How Long Do Electric Dirt Bikes Last?

Are you looking to buy yourself an electric bike and looking for important information? The best electric dirt bikes for adults sure do look amazing.

However, how long do electric dirt bikes last? And are they really good investments to make? Can you make them last longer? Maybe… 

How Long Do Electric Dirt Bikes Last?

Electric Bikes themselves can last pretty much forever if you take care of it right. On the other hand, electric dirt bikes run on batteries, and it is this battery that dies out with time. You can expect the battery to expire in about 5 years if used constantly. 

After this, you can replace the battery to continue using the bike. Electric bikes themselves have an expected life of about a decade. This does change depending on the manufacturer. 

The batteries of these dirt bikes provide anywhere from 30-60 minutes of power on a single charge. The more you use and charge these batteries, the faster they go obsolete. 

Is There a Way to Make Electric Dirt Bikes Last Longer?

The easiest way to make your electric dirt bike last longer is to remove the battery when you’re not using the bike. Store the battery in a warm, but not hot, environment, and keep it charged at all times. A 60-70% charged battery is optimum. You need to check the battery every so often, and if the charge drops below 20%, you need to charge it again. 

When using your battery, always charge it before it depletes completely, and do not charge it fully. 

Apart from the battery, the easiest way to keep your bike in optimum condition is to lubricate its chains. Dry chains cause friction, which can not only damage the bike but will reduce range too. Clean the chain using water and lubricate it lightly using a cloth. Do not apply a lot of lubricant as that will catch dirt and cause a mess. 

How long do electric dirt bikes last? If you take care of them properly, you can make your bike last even longer than a decade. Sure, you’ll need to replace some parts like chains and batteries, but the bike will keep running. 

Which Electric Dirt Bikes Last the Longest?

The KTM Freeride E-XC is one of the longest-lasting dirt bikes on the market. Electric bikes come in two major types: those with lead batteries, and those with lithium-ion batteries. How long do electric dirt bikes last? Well, it depends on the battery. 

Lead batteries normally last 3 to 5 years. There are some expensive ones that can last over a decade, but they normally are not fitted in electric bikes. If your bike has a lead battery, you can expect the battery to require changing in under a decade. 

However, a lithium-ion battery can work up to 10-12 years, which is why you want to look for lithium-ion batteries when buying your bike. 

The way you treat your bike also plays a very important part in its life span. Bikes that are kept clean and try last longer, and so do bikes that are driven with care.

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