How Can I Make My Razor MX500 Faster?: 5 Simple Ways

If you’ve read our Best Razor Dirt Bike Battery Upgrade Options article, you’d have a pretty good idea which MX500 battery upgrade you want. But will it make your bike go faster? How?

Although Razors are fun to ride, deep down we all wish the MX500 went a bit faster. 

Nobody ever said riding slower is better. How can I make my Razor MX500 faster and more fun? 

You may be able to increase the speed of your bike by making a few mods. Let’s have a look at how we can give our MX500s a bit more oomph and spice things up a little.

"How can I make my razor MX500 faster?"
Riders get a pretty good look at the MX500 Dirt Rocket’s overall look in this well-angled shot by Razor. It would be awesome if they zoomed in a bit more so we could see the bike’s components better. (Source: Razor)

How Can I Make My Razor MX500 Faster?

You can make a Razor MX500 faster by making a few harmless mods to it.

The Razor MX500s have electric motors. The motor that controls your bike’s speed is controlled by some basic physics. This limits our ability to speed up a Razor MX500. Some electric dirt bikes have built-in speed limits. Some of these can be disabled to improve riding speed.

Caution. Most mods to a Razor dirt bike will void the warranty and make it unsafe to use on public roads. You may also override the bike’s design. This could lead to damaged electronics, delayed brakes, etc. Mud Bike is not liable for any harm you do to your ebike or yourself.

Simple Ways to Make your Razor MX500 Faster

You can make your Razor MX500 faster by doing a few simple things:

1 – Ride with a fully charged battery

When your battery is fully charged, it generates the maximum voltage. 

Voltage decreases when the battery is depleted. A fully charged lithium battery has an output of 4.2 volts. 3.6 volts at 50% charge and 3 volts when completely depleted. 

At 4.2 volts per battery, your bike will ride quicker than at 3.6 volts per cell. If you want to go faster, be sure to charge your Razor MX500 batteries fully before riding.

2 – Change the tires

If you want to ride faster on pavement, swap your Razor MX500’s off-road tires for road tires. 

Road tires are smoother and roll more smoothly. Replace knobby tires with slicks. 

Due to the lack of tire friction, your Razor dirt bike will run quicker. Just don’t use it off road or you’ll be digging dirt faster than a gopher.

3 – Pump up the tires

More air in your Razor MX500’s tires means less road friction. It increases the diameter of your wheels, allowing you to go more with each wheel turn. This will speed up your bike. The drawback is a rougher ride. You’ll feel potholes and cracks on the road a bit more. Overinflated tires also have less traction, so you might find yourself slipping at every quick turn.

4 – Remove speed limiters

Some electric dirt bikes come with a wired-in preset speed limiter. To disable the speed limit, cut this wire. It’s usually one of the speed controller’s cables. Each Razor dirt bike has its own.

5 – Increase voltage by upgrading the battery

Razor MX500s usually come with 3 combined 12V batteries making a total of 36V. You could either add another battery pack to increase the voltage, or replace them altogether with higher voltage ones. Just by boosting the voltage, you will get more speed (after you disable the speed limiter that is).

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