How Fast Is 1000W in Mph?

When choosing the best electric dirt bikes for adults, speed is something you always look at. Different models of e-bikes produce different power, which is given in Watts, and it plays a big part in how fast they can go. 

How fast is 1000W in mph? And what wattage should a good e-bike be? Scroll down and find out the answers to both of these questions along with a few others.

How Fast Is 1000W in Mph?

A 1000W motor can produce a top speed of roughly 35-36mph. However, wattage isn’t the only thing that determines the speed of an engine. There are a lot of other factors that affect speed, and we’ve discussed them below. 

How Fast Do 1000W Electric Dirt Bikes Go?

A 1000 W electric bike can go as fast as 35mph. However, most 1000W e-bikes fail to reach this speed. How fast your bike can go also depends on the terrain, the condition of your bike, your tires, and the weight the bike is carrying.  

Additionally, the speed of your bike also depends on its size. If your bike is smaller, it will weigh less and will reach top speed faster. 

Finally, if you want a bike that is faster than 35mph, you can either look for bikes with more wattage or go for fuel-powered bikes instead. The best fuel-powered bikes can go as fast as 102mph, a speed that is unmatched by even the best e-bikes. 

Is 1000W Enough for E-bikes?

Yes, 1000W is more than enough for normal e-bikes. 1000 W e-bikes are mostly used by riders that drive on really rough terrain. In fact, on roads, a 1000 W e-bike might even prove to be too fast. How fast is 1000W in mph, and can you drive a bike with this wattage on roads? 

This bike normally goes above 20mph, and some countries and states prohibit the use of these e-bikes in public spaces.  

E-bikes come in a range of 300-1000W. A 300W e-bike can go up to 17mph, a 500W bike can go up to 20 mph, and a 750 W e-bike usually touches a top speed of 28mph. 

How fast is 1000W in mph? For most riders, it is a little too fast. 500W and 750W e-bikes are the most famous options for common e-bike riders. These bikes do well on both rough terrain and roads, and you are allowed to drive them in public spaces too 

Finally, you can surprisingly also find 5000W electric dirt bikes on the market, although they are extremely rare. The speed of these bikes can easily shoot over 50mph and can go as far as 65mph. 

5000 W bikes are extremely expensive and aren’t easily available. We also recommend against these unless you’re a seasoned e-bike rider. A bike that can reach such high speeds will, without a doubt, be difficult to control. Also, most roads don’t allow you to ride a bike above 45mph, which means you’d be allowed to take them out on private property only.

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