Best Razor Dirt Bike MX650 Charger Options

If you’ve read our Best Razor Dirt Bike Battery Upgrade Options article you’d have an idea which battery upgrade you want for your Razor MX650. But which charger fits your bike? Read on to find out.

Finding the right Razor MX650 charger can be tricky. There’s a lot of information and ratings to sift through. In addition, it’s hard to know if one will fit your Razor dirt bike. But first, there are some things you need to know before picking the right Razor MX650 charger.

  1. Razor MX650 battery voltage

Every charger has two voltage numbers on it-one for input, one for output. The input voltage is what you plug it into. The output voltage should match the battery voltage on your Razor MX650.

  1. Razor MX650 battery current

You want a fast charger, so look for one with a high output current. Basically, the lower the amps of the model, the lower the output current.

  1. Razor MX650 battery connector

Charger connectors need to match battery ports. Adapters bridge the gap if that’s not an option. Regardless, your battery won’t charge if you don’t hook it up to the charger.

With all of that said, here are some of the best Razor MX650 battery chargers:

Razor MX650 Dirt Bike Charger Requirements

As I mentioned earlier, you’ve gotta match your charger’s output voltage with your Razor MX650. Also the battery port, but that’s simple enough since it uses the common 3-prong connector.

Anyways, the stock Razor MX650 batteries require an output voltage of 36 volts. But don’t worry, every Razor dirt bike charger option on this list matches that voltage. Just use one meant for the bike.

Razor MX650 Dirt Bike Charger Options

To give you an overview of the Razor dirt bike chargers we piled together, check out their specs on these tables:

Brand/Model NameQILI Power Class 2 Battery Charger
Input Voltage100-120V
Output Voltage36V
Connector Type3-prong
Price$21.39 USD
Link to BuyAmazon

By far your most expensive option on this list. Apart from that, you might need to get a power regulator if your electric outlets at home have a higher voltage than 120 volts. Otherwise, you’ll set your battery on fire.

Brand/Model NameLW-02-66W
Input Voltage100-240V
Output Voltage36V
Connector Type3-prong
Price$19.99 USD
Link to BuyAmazon

About the same specs as above, only cheaper and a much higher voltage for outlets. Unless you use higher voltage sockets at home, you won’t need a power regulator.

Brand/Model NameGxcdizx Lithium Battery Charger
Input Voltage100-240V
Output Voltage36V
Connector Type3-prong
Price$17.99 USD
Link to BuyAmazon

The Gxcdizx lithium battery charger has a higher amperage than the Razor MX650 charger options above, so you get a slightly faster charge. Otherwise, same specs.

Razor MX650 QILI Power Class 2 Battery Charger

This model is the closest you can get to the stock charger specs (except the stock charger can handle a higher outlet voltage of up to 240V). 

The QILI Power Class 2 Razor MX650 battery charger may need a power regulator as you plug it into your sockets at home since it can only handle up to 120V of outlet voltage. Like the stock charger, it takes a menacing 12 – 24 hours to fully charge the Razor MX650.

You can get this Razor dirt bike charger at Amazon for just $21.39 USD. Not a bad price. It’s more expensive than the rest of the options on this list, but it’s also the only one with a readable brand (which kinda lets you know of its quality).

The LW-02-66W is Your Best MX 650 Replacement Charger

Yes, when you look at the back of this charger, you won’t even see a brand. Just this alien model number. The LW-02-66W is your best bet at a replacement charger however, since it has exactly the same specs on the stock Razor MX650 charger.

You can get the LW-02-66W at Amazon for just $19.99 USD. A bit cheaper than the first option, and a LOT cheaper than buying the stock charger from Razor. Let’s just hope it works eh?

The Razor MX650 Gxcdizx Lithium Battery Charger

If you’ve upgraded your Razor MX650 with a lithium battery, that’s where this charger comes in. 

The Gxcdizx lithium battery charger has a standard 100-240 V output voltage with a higher 1.8A amp output. So you can just plug it anywhere. It also charges faster at just 10 hours. 

However, you can’t use this charger on stock batteries. It won’t work. Worst case scenario, you’ll cause a bad fire.

You can get the Gxcdizx lithium battery charger at Amazon for $17.99 USD. Cheapest of the bunch.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Razor MX650?

It takes a menacing 12 – 24 hours to fully charge a Razor MX650 on the stock batteries. However, you can slightly reduce this charge time to just 10 hours with a lithium battery upgrade and a lithium battery charger. We highly recommend that option.

How Do You Charge a Razor Dirt bike?

You can charge a Razor dirt bike by simply removing the charging cap on the battery, and then plugging in your charger’s 3-prong connector. You can then park next to a socket and start charging.

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