How Long Does a Razor Electric Dirt Bike Battery Last?

If you’ve read our article on Best Razor Dirt Bike Battery Upgrade Options, you’ll have a good idea of each Razor battery upgrade’s benefit to the Razor MX350 run time, as well as other Razor dirt bikes. But what about their battery life? How long does a Razor electric dirt bike battery actually last? Read on to find out.

Battery life is based on charge cycles. Basically, it depends on how many full charges (from 0 to 100%) they can undergo before they gradually lose their effectiveness, until they stop working altogether.

Razor did a great job stripping down the MX350 in this video to give riders a clean perspective of the bike. This still from their video really pulls you in tight to see the core components. The Razor is indeed a simple bike, and you can see the battery placement here, and get a sense of what you need to do to remove it. (Source: Razor)

Electric dirt bike batteries can be charged hundreds of times. How much is that? It depends on the battery type. It also depends on how you take care of it. If you store your battery somewhere safe and dry, you’ll keep it longer. Generally, Razor MX350 run time, as well as other Razor dirt bike’s batteries deteriorate after 1 to 3 years of regular use.

How long does a razor electric dirt bike battery last? Official Manufacturer Specs

Take a look at the Razor MX350’s stock battery specs to get an idea of how long it lasts:

Battery BrandUniversal Power Group (UPG)
Voltage12 Volts
Capacity7 Amp hours
Range30 minutes
Dimensions5.94 inches x 2.56 inches x 3.94 inches
Weight4.96 lbs
Cell TypeSealed Lead Acid
Charging Time4 hours
Charge Cycles300 – 500

Razor MX350 has a 500-max cycle charging capacity, so you can get 1 to 2 years out of it if you use it and charge it at least once a day – that is, if you run it on a paddock stand. But what if you take it outside? What if it’s raining? Your Razor dirt bike battery life depends on a lot of things.

What affects how long your Razor electric dirt bike battery lasts

In order to determine how long your Razor electric dirt bike battery will last, you have to consider a few things.

Battery brand

Battery manufacturer is probably the biggest factor.

Batteries come in lots of different brands. They make electric dirt bike batteries with more or less the same specs. But in a lot of ways, the battery numbers – like its voltage and capacity – are just a fraction of the story.

The battery industry is intensely competitive, highly lucrative, and full of innovation and competition all the time. Possibly only the top brands know all the secrets. They try to improve on them while jealously guarding them. This is why the Samsung battery lasts longer and performs better than a cheap Chinese battery.

There are a lot of great battery makers in China, so I don’t want to write them off completely. But they’ll still be inferior to Samsung and LG batteries.

Additionally, a battery from a large Chinese manufacturer like BYD or CATL is better than one from a brand new manufacturer.

Battery and motor specifications

Batteries differ in a few ways, like voltage and charge capacity. There’s also the motor to consider.

If you have a bigger battery, it will be able to keep more power, so you won’t have to charge it as often. Since you won’t be adding up charge cycles, you’ll get a longer battery life.

Therefore, the higher the battery’s charge capacity (measured in Ah, or Ampere-hours), the longer its lifespan should be.

Alternatively, the higher the output voltage of the battery, the faster it’ll release power for the motor. It’s particularly true if your voltage is close to what your motor can handle. If that happens, the motor will just drain the battery fast.

You should recharge your battery as soon as it gets drained. Your battery lasts less and less the more you recharge it.

You can play with your Razor electric dirt bike’s controller and wiring to increase battery lifespan, but that isn’t necessarily a good idea. It might backfire on you. Keep that in mind.

Battery usage

In the end, Razor electric dirt bike batteries have a finite number of charge cycles before they become unusable. As a matter of fact, that number is usually reached faster than the battery wears out on its own.

Obviously, the more you use your Razor dirt bike, the more often you’ll need to charge it, so the battery will wear out faster.

Battery care

Here’s where you come into play as a Razor electric dirt bike owner.

You can do a few things to make the battery last longer.

It’s not possible to double the battery life with these tips, no matter how much you apply them. When you follow the proper ownership etiquette, you can increase it’s lifespan by 20% to 35%.

Here’s how to make your battery last longer:

How to ensure your Razor battery lasts longer

In this section, you will find a list of all the things you can do, starting with the most essential.

Don’t let your Razor electric dirt bike battery run out

If you want your battery to last longer, don’t let it run out completely.

There’s no big deal. However, an electric battery wears out a little faster when it’s fully discharged.

One feature of lithium-ion batteries is that when they’re empty, they activate a mechanism. After that, it won’t charge normally and may even look dead. It’ll take a different kind of charger to revive it. These are usually old models, but they’re still around.

Charge your Razor dirt bike often

Charge your Razor dirt bike battery often to extend its life. You should charge it after every ride, no matter how short. It depends on the battery. See if the electric dirt bike’s manual says anything about it. Otherwise, just charge it when you use it.

Keep in mind – don’t charge your Razor right after riding it. Let it cool down for a half hour, then plug it in and charge it. Charging it while it’s hot will decrease your Razor MX350 run time, or any other dirt bike.

Avoid overcharging your Razor electric dirt bike battery

In today’s kids’ electric dirt bikes, leaving them on charge after their batteries are charged won’t cause damage, but leaving them on charge for too long is still a bad idea. Damage is rare, but it can happen.

Avoid contact with water

Unless it’s a hydro-powered battery, do keep your Razor batteries away from water.

It’s not so much to prolong battery life as to prevent it from getting shorter.

The majority of electric dirt bike manufacturers say theirs is water-resistant. About half of today’s electric dirt bikes actually come with IP ratings, making them at least somewhat water-resistant. 

In spite of that, all brands agree that you shouldn’t ride an electric dirt bike in rain or a wet environment. The battery is the main culprit, as it’s the most important part of the dirt bike and also the most vulnerable.

There are people who ride their electric dirt bikes in the rain and report no damage. I think they’re missing something. Water may not immediately destroy the battery, but it can cause corrosion and increase wear and tear.

For this reason, it’s best to keep the Razor electric dirt bike battery as dry as possible.

Don’t use your Razor electric dirt bike battery in extreme temperatures

As Razor’s batteries don’t really have dedicated protection from outside elements, your battery life’s number one enemy is the temperature.

Batteries work best at room temperature. They’re less efficient and degrade faster when the temperature fluctuates too much.

Batteries work best around 20 °C. They lose performance below 0 °C and over 40 °C.

Batteries will last longer if they are used at ideal temperatures. Obviously, this isn’t always possible, so just try not to ride your Razor electric dirt bike in extreme weather.

Properly store your Razor electric dirt bike

You don’t necessarily need to put your Razor electric dirt bike in a box, just a cool, dry place, safe from all outside elements. And don’t forget to remove the battery!

Make sure you store your Razor electric dirt bike in a cool, dry, dark place when it’s not in use. Battery should be charged to 60% once a month, and at that same rate every month.

How to kill the battery life in your Razor Electric Dirt Bike

Unless you’re purposely trying to destroy your Razor electric dirt bike batteries, one general way to kill the battery life in your Razor electric dirt bike will be to ignore the tips above and start rough riding your Razor.

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