Can I Charge an eBike Battery in My Car?

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People are going on holiday with their e-bikes so they can explore their destination on two wheels. The fact that so many tourist spots now cater to e-bikers as a potential target group isn’t a coincidence, with specially marked routes and tour suggestions.

That’s why more and more campers are taking their own eBikes. That’s no surprise: your own pedelec is safer than renting a local bike. Easily transportable in a car or on a bike rack. Once you get there, it broadens your holiday options.

But what happens when the battery runs out? You have a few options. A campsite pitch is obviously the most obvious: it’s easy to hook up, it’s easy to use, and you rarely have to worry about the charging infrastructure.

When you want to charge your e-bike through your car, things get a little more complicated. In a car, for example, the standard 12 V connection is no longer sufficient for charging a phone or laptop since e-bike chargers almost always require 230 V. So make sure your car is prepared for e-bike charging. “Inverter” or voltage transformer is the key word here.

Can I charge an eBike battery in my car?

So, can I charge an eBike battery in my car? The quick answer is yes.

You can charge your ebike battery using a 12-volt car socket if you’re on the go or driving out of town.  Typically, 12 V car cigarette/accessory sockets can only handle about 150 watts of power (12 V Car battery x 15 A fuse = 150-180 Watts). 

Use an in-car inverter if your battery charger is lower voltage and amperage.  An 18 V 2-amp cigarette socket will draw about 90 watts of power, compared to a typical 150 watt cigarette socket.  You’ll probably blow the fuse in your car if you use a higher amp charger or higher voltage battery.

Remember that even a small inverter will drain a car battery pretty fast, so you should run your car/truck to keep the alternator going, which keeps the car battery charged.  You’d be right if you thought this was a bad way to charge an electric bike battery!  But if you’re in a bind, or if you’re driving long distances anyway with your ebike, this might help.

How to charge ebike off a car?

You can charge your ebike battery in your car by plugging it into the 12-volt socket inside. You’ll need a standard 600W car inverter for your ebike if your battery charger has low power and voltage. 

Around 150 watts of power comes from a 12V car socket, while 90 watts comes from a 36 Volts 2-amp ebike battery.

What size inverter to use to charge an electric bike?

To charge an electric bike, a 350-watt inverter should be enough. Those inverters are great because they charge an eBike without damaging anything inside.

I hope these tips have helped dispel some range anxiety you may have had with your electric bike, whether it was just a quick charge to get home or a trip across the country. Happy riding!

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