Can Tires Be Re-Studded?

Studded tires are one of the best dirt bike ice racing tires because they provide superior grip on ice. This is why once you finally find the best studded dirt bike tires for your ride, it can be painful when they wear down. 

However, can tires be re-studded and extend their lives? Read on, because we’ve discussed this in detail below. 

Can Tires Be Re-Studded?

Yes, the tires can be re-studded, however, you’ll have a very tough time finding somebody who agrees to do the job. For a studded tire to be safe to drive, the studs have to be fitted into the tire at a particular depth. 

With new tires, it isn’t a problem to measure this distance. However, once a tire wears down, there is no way of ensuring the studs are embedded into the tire just right. This means not only may the stud come out, but the tire can be damaged too.

Secondly, once a tire is used, dirt and pebbles get stuck into its body. If you stud a used tire, there is a chance you might trap these under the stud. These can become projectiles, which can harm not only you but other drivers on the road too. 

Although it is possible to re-stud a used tire, there is no way of doing it right. The studs will always be a safety risk. We recommend you either buy or make new studded tires. They might cost a little more, but the investment will be worth it in the end. 

Can You Replace Worn Studs on Studded Tires?

Yes, you can replace worn studs on a tire. However, it is extremely dangerous to do so. The studs are initially fixed at a predetermined length so that only the heads of the studs are visible. If you want to re-stud your tires, you’ll need to go deeper than it is safe to, since the tire will have worn down near the top. 

Additionally, the re-studding is extremely hard too. Old studs break during removal and do not leave clean holes behind. Unless you mark all the holes after removal, they’ll heal very fast. 

Finally, shops won’t agree to do the job because of how risky it is. You’ll be stuck removing and replacing the studs yourself. The effort simply isn’t worth it, even for the best dirt bike ice racing tires. 

How Much Does It Cost to Get Studs Put on Tires?

Most shops charge about $10 to $20 for studding a tire if you bring your own but may charge less if you purchase the tires from them. However, it’s the tires that will cost you the most. Studded tires are more expensive compared to other dirt bike ice racing tires because they require more material. 

You can also stud a tire yourself if you purchase the studs and a stud gun. Simply load the gun, and shoot the studs into the tire. A stud gum will be about $400 and above. 

Finally, you can also purchase pre-studded tires from the market. A studded tire can normally cost you anywhere from $50 to $500.

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