Your Used Sur Ron Battery Buyers Guide

If you’ve read our Best Sur Ron Battery Upgrade Options article, you’d have a pretty good idea which Sur Ron battery upgrade you want. But are they even affordable? Can you buy used ones instead? What do you need to know before buying used Sur Ron batteries?

If you’re looking for a Sur Ron battery, but your budget is tight, you might consider a used battery. 

It is possible to purchase used Sur Ron batteries on Ebay, social media, or even from your neighbors. However, there are a few things you need to look for when shopping for Sur Ron batteries. 

This zoomed studio shot of the Sur Ron stock battery by Luna Cycle provides riders with an excellent view of the device. You get a pretty good view of the bike-to-battery connectors, as well as the charging port. Nice! (Source: Luna Cycle)

Reasons to Consider Getting a Used Sur Ron Battery

Let’s look at why a used Sur Ron battery might be a better choice.

It’s a Lot Cheaper

Not new information, but worth repeating. If you’re thinking of getting a used Sur Ron battery, the price is a big factor. The price to value ratio on used electric dirt bike batteries is also excellent because many people find them lackluster and immediately upgrade, so they’re rarely used.

It’s the Greenest Option

You can save the environment by reusing batteries. Battery waste is already a significant problem, so if it’s possible to get more mileage out of an existing unit, it’s a win-win. But make sure you find a dealer you can trust so he doesn’t just sell you a dead battery.

Choices of High Quality

Sur Ron’s used batteries can be better than brand new ones. Finding a Sur Ron battery dealer takes some research. Buying a battery from a reputable dealer can be not only more cost-effective than buying a brand-new battery but might also last longer.

If you know what to look for, you can find a battery that still has some life left in it. A few things to consider:

Check the Battery’s Age

Be sure to check the date stamp on the Sur Ron battery before you buy it.

The date stamp tells you when the battery was made. Most people don’t know how to read the date stamp on a battery. 

There are A through L letters for each month. For example, A represents January, B represents February, C represents March, etc. One or two numbers follow that letter. The stamp for 2016 may be a 16 or a 6. Therefore, a battery made in April of 2019 might be displayed as either D9 or D19. You can tell the age of the battery by reading the date stamp.

Keep An Eye Out For Corrosion

Make sure the Sur Ron battery you’re buying is in good condition. 

Fresh batteries may have dirt, dust, or road salt on them. But they shouldn’t have any orange or green corrosion. 

It’s possible to find corrosion anywhere on a battery, but it’s usually around the terminals. If you see corrosion on the battery, give it a pass.

The Battery Warranty

You should also ask the seller what warranty the battery has before you buy it. 

Used electric bike parts usually come with a warranty. Make sure they’re offering a warranty or you shouldn’t buy from them.

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