Can You Drive Studded Tires on Pavement?

Have you been looking at the best studded dirt bike tires on the market, and wishing you had a pair too? Or maybe you’ve thought things like: can you drive studded tires on pavement?

After all, there are tons of things to consider when you switch to new tires. Keep reading because we’ve discussed studded tires in detail below. 

Can You Drive Studded Tires on Pavement?

No, in most places you cannot drive studded tires on top of pavements. Normally, studded tires are illegal because they damage the roads. However, the tires are indeed amazing for the winter months, especially on black ice. 

Studded tires have small metal studs on the surface of the entire tire. The studs break the ice and create friction, which allows you to drive safely. However, the damage to the roads is very difficult to repair so most governments forbid drivers from using these tires. 

The tires are perfectly legal on dirt roads though, because they don’t cause any damage. Since you can’t use dirt bikes on the roads anyway—they lack taillights and side mirrors to be legal—you can use studded tires on dirt bikes without worry. Can you drive studded tires on pavement? No, you can’t, but with dirt bikes, that’s hardly a problem. 

Can You Use Studded Tires Without Snow?

Yes, you can use studded tires without snow. However, we strongly advise against it. They are illegal on roads in most places, and even if they are legal in your area, they are not the best option for use in the summer. 

Firstly, the tires are very loud on the roads and damage the pavement. Secondly, they will wear away even if you use them on dirt roads only. The dirt will damage the studs until they will either be rubbed down or come off completely. 

Finally, you are losing traction if you’re driving with studded tires in the summer. In the winter, the studs break through the ice and create friction for your tires. In the summer, however, they have the opposite effect. 

Instead of coming in contact with the treaded rubber, the pavement only comes in contact with the metal studs. The rubber creates a lot of friction, whereas the metal studs are very smooth. The studs simply slip off the pavement, which can be very dangerous. 

Do Studded Tires Hurt the Road?

Yes, studded tires hurt the road when you use them. The studs in the tires leave behind little grooves in the pavement. Water then gathers in these grooves and breaks down the pavement from the inside. In the summer, the road gets more damaged because of the lack of ice, but in winter the water in the grooves turns to ice. Can you drive studded tires on pavement? The answer is no for both seasons for normal drivers. For dirt bike riders though, there are no limits. You can use the tires anytime. Just be prepared for the studs to wear down because of the rough roads.

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