Are Electric Dirt Bikes Street Legal?

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You can ride an electric dirt bike for hours on end, and it’s a good stepping stone to riding ATVs and competitive bikes. The most common question I get about these machines is “Are electric dirt bikes street legal?” Let’s talk about it.

Electric dirt bikes are allowed on the road most of the time, but they usually need some modification to be street legal. That said, riders need to check state laws and even county and municipal laws for e-bike riding. There is no federal law prohibiting electronic bikes with pedals and a maximum speed limit of 20 mph, but local regulations may differ. There are speed and power limits for dual-use electric dirt bikes under federal law and local restrictions in each state.

Your motorized vehicle might not be allowed to ride everywhere depending on the kind of dirt bike you have, as well as what your state allows.

Are Electric Dirt Bikes Street Legal Out of The Box?

If you want to ride electric dirt bikes on public roads, they need to be street legal with the right mirrors, tires, lights, and switches that comply with local regulations. In most cases, you’ll need a daily permit and a spark arrestor for your bike.

If the electric dirt bike you bought came with the above-mentioned parts and accessories, or if the manufacturer or dealer tells you so, then it is most likely street legal out of the box.

Are Electric Dirt Bikes Illegal for Road Use?

When an electric dirt bike meets all the federal requirements to be considered an e-bike, then they are usually legal for use on the road. 

Yet, if you buy a dirt bike that’s not advertised as a dual-use vehicle, you can’t ride it on the street right away. The law requires street-legal e-bikes to have operable pedals. 

In addition to federal law, most states require e-bikes to be equipped with a rearview mirror, turn signals, and a horn, among other safety features.

You’ll have a hard time turning an electric dirt bike into a road-legal vehicle if it’s considered an OHV. Again, this varies wildly from state to state.

Can You Make an Electric Dirt Bike Street Legal?

Yes. You can definitely make an electric dirt bike street legal.

Your only job is to install the parts to comply with your state’s DOT (Department of Transportation) requirements. You’ll have to invest a little time and money into getting your dirt bike compliant with the laws in each state.

It depends on what model of dirt bike you’re building, but there are lots of ways to make it simpler.

Before riding a dirt bike on the road, make sure you know what the laws and regulations are in your area.

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