Vector Vortex Electric Dirt Bike Review

Among the few rays of light that came out of 2020 was the Vector Vortex electric dirt bike. 

Advertised by Vector to be quite well received by riders on both single-track fields and circuit dirt tracks, the Vortex might just be your ideal ride if you plan to engage in single-track riding. 

It’s great of Vector to include this full-body side shot of the Vortex in their promotional video. It gives viewers a better idea of the bike’s form and style. (Source: Vector e-Bikes)

Yup, you saw that right — being quite well received by riders in two different off-road sports IS quite a big statement. Not something most people would be confident in claiming. …and you’ll be in for quite a surprise when you find out why.

What’s the Vector Vortex and Who’s it For?

The Vector Vortex is a lightweight, mid-size hybrid electric dirt bike designed for extreme off-road riding in mountains, forest or fields. Whereas inferior electric dirt bikes would suffer in these conditions, the Vector Vortex electric dirt bike handles it quite well… Or at least that’s what Vector claims.

Given the bike’s not-so-tall seat height and lightweight frame, it’s likely that not only adults, but also teens can operate this Vector dirt bike. Just make sure they’re wearing proper gear and have experience riding electric dirt bikes, or it can turn out quite ugly quite fast on their first ride.

Vector eBike Vortex Detailed Overview

Vector Vortex Main Features

We’ve found out from riding the bike through some pretty rough trails that the Vector Vortex electric dirt bike’s main digs are its lightweight frame and wide-spectrum versatility. Basically, this means the bike is quite easily flickable and can traverse just about any terrain.

Vortex Display and Batteries

The Vector Vortex features an optional LED display that shows the bike’s speedometer and battery level among others. LED is good in my opinion because it doesn’t consume as much battery power as a TFT does and still provides a convenient way for riders to know their bike’s status. Also it isn’t boring to look at like an analog display.

A 72V 3.2kWh Li-Ion Panasonic battery pack powers the Vector Vortex and provides a range of up to more than 120 miles at an average speed of 22mph without pedalling. It also comes with its own charger which provides a 2-hour recharge time from empty to full. This is good range and recharge times compared to bikes such as the [fill in a popular competing bike that you can link to in sentence].

For easy maintenance the battery rests behind a clip-on panel secured with nuts and a few screws. We found it a snap to pull out. Also, the battery compartment is universally designed so you can check out Amazon for an extra battery pack and pop it in anytime.

Vortex Frame

We found the Vortex frame on par with other hybrid electric dirt bikes — lightweight and a tad smaller than a full sized bike. Despite being lightweight, the Vector Vortex’s frame material consists of high-grade, high-tensile steel. This allows better shock resistance and prevents frame bend and fatigue under pressure. 

The bike is also strong enough to accommodate a pillion rider. You’d look strange doubling up on the trails but, hey, it’s a free country.

Vortex Hybrid Electric Dirt Bike Motor and Transmission

A custom Vector motor propels the Vortex and its rider up to a maximum of 50mph on boost mode. Honestly, that’s quite a good number since we’re usually not looking for a super fast bike for use in professional motorsports, we just wanna enjoy the ride off a trail or countryside. The eco mode (or the bike’s lowest power setting) feels a bit modest and shy in terms of power delivery. I would definitely recommend going into this mode if you plan on just strolling around without much stress.

As mentioned, the Vortex comes with 3 ride modes with varying speeds; eco mode with 15.5mph max speed, normal mode that maxes out at 30mph, and boost mode which peaks out at 50mph give or take. We found 50 to be plenty quick for a bike like this, on par with a 125cc.

Despite having pedals, the Vortex only runs using 1 gear. Better not run out of power mid-ride or it’ll really be a chore just to pedal back home.

Vector Vortex Brakes and Suspension

For optimum stopping power, Vector equipped the Vortex with a custom hydraulic Tektro Auriga dual caliper front brake and a hydraulic TPR Zurich 4 piston rear brake — both using 203mm disc rotors. 

Tektro Auriga is a high quality brake also used by Kuberg’s electric dirt bikes. I’ve had two other bikes so far using these brands of brakes (aftermarket) and I have to say, it works like a charm. 

I’ve found that Tektro Auriga and TPR Zurich brakes sort of mimic brakes with ABS or anti-lock braking system. They provide an exceptional amount of stopping power without causing much tire lock-up or sudden jerks. I think this is really useful on narrow trails where a slide or other small mistakes can be fatal.

One bike we’ve reviewed that uses the Tektro Auriga brakes is the Kuberg Freerider. You can check that review out here.

For high quality shock absorption, the Vector Vortex uses custom DNM air forks and rear shock. DNM is pretty common among high quality electric dirt bikes, and quite affordable too. This makes it easy to replace and/or repair in case of damage.

Vortex eBike Tires & Wheels

For good performance even on crooked or uneven terrain, the Vector Vortex comes with a 24-inch double wall aluminium front rim and a 19-inch aluminium moto rear rim. Personally, I think these sizes are definitely a great match for use in harder terrain, such as rocky trails or downhill drops. 

Both wheels use standard knobby tires which may need to be changed out if you want better grip on the dirt tracks. I recommend going for high quality tire brands like Kenda, Pirelli or Dunlop. It may be a little pricey, but it’ll really boost your confidence when tackling difficult terrain.

Vector Vortex Tech Specifications

If the Vortex’s features above sound like a mouthful, check out this nifty list be put up to get an idea of what this Vector ebike is made of:

Manufacturer NameVector eBike (Polywarm Deutschland GmbH)
Model NameVortex
Model Year2020
Motor ManufacturerVector eBike (Polywarm Deutschland GmbH)
Motor ModelVector custom 10kW motor
Motor Power10kW (15hp, 36.88 ft-lbs)
Motor PlacementMid-drive
ControllerCustom Kelly 7230s, 300 Amps
Power Pack72v Li-Ion Panasonic 18650 PF
Battery Capacity3.2 kWh
Battery RemovalEasy slide out with bolts
Range~120 miles (average speed of 22mph, without pedalling)
Ride ModeEco-mode – 15.5mph max speed

Normal mode – 30mph

Boost mode – +50mph
Regenerative BrakingYes
Top speed50mph
Seat height25 inches
SuspensionFork: Custom DNM USD8SA air, 200 mm travel

Rear shock: 650/850 lbs spring, 220 mm DNM Burner 2S
DisplayLED (speedometer, battery level)
PurposeAll off-road terrain
SecurityKey-lock ignition

Where Can I Get a Vector Electric Dirt Bike?

The best place you can get a Vortex electric dirt bike is right off of Vector’s website. From there, you can select from a range of optional items that you want included with your bike upon delivery. These items include: high torque/speed rear sprockets, pedals, headlights and tail lights, a kickstand, a horn, and even usb charge ports for your mobile phone. The base bike comes in at $5,999 USD not including the delivery fee.

What is Vector’s After-Sales Support Like?

Though Vector is a Germany-based company, they do offer to deliver bikes straight to its US customers’ doorsteps. All you gotta do is contact them directly using the contact info found here and from there, you can opt for purchase and delivery. For questions, you can also email them at [email protected]

Vector Vortex Videos

Want to see the bike perform in real time? Here’s a video of the Vector Vortex in action:

Vector Vortex Promotional Video (Source: YouTube)
Vector Vortex Video Review (Source: YouTube)

Choice Vector Vortex Commentaries

Sadly, the Vector Vortex doesn’t come with any customer reviews that we’re allowed to share. The review video above cites plenty of info about the bike though. You can check that out instead.

Vortex Pictures

If you want a different view angle on the Vector Vortex, don’t hesitate to check out these pictures:

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