How to Remove the Sur Ron X Light Bee Battery

If you’ve read our Best Sur Ron Battery Upgrade Options article, you’d have a good idea which battery upgrade you want for your Sur Ron. But how do you remove the Sur Ron battery in the first place? Read on to find out.

When you’re new to riding electric dirt bikes, it can be hard to remove your Sur Ron X Light Bee battery to charge or store it. Here’s how to take your battery out:

Step 1: Open the Battery Hatch

Insert the key that came with your Sur Ron X Light Bee into the keyhole on the right side of your bike’s “tank”. Flip it counterclockwise to release the hatch lock. You need to pull the hatch open while holding the key in place.

Step 2: Flip the Switch Off

Before you remove the battery, make sure your Sur Ron Light Bee X is off. This way, you won’t have to worry about accidents like battery fires or electrocution. I promise you, it’s hard to put out a lithium battery fire.

You’ll find the breaker switch directly under the hinge of the battery hatch as you open it. Just push the red switch to the left and that should shut off the bike’s power.

"how to remove sur ron battery"
Luna Cycle’s angled close-up shot into the Sur Ron X battery compartment shows off the Sur Ron X’s stock battery pretty well. The setup is clean and well-organized. On the right are the battery-to-bike connectors, and on the left is the charging port. I like it. (Source: YouTube)

Step 3: Disconnect the Connectors

The stock Sur Ron X Light Bee battery comes with two connectors—one that’s automotive style, and one that you can just pull straight out. It takes a bit of effort to remove the automotive style connector, as you need to pinch a tab to release the lock and wiggle it out. 

Just remove these connectors in any order and your battery should be totally disconnected from the bike. You can double-check by taking your Sur Ron X key and flipping the ignition on. If it turns on, but immediately turns off, you did it right.

Step 4: Lift the Battery Up

The stock Sur Ron X battery should come with a carrying strap right on top of it. 

Just firmly pull on that and lift it up to slide the battery out. In some cases (depending on where you ride), you may need to wiggle out the battery due to dust/mud build-up in the compartment. 

Also, make sure the two connectors from earlier aren’t in the way or your battery could get stuck.

There, you can now go and charge/store, or trade your Sur Ron Light Bee X battery for an upgrade. To put it back, just retrace the steps you just did and flip the ignition on. Happy riding!

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