Sur Ron Battery Problems: How Do I Prevent Them?

Whether you’re riding with a stock battery, or have invested in a Sur-Ron battery upgrade, certain problems exist with all Sur-Ron batteries. 

These Sur Ron battery problems can be tricky to identify and fix. Read on, because we’ve discussed some common problems below. 

Sur Ron Battery Problems: How Do I Prevent Them?

The biggest problem with Sur Ron’s batteries is their lifespan getting cut short. Like all other lithium-ion batteries, Sur-Ron’s batteries need a lot of care. Lithium-ion batteries are affected by temperature changes and need proper charging to prolong their life. 

Always make sure you charge your battery before it goes flat to make it last longer. If you’re not using the battery, store it in a place that experiences minimum temperature fluctuations. 

Additionally, charge your battery frequently during storage, and keep it at 40-80% charging. Doing all this will prevent your battery from dying too fast.

Secondly, lithium-ion batteries are prone to overheating if they are not charged at the right temperatures. This overheating can cause short circuits and even explosions in the battery. To prevent this, check on your battery when it’s charging, and switch off the charger if you feel it heating up. 

How Do You Take Care of a Sur Ron Battery?

There are a lot of Sur Ron battery problems, but they are easy to prevent with proper care. Lithium-ion batteries run the risk of exploding or catching fire with temperature fluctuations. When charging, make sure your battery isn’t heating up too much. If you feel it go hot, switch the charger off and let it calm down. 

Additionally, make sure you never drain your battery completely. Batteries have a fixed number of charging cycles they can go through before they die. Every time you charge your battery from 0, its life gets reduced. 

The cells lose their ability to hold current, and a charge-discharge cycle is created. Every time the battery charges completely, it discharges itself and then charges itself again. It loses its ability to retain charge, and you experience a reduced range. Eventually, the battery becomes unable to stay charged at all. 

Similarly, never charge your battery to 100% because overcharging your battery can be just as dangerous. Instead, only charge your battery to 100% once in a couple of weeks.

How Often Should You Recondition Your Sur Ron Battery?

You should recondition your Sur Ron battery once it dies. Reconditioning a battery is the process of reviving dead cells and extending a battery’s life. This method can help solve a lot of Sur Ron battery problems. 

A normal lithium-ion battery lasts about 400-500 charging cycles. Once the battery dies, you can then try to recondition it. This is done by discharging and then recharging the battery completely to extend its life. It is possible to recondition the battery at home, but it is best to go to trained personnel to stay safe.

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