How Do You Charge a Sur Ron Battery?

Riding home from the dirt track last night, your Sur Ron was fine, but this morning, the battery is dead. 

If you’ve read our article on Best Sur Ron Battery Charger Options, you’d have a good idea which charger you can use to get your electric dirt bike running again. But how?

Charging your Sur Ron can be as easy as taking off the charging cap and plugging it directly into an electrical outlet. But when you have to match voltages, it gets a bit more complicated. Read on to find out how to charge a Sur Ron battery.

Recap: Sur Ron Charger and Battery Specs

Let’s look at their specs to get a better idea of the compatibility of Sur Ron’s charger and batteries:

ModelStock Sur Ron battery charger
Input Voltage110V
Min. Output Voltage60V
Max. Output Voltage67.2V

In these two tables, you’ll notice the Sur Ron charger’s output voltage matches the Sur Ron battery’s power voltage. This is the best setup when it comes to charging your Sur Ron battery, as different voltages will cause the battery to go bad.

ModelStock Sur Ron Battery
Cell brandPanasonic
Number of cells176
Type of cellsSealed lead acid
Range50 miles
Dimensions14.5″ x 6.4″ x 5.5″
Weight20 lbs
Housing materialaluminum

As the table above shows, the stock Sur Ron battery consists of sealed lead acid cells. So you definitely can’t use a different voltage charger for the stock Sur Ron battery. Unless you’d like your face blown off the moment you plug in that charger.

Put a voltage regulator between your charger and battery if your charger has a higher output so you can set the maximum voltage to 60V.

When you’ve got everything set up, prep the batteries for charging.

Getting Ready to Charge 

Your Sur Ron battery can always be charged using its charging port without having to take it out of the bike, but I don’t recommend it. 

There’s a lot that can go wrong when charging lithium batteries, and you don’t want it on your bike if it catches fire. Take out your Sur Ron battery and charge it in a dry, fire-safe space with an outlet.

This way you don’t turn your four thousand-dollar electric dirt bike into charred scrap metal, and you save on fire damage when that lithium power pack blows up. Just a precaution.

How to Take Out a Sur Ron Battery for Charging

Taking out the Sur Ron battery is as easy as flipping the compartment hatch open and pulling the battery out.

Just take your Sur Ron key, find the keyhole on the right side of the “tank”, then turn counter clockwise. That should open the battery compartment and expose the battery pack.

Look for the power breaker under the battery hatch hinge then flip it to the left to turn it off. This will cut the power to the bike and prevent accidents. Then just pull out the connectors and lift the battery out of the slot.

How to Charge a Sur Ron Battery

To charge a Sur Ron battery, just place the battery right next to a socket in a safe place like I suggested earlier. 

To use the charger, attach the connector to the charging port located on the left side of the battery. Connect the charger to an electrical outlet, and you’re good to go.

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