How Long Does the Razor MX350 Battery Last?

If you’ve read our Best Razor Dirt Bike Battery Options article, you’d have a good idea which Razor MX350 battery upgrade you want. 

But how long does the Razor MX350 battery last? 

Razor would say 1000 charges, but I’d say that’s inaccurate since I’ve owned a Razor and it didn’t even last nearly 500 cycles. A battery should last at least 700 charges if it’s being maintained properly and regularly. Keeping your MX350 battery in good shape won’t be easy, but it will be good for you in the long run.

This hand-drawn model of the MX350 by Razor gives us a pretty good view of the bike’s whole body. You can easily see where the battery compartment goes, as well as all the other components. It also comes in black which I think is pretty badass. (Source: Razor)

How Long Does a Razor MX350 Battery Last?

A Razor MX350 battery lasts approximately 700 charge cycles if well maintained.

Razor MX350 batteries are rated by how long they can hold a charge and how long they can be recharged. A Razor MX350 battery’s life also depends on its chemical composition, since there are different types.

To give you an idea how long certain common electric dirt bike battery types (and that includes the Razor MX350’s) last, check out this list:

  • Lead acid battery: The conventional lead acid battery for electric dirt bikes lasts 500-1000 charge cycles on average, and quite honestly, not a lot of years.
  • Li-Ion batteries: This electric dirt bike battery has a fairly long lifespan. The lithium ion batteries in high-end electric dirt bikes typically have a 5-8 year warranty, but are supposed to last 10-20 years.

How many Kilometers does a Razor MX350 battery last?

A Razor MX350 battery lasts roughly 16,000 km. You can get this rough estimate by getting the Razor MX350’s max range per charge — 16 km — and multiplying it by the number of charge cycles on the stock battery, which is 1000.

Multiplying the maximum range of the MX350 by the number of charge cycles gives you a rough estimate of how long it’ll be until you have to replace the battery.

How many charging cycles does a Razor MX350 battery last?

A Razor MX350 battery lasts for about 1000 charge cycles — at least, on paper. 

In reality, depending on how you use the battery, it could be much lower than that. 

Nonetheless, there are a number of factors that will greatly reduce your Razor MX350’s battery life compared to the rough estimate. Battery handling and storage are the biggest factors. Let’s find out more.

How to Reduce the Razor MX350 Battery Life: Why Does My Razor Dirt Bike Battery Die So Quickly?

Frequently using your Razor MX350 reduces its battery life. The motor of a Razor dirt bike constantly runs the battery at high speed, so they die very fast. You should make sure that your Razor MX350’s battery is fully charged before using it. This will prevent rapid battery drain.

Razor MX350’s motor also draws energy from the battery, which causes it to drain faster. Hence, before leaving your battery for an extended period, make sure it’s charged. If you leave your Razor dirt bike running with the motor on while it’s not in use, it will start drawing more power from the battery than needed, which will cause the battery to die faster.

Your riding style can also cause your Razor MX350 to die quickly. Your Razor’s battery will die faster if you ride stop-go. When you ride stop-go, you accelerate quickly, then decelerate hard. Keep your pace smooth.

How to Increase the Razor MX350 Battery Life

It’s easy to make your battery last longer.

Although you can’t double your Razor MX350 battery life, by following proper ownership etiquette, you can increase it by 20% to 35%.

Here’s how to make your battery last longer:

  • Don’t overcharge your Razor MX350 battery.
    • Overcharging a battery boils the sulfuric acid and distilled water. It’s possible for the battery casing to get hot, melt, and swell. Flame-prone hydrogen can build up inside battery cells, causing the casing to swell under pressure and seep through small vents.
  • Don’t wait until the battery is dead to charge it; plug in the charger as soon as it gets low.
    • Discharging a Razor battery to its full capacity leads to reverse charging the depleted cells from the cell that’s still working. Chemically, it turns the cell inside out, causing permanent damage.
  • Store your battery right.
    • Higher or lower temperatures will cause your battery to burn up or freeze inside, a frozen battery will leave moisture inside, and that will mess with the internal circuitry.
  • Always keep your MX350 battery dry and clean.
    • Dirt or moisture will mess with your battery’s conductors and circuitry.
  • Let the Razor MX350 battery rest in between charging and discharging.
    • Oddly enough, battery strain is highest when they’re full or empty.

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