What Is a Studded Tire?

If you live in an area facing extreme temperatures, you must have heard about studded tires. What is a studded tire? Why do you need it? And what are the best studded dirt bike tires on the market? Read on to find the answer to all these questions.

What Is a Studded Tire?

Studded tires are a type of winter or snow tires and are made specially to ride on ice. The tires come with little metal studs on the surface that provide a much better grip on the road in harsh conditions. These tires come in handy when the roads are frozen over. Their studs dig into the ice and prevent the bike from slipping on the road. 

The number of studs these tires have varies between companies and models. However, they usually range between 60 to 120 studs per tire. 

Are Studded Tires Better?

Yes, studded tires are better on frozen roads. While normal snow tires might be fine for riding through snow, when the water freezes, even these tires cause slipping. The ice settles into the treads in the tires, making them lose traction and slip on the roads. 

Studded tires take care of this issue and provide superior grips in all sorts of conditions. They are especially great for riding down hills or other slopes, especially if you’re on a bike. Having a strong grip when going down a road may mean the difference between life and death. 

However, studded tires are illegal in most places in the world. While the studs do provide an amazing grip on ice, they also damage the roads. Governments in almost all countries have banned these tires because they leave behind holes in the roads. Water then pools and freezes in these holes, not only damaging the road in the long-run but also making it dangerous for other drivers. 

While you cannot use these tires on public roads, however, using them for dirt bikes is okay. Dirt bikes are not road legal either, and the studded tires can help you drive safely. These tires are a must-have if you’re thinking of taking your dirt bike out during the winter.

So whenever it’s snowing outside, the answer to “What is a studded tire?” is that it’s your best friend. 

Do Studded Tires Help on Black Ice?

Yes, studded tires help on black ice. The studs on the surfaces of the tires break the ice which ensures the tires don’t slip on the ice. However, in most countries, studded tires don’t help against black ice because you are simply forbidden from using them on the roads. 

Still, if the route to and from your dirt bike track has black ice you’re looking to avoid, or if you plan on riding your dirt bike on roads, get these fitted in your bike. Studded dirt bike tires elevate the entire experience by providing a smooth ride. 

These tires are also speed-compatible and can go up to 100mph. However, in winter you’re probably not going to be going faster than 30-40mph anyways. What is a studded tire? A must-have investment for any dirt bike. Just be sure to invest in tires with the smallest studs, because the larger ones cause more damage to the roads.

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