Driving Studded Tires on the Dry Pavement: Is It Safe?

No matter how tempted you are by the best-studded dirt bike tires available in the market, nothing is more important than security. 

Sure, studded tires are safe during the winter months, but should you be driving studded tires on dry pavement? Read on and find out.

Driving Studded Tires on the Dry Pavement: Is It Safe?

No, it’s not safe to drive studded tires on dry pavement. There are several security concerns here, the biggest of which is friction on the road. 

Studded tires are a winter staple for drivers because they dig into the ice and increase friction on roads. This prevents cars and bikes from slipping and protects drivers against accidents. However, on dry pavement, studded tires may end up causing accidents instead. 

When you drive on a dry road, the treads of your rubber tire rub against the road and create friction. This friction promotes a strong grip between the tire and the road. However, if you’re driving with studded tires, you’ll slip instead. Where rubber is rough, metal is smooth and metal studs simply slide off the pavement. This greatly reduces the grip your tires have on the road. 

The second safety concern with studded tires is the studs getting deeper inside the tire. Studs aren’t meant to be used on pavement. If you drive on pavement, the studs will either break off, or the hard pavement will push them into the tire. If the studs come off, they’ll cause damage to other drivers. On the other hand, if they dig into the tire, they can cause damage to the tire while you’re riding. 

Can You Drive Studded Tires on Dry Roads?

Technically, you can drive studded tires on dry roads. However, you’ll be in deep trouble if you do. Not only is driving studded tires on dry pavement a safety concern, but it is also illegal. Studded tires create holes in the dry pavement and cause damage to public property. 

You can only use studded tires in either the winter months or on off-road trails. Otherwise, you’ll be fined for causing damage to public property. 

Do Studded Tires Damage Asphalt?

Yes, studded tires cause damage to asphalt. If you continuously drive studded tires over asphalt, they wear it away and cause grooves in the surface. However, the biggest problem is what comes after. Water gathers into these holes and the asphalt starts to come apart from the inside. 

In summer, driving studded tires on dry pavement is forbidden and can not only be a safety concern but a legal one too. If you’re wanting to increase your tire’s grips, you can get one with deeper treads. The more treads a tire has, the more friction it provides. 

Additionally, if you feel like your tires are slipping on the road, you might want to have them replaced. Tires become unsafe to drive once the treads wear off.

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