Pursang E-Track Electric Scrambler Preview

How would it feel to ride the streets in a stylishly built futuristic scrambler? Well, now you can go out and experience what it’s like with the new Pursang E-Track electric scrambler. People have been looking out for this awesome looking ride since 2018, and it looks like Pursang aims to release its first units in May 2020. 

So how is the Pursang E-track different from all other scramblers out there? Besides the fact that it’s a hundred percent modern electric, it also possesses the spirit of classic Spanish motorcycles from the 1960s.

This lateral shot by Pursang does a great job of showcasing the Pursang E-Track electric scrambler. (Source: Pursang Motorcycles)

Who is Pursang? A Brief History

Pursang initially produced motorcycles back in 1967 as a sub-brand of Bultaco and quickly built a reputation for light and nimble machines. Bultaco was a Spanish manufacturer of 2-stroke motorcycles that went out of business in 1984, but reappeared in 2014 as a purely electric motorcycle manufacturer. 

The 1967 Bultaco MK II 250 Pursang Boat Tail — a motocross motorcycle with a mix of scrambler aesthetics — quickly attracted the public’s eye when it came out and Bultaco then went on to dominate the World Trials Championship in the 1970s, winning the title eight times, and winning the Scottish Six Days Trial four times.

But despite its sudden rise to the limelight, Bultaco eventually stopped production of Bultaco-Pursang motorcycles in 1984. This is because of a protracted transition to bigger facilities followed by a downturn in the Spanish economy which also caused Bultaco to finally let go of Pursang resulting in the sub brand going out of business.

Pursang’s name later reemerged as a purely electric motorcycle manufacturer. They made their debut in the 2018 EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show with two new offers in the electric scrambler category — the Pursang E-track and E-street.

Pursang E-Track Electric Scrambler Overview

The Pursang E-track electric scrambler will be a retro-looking electric motorbike derived from the original Bultaco MK II 250 Pursang Boat Tail. 

“From the beginning of the project we have been committed to maintaining the essence of the golden age of Spanish motorcycles and similar dynamic qualities, improved by current technology,” Pursang Motorcycles founder Jim Palau-Ribes explained in a recent interview with Electric Motorcycles News. “We have delved into the aesthetics and the essence of the motorcycles of that time and interpreted this authenticity of the classics in a 21st-century motorbike.”

Here’s another lateral shot albeit from a different angle by Pursang that perfectly captures the E-Track’s retro-modern beauty. (Source: Pursang Motorcycles)

In line with Jim Palau-Ribes’ vision, the Pursang E-track production model will use a powerful 11kW electric motor and will draw power from three high capacity built-in batteries that provide hundreds of miles of range. It will also possess unique features such as carbon fiber body panels, as well as high quality branded components from well known motorcycle component manufacturers such as J.Juan, Ollé, and Pirelli.

Pursang founder Jim Palau-Ribes on the rebirth of Pursang Motorcycles (Source: Pursang Motorcycles)

Perhaps two of the Pursang E-Track’s most head turning features will be its timeless retro-modern look, and its rugged but sexy form or geometry. Aside from that, the Pursang E-track electric scrambler will also boast a dirt oval racer-inspired bodywork resembling that of modern tracker motorcycles.

The Pursang E-Track electric scrambler is out to be a great looking bike with great specs, and is obviously being built with dreams and passion. We have good reason to believe that this bike would stay and establish its mark on the industry, if not make it to the top.

Where Would Pursang E-Track Fit in the Market?

Judging from its style and demeanor, the Pursang E-track electric scrambler would fit perfectly in the Retro Scrambler category alongside Vintage’s electric motorcycles, Fly Free’s Desert, Classic, and Old-style models, and Switch’s e-Scrambler. 

One advantage the Pursang E-track electric scrambler would hold over these models is its refinement. Vintage, Fly Free, and Switch are all fresh entries in the electric motorcycle industry whereas Pursang has already had experience manufacturing motorcycles in the past. Yes, electric motorcycles and traditional motorcycles are widely different, but their similarities do meet in terms of structure, purpose, and rider preference.

Given the growing population of retro motorcycle enthusiasts and countries gradually “going green” with the introduction of electric powered vehicles, we’d say the Pursang E-track electric scrambler would enter the market at the perfect time.

When Will the Pursang E-Track Electric Scrambler Be Released?

Pursang will release the 2020 Pursang E-Track electric scrambler in May, 2020, and it will retail for $14,800 USD. The company is already accepting limited reservations on its website for one of the first 60 bikes to be released in May 2020. The company plans to manufacture more than 60 bikes in 2020, so getting one later won’t be a problem.

Though Pursang hasn’t yet established a dealership in the mainland USA, you can look out for the Pursang E-Track electric scrambler at either one of Pursang’s two dealers near the USA — Green Ride in Colonia Industrial, in Mexico, and Suru Inc in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In the slim chance that you live in the UK, you can watch out for the bike at e-Scoot in Shrewsbury, UK, or at ETT Industries and E Rider in London, UK.

This frontal action shot by Pursang does a good job of highlighting the Pursang E-Track’s badass looking face. (Source: Pursang Motorcycles)

Mud Bike’s Take on the Pursang E-Track Electric Scrambler

The Pursang E-Track electric scrambler is probably the most exciting electric motorcycle to enter production so far in 2020. But, time will tell if it will be the earthshaker electric motorcycle of the year in terms of rider interest and sales.

Pursang has gained a lot of popularity since their revival in 2018, and now the company is in a phase or stage where it has to maintain that popularity if it’s ever going to survive in the industry. Here’s hoping Pursang’s catchphrase “The Rebirth of a Legend” will actually turn into a reality.

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