Sur Ron Light Bee S Review

Just as Sur Ron rewrote the rules for electric dirt bikes these past few years with the Sur Ron Light Bee X, the all-new 2021 Sur Ron Light Bee S (aka Sur Ron Light Bee Small) redefines what a kids electric dirt bike is. 

Sur Ron S took some getting used to, but now that we’re there, we like it. Like the Sur Ron X, this too could be.

Who is Sur Ron?

Three motorcycle and technology enthusiasts founded the company in 2014. They invested USD 30 million and hired 40 engineers to create their first model, Light Bee, which was launched in March 2018.

Half of the workforce are system engineers who work on the motorcycle’s intelligent control systems for electronics and batteries. They’re joined by design, product development, and manufacturing experts.

Now Sur-Ron has its own factory, that’s 50% robotic, and a little over 100 employees in ChongQing City and Hangzhou, the motorcycle and internet capitals of China.

The company makes electric motorcycles so anyone can ride them. They believe today’s consumers are connected and informed, so they deserve premium quality without paying a fortune (though with the Sur Ron Light Bee S, that may be a different story).

The Light Bee S Electric Dirt Bike Model: What Makes It Special?

Electric dirt bike riders around the world may know the Sur Ron Light Bee as a lightweight, nimble dirt bolter with an original, semi-skeletal design. A design which — due to its massive popularity here in the west — Chinese company Sur Ron has shared with Segway leading to the birth of the Segway X160 and X260 models.

The original Light Bee X — which the Sur Ron Light Bee S was modeled on — sported the same lightweight aluminum frame, and aggressive form. This thing can hit 50 mph thanks to a 6kW motor and your choice of 48V or 60V batteries. 

The company says it can go 60 miles on a charge. But just like any electric vehicle, it all depends on how hard you ride. You can expect a charging time between 3 and 6 hours depending on the charger you use. The bike has two riding modes, Eco and Sport, so you can decide how much power to use. The Eco mode lets you ride quietly by reducing power by half.

What’s the Sur Ron Light Bee Small and Who’s it For?

A kids’ electric dirt bike based on the popular adult version — the Sur Ron X, the Sur Ron Light Bee S aims for riders at age 10 and up. It features motocross suspension, 17inch wheels & a 48V removable lithium battery pack.

Sur Ron Light Bee S vs. Sur Ron Light Bee X

The Sur Ron Light Bee X and the Sur Ron Light Bee S may look the same at first glance, but they differ in specs and purpose quite a bit. Here’s a table we made so you can see the difference between Sur Ron Light Bee S and Sur Ron Light Bee X.

Sur Ron Light Bee SSur Ron Light Bee X
Has 4 decal options to choose fromYou’re stuck with the boring old black. Though still pretty cool
Built for kids with a lower seat height of 29.9 inchesStands tall at 35.5 inches, so good for older teens and adults
Tops out speed at 31 miles per hourRides faster at 34 miles per hour
Recharge time sits at an excruciating 4-4.5 hoursFully charged at 2.5 hours. More action time!
Maxes range at 43.5 miles at 12 mphTops range out at 50 miles at 50 mph
The engine generates a whopping 162.3ft lbs of torqueWith 147.5 ft lbs of torque, it performs quite nicely
Has Sur Ron’s stock brakes without regenerative braking. Gonna have to rely on that 4-hour chargerHas Sur Ron’s stock brakes but with regenerative braking for longer range
Equipped with an inferior KKE up-side-down hydraulic absorber forks paired with a KKE absorber and an intersect TR rear suspension systemSports a DNM Volcano front suspension and a Fast Ace 8-inch travel inclined rear suspension for better handling on extreme rough terrain

Sur Ron Small Detailed Overview

Sur Ron Light Bee S Main Features

Sur Ron Light Bee S
Sur Ron did a great job zooming in on the Sur Ron S’ core and showing us its battery compartment. They reused the Sur Ron X’s battery on the Sur Ron S. The “X” and “Sur Ron” mark on the battery panel are dead giveaways. (Source: YouTube)

Like its predecessor, the Sur Ron S features the same semi-skeletal design with an aggressive riding posture. The motor power was cut to a third to safely accommodate kids 10 years of age so it now sits at 2kW instead of the original 6kW on the Sur Ron X. However, the battery still has the same 48V lithium power. It means longer range, since a weaker motor uses less battery power.

Sur Ron Light Bee S Display and Batteries

Sur Ron Light Bee S
Not many company ads do this, but kudos to Sur Ron for this zoom showing off the LCD digital speedometer on the Sur Ron S. I’m not a huge fan of LCD dashboards, but this one wins for neatness and sci-fi vibe. (Source: YouTube)

The Light Bee S comes with an LCD digital speedometer located on the left hand side of the handlebar. This is especially useful for kids who know their way around dirt tracks and rely on speed to put on a performance. Though some kids might be disappointed there’s no way to see your battery level.

Each Sur Ron Light Bee S comes with a 48V 20Ah lithium battery that gives it a max range of 43.5 miles at 12 mph. Combining that with a weaker motor gives your kid a little more riding time while sacrificing a little power.

When the battery runs out, kids can easily get back into the action after a short break because it comes with a 5ah charger that provides a 4 to 4.5-hour charge time.

For better range on the road, you can try and upgrade your battery pack. The market has a number of Sur Ron battery upgrades you can choose from, and most of the time, they’re way better than the stock one.

Sur Ron Light Bee S Frame – How Small is Small?

Sur Ron Light Bee S
Sur Ron’s great slow mo pan over the bike provided us with this outstanding look at the Sur Ron S’ motor and frame. We love the color scheme… someone on our team mumbled “sexy grasshopper” when he saw the shot. Not sure I agree, but it does look cool. (Source: YouTube)

Similar to the original Light Bee X, the Light Bee S offers a lightweight aluminum frame and a minimalist setup. Combining that with a 108-pound weight, it’s quite portable and can easily be stored on a metal shelf or on your pickup truck. This compares to the Sur Ron X’s 110 lbs heft, which makes the S more portable and easy to maneuver. 

As for the frame style, it’s similar to a traditional motocross dirt bike frame and pops out of the bike to give it a semi-skeletal look which adds a point to the cool or badass factor. Kinda like the Terminator.

The frame is also strong enough to hold up to 175lbs. Anyone heavier than that risks snapping the bike in half – so opt for the Sur Ron X.

Sur Ron Light Bee S Motor and Transmission – Still Packs a Punch?

Sur Ron Light Bee S
We love it when Sur Ron zooms in on a bike’s components to show us how it really looks. I like this one because it gives us a clear, great shot of the motor on the Sur Ron S. (Source: YouTube)

The Light Bee S comes with a Sur Ron air-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor, meaning you’ll be quieter, have fewer malfunctions, and have more torque than traditional electric motors. This motor provides a minimum power of 2kW and a maximum power of 2.9kW. With 162.3ft lbs of torque, it’s easy to do power wheelies, and it gets a top speed of 31 mph for kids who love to race across dirt tracks.

Sur Ron handles all that massive power with a Field Oriented Control (FOC) Squarewave controller, which provides smooth throttle response despite all that power. It’s cheaper than the traditional Sinewave controllers you’d find on other electric dirt bikes, but it accomplishes the same effect. Sinewave is more expensive, because it takes a lot more computation power to output a sine waveform to drive a motor efficiently.

Sur Ron Light Bee S
We’re back with another great zoomed-in photo from Sur Ron, showing off the Sur Ron S’ chain and rear sprocket. Also, you can see a bit of the disk brake and knobby CST tires. The setup is pretty sexy from where we’re sitting. (Source: YouTube)

To give you a better idea of the controller’s power delivery, here’s an analogy. Squarewave and Sinewave controllers work like rolling a ball down the street. While Sinewave, pushes steadily the whole time, Squarewave constantly nudges or jabs the ball forward instead. So, Sur Ron’s choice of a squarewave controller for the Sur Ron S makes for a slightly rougher riding experience.

Final verdict: the Sur Ron Light Bee S trades a bit of durability for a bit more range.

Sur Ron Light Bee S
Sur Ron doesn’t often do great zoomed-in shots like this. But this one gave us a good look at the Sur Ron S’ right handlebar and throttle grip. We also see the brake lever, which is a little short for our taste. Anyway, it’s a kids’ bike, so it’s fine. (Source: YouTube)

Sur Ron Light Bee S Brakes and Suspension – Cuts Were Made, Performance Sacrificed

Sur Ron Light Bee S
We’re back with another awesome zoom from Sur Ron showing off the KKE rear suspension on the Sur Ron S. The suspension style is reminiscent of the old motocross dirt bikes we love. Well done, Sur Ron! (Source: YouTube)

Unique to the Sur Ron S are KKE up-side-down hydraulic absorber forks paired with a KKE absorber and an intersect TR rear suspension system. Quite a mouthful, but it basically means your kid’ll be comfortable riding in both tarmac and dirt.

Sur Ron Light Bee S
This outward camera pan from Sur Ron gives us a good look (even if it’s not great) at the KKE front suspension. Maybe a frontal shot would have been better, but we’ll take what we can get. (Source: YouTube)

The KKE up-side-down hydraulic absorber front forks measures 21.7 inches and has 6-inch travel, which is on par with that of most smaller motocross dirt bikes. On the other hand, the back suspension is 9.4 inches long with 2.9 inches of travel. This is great for straight and mildly rough roads and dirt tracks.

Here’s another amazing zoom and pan from Sur Ron, showing off the 4-piston brake disk on the Sur Ron S. They’re not the best brakes, but they look pretty sweet on the Sur Ron S. (Source: YouTube)

You get 4 piston caliper disc brakes on the Sur Ron Light Bee S. They’re pretty good, not great. Don’t expect it to handle like a Tektro or a Shimano.

How Do the Sur Ron Light Bee S’ Tires & Wheels Stand Up to its Big Brother?

Sur Ron Light Bee S
With Sur Ron’s camera pan upwards from the brake set snapshot, we got a good look at the Sur Ron S’ CST rear off-road tire. There’s no doubt that it’s a good brand, but I’d suggest upgrading to a better one. (Source: YouTube)

Whiles are another issue and reflect the focus on young riders. A motocross dirt bike typically has 18 to 21-inch wheels, but the Light Bee S has 17-inch wheels. It’s not going to handle rough dirt tracks well. If you want to be safe, stick to mild tracks. Luckily, the Light Bee S comes with CST tires, which are pretty big in the off-road tire market, so you should get quality off-road grip.

Sur Ron Light Bee S Tech Specifications

Check out this handy list to get an idea of what makes the Sur Ron Light Bee S tick:

Manufacturer NameSur Ron
Model NameLight Bee S
Model Year2021
Motor ManufacturerSur Ron
Motor ModelSur Ron air-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor
Motor Power48V 2KW / 2.9KW 5000rpm (162.3ft lbs)
Motor PlacementMid-drive
Controller70A FOC squarewave controller
Power Pack48V20A Lithium battery with 112 cells
Battery RemovalEasy slide out with lock
Range43.5 miles at 12 miles per hour
Regenerative BrakingNone
ThrottleTwist throttle
Gear Ratio1: 9.18
Top speed31 miles per hour
Weight105.8 pounds
MaterialsAluminum alloy, tempered aluminum
Seat height29.9in (2.5ft)
SuspensionKKE up-side-down hydraulic absorber (front)
KKE absorber with intersect TR suspension system (rear)
DisplayLCD digital speedometer
PurposeEntry-level kids electric dirt bike

Where Can I Get a Sur Ron Light Bee S?

Right now, Sur Ron Canada is the only place that sells the Light Bee S at an acceptable price. The bike isn’t even widely available in the US yet. Sur Ron Canada has the bike on their website right now, but you can also contact Sur Ron USA to see if they have it on preorder.

Sur Ron Light Bee S Aftermarket Upgrade Options

Find the stock Sur Ron Light Bee S specs a bit boring? Wanna feel a little more oomph on your ride? Try one of these upgrades:

Sur Ron S Controller: Trade Squarewave for Sinewave

The Light Bee S comes with a squarewave controller that provides decent throttle power management, but it’s not as elegant as a sinewave controller. By using a sinewave, you get a smoother power output while still reducing heat and noise. Plus, it’s better at going up hills at lower speeds. Here’s one that’s compatible with the Sur Ron Light Bee S:

Sur Ron S Tire Upgrades

The stock CST tires on the Light Bee S are pretty decent, but they’re CST’s lower tier of tires. If you want tires that provide high quality grip on more extreme off road tracks, try these out:

Sur Ron Light Bee S Videos

Wanna see the bike in action? You can watch the Sur Ron Light Bee S in action here:

Sur Ron Light Bee S Teaser (Source: YouTube)
Sur Ron Light Bee S Showcase Video (Source: YouTube)
Sur Ron Light Bee S in Action (Source: YouTube)

Sur Ron Light Bee S Pictures

Here are some other views of the Sur Ron Light Bee S:

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