What is the Super73 RX’s Battery Life?

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Brands like Super73 are instantly recognizable.

Featuring riders like Jack Black, Casey Neistat, and Justin Bieber, these electric bikes are a trendy, retro-futuristic way to get around. The latest Super73, the $3,500 RX, certainly draws attention in my neighborhood after riding it around for weeks.

I like it better than a bike since it looks and rides like a dirt bike.

What Is The Super73 RX?

The Super73 RX is Super73’s flagship model.

A single-speed bike, the RX has four pedal assist levels and four ride modes, all of which can be set using the left handlebar controller. There’s a subtle LCD display that shows your distance, speed, and battery life. 

You can also mount your phone on the handlebars and use the RX as a display if that’s not big enough.

It was my car replacement for a few weeks while mine was in the shop, so I got to see how it holds up. By no means is the RX a cheap e-bike. At $3,495, it’s a great electric bike both for city riding and off-road.

What Is The Super73 RX’s Range?

How far you can ride depends on where and how you ride. 

Using only the throttle, the 960 watt-hour battery can go 40-plus miles at 20 mph, and 75-plus miles with a pedal-assist mode. I had no problem riding 30 to 35 miles on fairly flat roads using the throttle at 20-28 mph. 

The performance definitely drops as the battery loses power. If you need to take it with you, the battery can be removed and charges in 6-7 hours.

What is the Super73 RX’s Battery Life?

The Super73 RX’s battery life can differ a lot from owner to owner.

As long as it’s well maintained, the Super73 RX battery should last about two to four years. But even if you don’t use it, lithium batteries like those on Super73’s electric bikes lose their capacity over time. 

The reason for this is that the lithium-ion battery builds up a film on both electrodes during normal charging and discharging cycles. These materials cover electrodes so much that they’re less able to participate in the chemical reactions required to make the battery work.

Why Get a Super73 RX?

The RX has lots of appeal if you want a motorbike experience without insurance or registration but still like the look. It’s good for commuting but can wreck trails on the weekends.

In my recent experience riding e-bikes, I’ve felt more safe on the RX than on any other I’ve ridden so far. It’s fast and can handle just about any road condition.

If you have a garage to store one and the budget for it, it’s a great option. However, it might not suit you if you live in an apartment with stairs. While it doesn’t quite give you the flexibility of other e-bikes, it’s a lot of fun to drive as a replacement for your car.

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