What Makes a Bike Rack RV Approved?

When looking to buy the best RV bike rack for your motorhome, you must have thought about what makes a bike rack RV approved. For longer journeys with your bike, a good bike rack will ensure your bike reaches your destination damage free.

After all, RVs are unlike any other vehicle on the market. Due to the difference in their build, most things that work for normal vehicles don’t fit RVs. Every good RV needs a bike rack to carry your two-wheeler with you on your adventures. 

Scroll down to find out what makes your bike rack RV approved, and what to do if one isn’t. 

What Makes a Bike Rack RV Approved?

If your bike rack is marked RV approved, it has been tested on RVs and has performed great. Companies, especially those that produce RV racks, put their products through rigorous testing. If the product does not cause problems when used on bigger vehicles, they tag it RV-approved. 

These racks are also warranted, and if they get damaged, are refunded by the company. Given that these racks cost a pretty penny, never buy an RV bike rack without checking the manufacturer’s warranty. You don’t want the rack to break as soon as you mount a bike onto it, after all. 

What Does RV-Rated Mean for a Bike Rack?

RVs move a lot when driving, and RV racks are made to bear these movements without giving in. An RV-approved rack is heavier, can hold more weight, and is made of sturdier metal. All of this means it costs more than normal bike racks, too. 

You’ll commonly find 3 types of RV racks in the market: bumper-mount racks, ladder mount racks, and hitch-mount racks. Hitch mount racks can carry the most weight, but ladder mount racks are the easiest to drive with. 

Why Are Some Bike Racks Not RV Approved?

If a bike rack is not RV-approved, it has either not been tested on RVs or did not perform well. Always look for an RV-approved sticker on your rack before purchase. 

So whenever you go out shopping for a bike rack for your RV, make sure to look for the RV approved sticker. And just to be sure, if you can’t find the sticker, it’s better to assume it isn’t RV approved instead of the opposite.

If your rack bends or breaks during driving, it could not only damage your car and bike but may also cause an accident.

Can I Use a Regular Bike Rack on an RV?

Yes, you can. A lot of people use regular bike racks on their RVs, but that does not mean it is safe to do so. There have been cases of racks breaking, bending, or coming loose and causing serious damage.

Also, RV racks can hold a lot more weight than other racks, so if you have an e-bike, or want to haul more than 2 bikes, a normal rack simply won’t do. Additionally, mounting a regular bike rack onto an RV will either be extremely difficult or will damage both the RV and the rack.

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