The Most Aggressive Dual Sport Tire: A Delve Into The Dark Side (of Tires)

Everyone loves dual-sport motorcycles. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it can take you places other bikes can’t. How about when you need more than just a little speed? Does it need to be able to handle some serious off-roading? Here’s the deal: there are plenty of tires out there that can handle anything from backcountry trails to rock gardens! Why don’t you get yourself one of the best dual sport tires?

Let’s get started!

How aggressive can dual-sport motorcycle tires get?

If you haven’t heard of a “darkside” tire, let me explain: Dual-sport tires are the kind that go on your street bike and have a totally different tread pattern than the ones on your daily commuter. The tread pattern on Darkside tires is designed to grip dirt or mud (or both) better than other types of tires, so they’re not for everyone.

For maximum traction, these are your best bet-but don’t buy them if you don’t want your feet shredded by rocks every time you go off-roading.

What is a darkside tire? How is it aggressive?

Darkside tires are dual-sport tires designed for off-road use. Basically, it’s aggressive and designed to perform better in dirt (gravel) or mud than pavement. Also, darkside tires are typically more aggressive than skinnier tires, which can be used on trails and in deserts.

There’s a lot of traction with darkside tires, but there’s not as much stability. These tires are great if you like to ride dirt tracks as well as paved roads-but if you’re not up for darksides (or if you don’t have a track to ride), then something else might be better for you.

Which aggressive dual sport motorcycle tire is best?

You can’t go wrong with the Continental TKC80 for aggressive dual sport tires. Besides being the best tire in its class, it’s also one of the most versatile tires you can get for your bike.

Continental designed the TKC80 to be an all-terrain, dual-sport tire that could handle both on-road and off-road riding.

Large knobs at the center of each tread block provide better traction when cornering and sliding around off-road corners during trail rides or other activities where loose dirt or sand may be present. With more control, you’ll also be able to pull away from others while they struggle to keep up with their own bikes!

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