Can You Talk On The Phone With A Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

Now that helmets have Bluetooth integration, you’ve got the question “Can you talk on the phone with a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet?” on your mind. Yes, with the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, riders are able to take calls and listen to music hands-free while they ride.

But how do you connect your phone to your helmet’s intercom? Is even legal? Read on to find out.

Can You Talk On The Phone With A Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

Yes, you can talk on the phone with a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. 

With the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, riders are able to make and receive calls, listen to music, and access their navigation devices all hands-free while they ride. 

Bluetooth technology allows a rider’s smartphone and chosen helmet intercom system to easily sync together. Once connected, you’ll be able to pair up with other riders in your group or have conversations over long distances without taking your hands off the handlebar. 

You can even connect multiple helmets for larger groups or conference calls when riding together.

How Do I Connect My Phone To My Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

You can connect your phone to your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet by first getting the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that is compatible with your smartphone. 

Once the helmet has been acquired, you can begin the pairing process by turning the intercom on and activating your device’s own Bluetooth settings. 

Next, you’ll need to search for available devices and select your intercom system from the list of paired options. 

Lastly, when prompted enter in an appropriate code or pin number that matches up with both devices so they are able to successfully connect. 

Once connected, there are numerous features available for riders to enjoy including hands-free calling over long distances through group chats and conference calls with other riders in their riding group who also have similar helmets installed with headsets or mics of their own. 

Riders will even be able to access navigation systems if their chosen helmet system supports it as well as streaming music from their phones’ media library once their headsets have been properly installed.

Is It Legal To Talk On The Phone With A Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet While Riding?

It is legal in some states to talk on the phone with a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet while riding. 

However, any state with this law also tends to have rules about how it can be used and what times of day it can be done. 

The specifics vary by state, but generally speaking you must use a hands-free device such as Bluetooth that allows you to keep both hands on the handlebars while talking. 

Another important factor when talking on the phone while riding is that you must remain aware of all your surroundings at all times and understand that using your phone for anything other than an important conversation may impair your ability to stay safe and alert on the road. 

It’s always best practice to focus on driving safely first before making any calls or listening to music with your Bluetooth headset so you can avoid accidents or dangerous situations from occurring.

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