How Much is a Sur Ron Light Bee X Battery?

If you’ve read our article on the Sur Ron Battery upgrade, you’d probably have an idea which one you want for your bike. Now let’s tackle how much you can get them for.

So exactly how much is a Sur Ron Light Bee X battery? If you’ve read our Sur Ron battery upgrade article, you’ll have a little idea how much the Sur Ron battery upgrade costs. This time, we’ll break those down. By the end of this article, you’ll know the average price of a Sur Ron battery and which upgrades are more expensive or cheaper.

How Much is a Light Bee X Power Pack?

Sur Ron battery prices can vary based on brand and specs. Brands like Chi Battery Systems tend to be pricier than LiteSpeed for the same Sur Ron 60v battery. Meanwhile, you’re probably going to pay more for a 72v battery than a 60v.

"How much is a Sur Ron battery?"

The aftermarket Sur Ron battery ranges from $600 – $2,500. You can probably find some for a lot less if you search hard enough — probably second hand. The average Sur Ron battery costs *$1,500 USD, which is what you’d pay for a spare stock battery.

How Much is The Cheapest Sur Ron X Battery?

Normally, Sur Ron X batteries cost over a grand, but you can find cheaper ones on import sites. We found this Sur Ron 60v battery on Alibaba. The second cheapest so far – costs just $800 USD, and comes with a charger so you don’t have to buy one separately.

"How much is a Sur Ron battery?"

You get a 60V Sur Ron battery for just $800 USD with 40 amp hours of capacity, which is a nice upgrade from the stock Sur Ron battery. It’s also plug & play, so no adjustments needed.

If you want it much cheaper without the charger, check out the Sur Ron 60V 60ah power pack from LiteSpeed Bikes. It’s just $699 USD for a piggyback battery pack that connects to your stock Sur Ron battery and gives you a much longer range.

"How much is a Sur Ron battery?"

It also comes with Bluetooth so you can monitor its performance or set it up through your mobile phone.

How Much Is The Most Expensive Sur Ron Light Bee Battery?

While average Sur Ron battery upgrades range in the $1,500s, there are some that strike those figures way higher. We’re talking about “The Gladiator” – a high-tech 60V Sur Ron battery replacement from Chi Battery Systems with a big 60 amp hour capacity. There’s also an overcharge protection feature so you can charge it super fast with a higher voltage charger.

"How much is a Sur Ron battery?"

It also comes with a pretty hefty price tag of $2,500 USD (could buy a literbike with that). Hence, it’s the most expensive Sur Ron battery we’ve seen so far.

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