I won’t have to bring lots of tools to rides.

"torp light electric bike"
This stunning side shot of the TORP electric dirt bike by Torp shows the bike in a dark and mysterious light. As a testament to Torp’s “driven by innovation” slogan, the light electric dirt bike is a totally new design, both physically and component-wise. (Source: YouTube)

TORP eBike Price and Where to Buy

TORP will soon offer the bike up at $7,900 USD. Pretty decent price for what’s to be a high end electric dirt bike. The company currently accepts pre orders on their website, but by way of just a standard contact form. Also it doesn’t say whether we need a deposit for pre ordering or not, but since most pre orders I’ve ever done need deposits so it’s probably safe to assume that there would be.


TORP’s first project since they launched their brand in 2016, so there’s not much to support the quality of this dirt bike. I can tell it’s gonna be a pretty good bike, on par with Cake or even bigger brands like Kuberg or Sur Ron. We’ll just have to hope TORP keeps their word and produces a bike that’s “driven by innovation” and not a typical electric dirt bike.

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