How Long Does It Take For a Super73 Battery to Charge?

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Super73 is well known for their scrambler-style, throttle-pedal electric bikes with minimalist aesthetics. But they’re not quite recognized for having insanely fast charging batteries. So how long does it take for a Super73 battery to charge? Read on to find out.

Super73 Stock Battery Specs

To give you an overview of how long it takes for a Super73 battery to charge, let’s first look at the stock Super73 battery specs:

Cell TypeLithium-Ion
Capacity8.8Ah / 14.5Ah
Wattage422Wh / 696Wh

With a maximum capacity of 696 watt-hours, the Super73’s stock battery is similar to other small capacity ebike batteries. The charger also comes with 2 amps and 96 watts just like a generic ebike charger. With these specs, charging usually takes 5 to 6 hours.

How Does Super73’s Battery Charger Work?

Battery chargers all work the same way: they feed an electric current through batteries for a while in the hope that they’ll store some of the energy. There’s not much else in common.

In the cheapest and crudest chargers, a constant voltage or constant current is applied to the batteries until they are switched off. If you forget, you’ll overcharge your batteries; take the charger off too soon, and you’ll run them out more quickly. A better charger uses a slower, gentler “trickle” charge for a long time (maybe 3 to 5 percent of the battery’s rated current).

A battery is a lot like a suitcase: the more you pack in, the harder it is to pack in again – and the longer it takes. 

When you remember that recharging a battery is basically doing the opposite of what happens when it discharges, it makes sense. 

When you charge and discharge an e-bike battery, for example, lithium ions (atoms missing electrons) go back and forth, from one electrode (where there’s a lot) to another electrode (where there’s a little bit). Since the ions all carry a positive charge, it’s easier to move them to the “empty” electrode at the start. As they start to build up there, it gets harder to pack more of them in, making the later stages of charging harder work than the earlier ones.

Super73’s battery charger is no different. It’s a simply built 48V lithium ion charger with 2 amps and around 90 watts output.

How Long Does It Take For a Super73 Battery to Charge?

How long it takes for a Super73 battery to charge depends on the wattage per hour of your battery and the amperage of your charger.

Ebike batteries (including Super73s) have a capacity of 600 watt hours and are usually charged at two amps (at least initially) that is 96 watts. This means at least 6.25 hours, and probably more since Li-ion batteries change from constant current to constant voltage charging at the end, slowing down the process. 

Usually, you don’t run your battery down completely, maybe just to 25%. So about 6 hours.

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