How Do I Keep My Bike Rack From Being Stolen?

If you’ve recently installed a bike rack on top of your pop up camper, you may be wondering how do I keep my bike rack from being stolen? 

Bike racks are a great way to transport your bikes from A to B. But they can make you a target for thieves as bike racks are an expensive piece of kit. So, if you don’t want your bike rack stolen, read on for our top tips.

How Do I Keep My Bike Rack From Being Stolen?

The most obvious answer to keeping your bike rack from being stolen is to use a lock. Some, but not all bike racks come with an integrated locking system. But if your rack doesn’t, then it’s best to invest in a decent lock.

Other top tips to keep your bike rack from being stolen include the following:

  • Always park in busy or well lit areas. Preferably with security or CCTV cameras as this will deter thieves
  • Remove your bike rack when it’s not in use. This might sound time consuming, but it is the safest way to keep your bike rack from being stolen. Plus these days, many bike racks are quick and easy to install and remove
  • Fix your bike rack to your car. Some types of bike racks such as a roof racks can be permanently fixed to your car. This will make the bike rack difficult for thieves to remove without damaging either the rack or your vehicle

Is It Safe To Leave A Bike Rack On A Car?

Yes, it’s safe to leave a bike rack on a car if you take the above precautions and make sure the rack is securely attached. However, most people remove their bike racks when they are not in use to protect the racks and straps from unnecessary corrosion.

In addition, some types of racks add extra weight or even wind resistance, which can increase the fuel consumption of your vehicle. So, while it is safe to leave a bike rack on a car, the practicalities mean that most people will remove them.

How Can I Make My Bike Rack More Secure?

To make your bike rack more secure, firstly always make sure that it is properly secured. Any loose brackets, bolts, or screws will make it easier for a potential thief to remove the rack. Secondly, use a strong lock such as a U-lock, a strong chain, or a steel cable to secure your bike rack to your vehicle. 

How Do You Lock A Bike Rack? 

Some bike racks come with an integrated locking system which makes them easy to lock. But, if yours doesn’t, you can always purchase extra locks, which isn’t a bad idea anyway. U-locks are the best locks for your rack as they are very strong and difficult to cut through. Plus, you can run a chain or steel cable through your rack and attach it somewhere underneath your car to lock the bike rack to your vehicle.

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