10 Best Rear Racks for Mountain Bikes [2023 Review]

The best rear rack for a mountain bike makes getting to those distant trails less of a chore and is an absolute necessity if there’s more than one bike. Gone are the days when you had to take the wheels off and squeeze a bike into the back of your vehicle.

Nowadays, there are a lot of different styles of bike racks out there, but the best rear racks for mountain bikes are some of the easiest to use and the most affordable. 

We’ve put together a list of our tried and tested best rear-mounted bike racks to take the guesswork out of it for you. So keep on reading to learn all there is to know about the best rear rack for mountain bikes on the market today.

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Best Mountain Bike Rear Racks: Our Top Picks And What To Avoid

In our top picks, we have put together a quick-look table listing the top brands and what we liked and didn’t like about each particular bike rack. You can click to get the best deals.

The best rear rack for a mountain bike will depend a lot on what fits your car – remember, most rear bike racks are very versatile, but not every rear bike rack will fit every car. So always make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions or ask if it will fit your vehicle before you buy.

BrandModelTop AdvantageTop DisadvantagePrice
ThuleApex XTPremium bike rack that carries up to 4 bikes.Some bike styles will need an adapter.Click to check price
YakimaRidgebackTilt away design gives easy access to your trunk.Tricky to load more than 2 bikes.Click to check price
HollywoodHR1400 Sport RiderBest rear rack for carrying multiple bikes.The actual rack is extremely heavy.Click to check price
YakimaFullback 3Comes with built-in locks to secure both your bikes and the rack from theft.May take some practice to secure.Click to check price
SarisBones EX 3Lightweight and easy to install without tools.Not suitable for non-traditional bike frames.Click to check price
YakimaHangOverCarries up to 6 bikes.Compatible with suspension forks only.Click to check price
SarisSuperclamp Ex2Best for rear view visibility.Needs tools to install.Click to check price
YakimaHold Up EVOThe EVO can accommodate tyre widths of up to 4.8”.Difficult to access the folding lever.Click to check price
Thule T2 Pro XTREasy tool-free installation and integrated hitch locking system.Heavy and expensive.Click to check price
SearsuckerTalon RackFits any vehicle.May damage the paintwork of your vehicle.Click to check price

This table gives you an indication of the pros and cons of our top 10 best rear racks for mountain bikes. Below are more details about our top picks, so read on to find out more before making your choice.

How We Selected The Best Options: Our Results And Criteria

The criteria we use to select our top picks includes the following: 

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation comes down to the quality of a company’s products, marketing, and brand image. Customer service and public relations play a huge role. Plus, even how employees are treated will impact a brand’s overall reputation.

Modular Design

With modular design, we take into consideration how well a product is put together and the quality of the materials used. Plus, we look at the strength, sturdiness, and overall feel of the rack when driving.

Weight Capacity

How many bikes do you want to carry, 1,2,3, or more? A mountain bike with tough, knobbly tires will, on average, weigh more than a lighter road bike. So the best rear-mounted bike racks for mountain bikes should have a heavier weight capacity. 

Customer Reviews Over A Multitude Of Sites

While we take into account our own personal experiences, we also look at user reviews on forums and bike rack reviews on professional cycling websites.

Ease Of Installation

It’s not just about the ease of installation, but the best rear bike racks should be easy to remove and simple to load and offload your bikes too.

Yakima Mountain Bike Rear Rack? Thule Mountain Bike Rear Rack? Saris Mountain Bike Rear Rack? Which Brand Should I Get? 

Yakima, Thule, and Saris are some of the biggest brands when it comes to bike racks. You can’t really go wrong with any of them. So which brand you choose will come down to personal choice, the type of rack you want, whether it fits your car, and of course, your budget.

Should I Get A 2 Bike Rear Rack?

The best rear bike racks for mountain bikes should be strong and easy to use. However, before choosing the right bike for you, it’s important to establish how many bikes you want to carry – 1,2,3, or even more.

Even if it’s only 1 bike that you will regularly carry, having a 2 bike rear rack will give you the flexibility of being able to have a friend tag along for some extra fun. 

Best Bike Rack For SUVs: How Can You Tell?

Most SUVs come ready-equipped with roof rails and/or a trailer hitch as standard. You can easily attach a roof bike rack or a hitch bike rack to either of these standard features. However, we do not recommend a roof rack for heavy mountain bikes. Unless you’re tall and strong, you don’t want to be lifting a heavy bike onto a high vehicle like an SUV.

The best rear bike rack for SUVs are either hitch-mount bike racks or trunk-mount bike racks.

If your SUV already has a hitch receiver, then a hitch-mount bike rack makes a great choice as a rear rack for mountain bikes. Hitch racks are simple to use and allow you to carry more weight than other types of bike racks. In addition, as hitch mount bike racks are not so high, they’re easy to load and offload heavy bikes, even e-bikes. Some of the top brands even come with a handy integrated ramp, making loading and offloading heavy bikes even easier.

If you don’t have a hitch receiver and don’t want the extra expense of having one fitted, then trunk mount bike racks are an excellent alternative for your SUV. Trunk mounted racks are an affordable option and are compatible with just about any vehicle. They attach to the rear of your SUV using a system of straps and hooks and can easily be removed and stored away when not in use.

So, now we’ve given you some tips about what to look for in the best rear rack for mountain bikes, let’s get into a bit more detail!

Best 4 Bike Rear Racks: Bring The Whole Squad    

Thinking of a family holiday and want to take all your bikes? With a 4 bike rear rack, you can travel with your family or as a group of friends. Many 2 bike rear racks have optional add-ons for 3 or 4 bikes, however, these come at a cost. So, if you regularly transport 4 bikes, forking out for a specific 4 bike rear rack may save you money in the long run.

Here are our top picks:

Best 4 Bike Rear Rack From Thule: America’s Staple Bike Rack Brand

Thule Apex XT 4 Bike Hitch Rack


  • Fits many bike sizes and frame styles
  • Anti-sway technology


  • Hanging racks are more difficult to load than platform racks
  • Some bike styles will need a top tube adapter

The Thule Apex XT 4 bike hitch rack is the perfect rack for families who want a lightweight bike rack that is easy to install and remove from a car. This is a versatile bike rack that can accommodate kids’ bikes with 20” wheels and most frame sizes, although you may need an adapter for some women’s and kid’s bike frames.

Weight Capacity:Max 150lbs
Number Of Bikes:4
Ease Of Use:Easy

This rack can hold up to 150 lbs, which is more than 35 lbs per bike. Plus, it allows for 7” between each bike, which is more than any other hanging rack we’ve reviewed. It comes with anti-sway cradles that help to reduce movement and prevents contact between the bikes.

Some hanging bike racks take a bit of time to load, but we found the Thule Apex XT 4 bike hitch rack one of the easiest to use. Plus, the extra space means there’s less chance of damage to your bikes.

Best 4 Bike Rear Rack From Yakima: California’s Finest 

Yakima Ridgeback Tilt-Away Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack


  • Quick and easy to install – no tools required
  • The tilt-away design gives you easy access to your trunk, even with the bikes loaded


  • Quite a long process to load more than 2 bikes
  • You need to purchase an adapter for ladies or step through bikes

The Yakima Ridgeback Tilt-Away hanging bike rack is a lightweight rack, so it’s easy to install without needing an extra pair of hands. But don’t let the lightweight fool you. This rack is sturdy enough to cover long distances even with 4 bikes, and it’s a cost-effective option, so won’t break the bank. 

Weight Capacity:35lbs per bike
Number Of Bikes:4
Ease Of Use:Easy

We found this bike rack really easy to load with straight cross-bar frame bikes, plus you secure the bikes to the cradles using a simple but effective ZipStrip system. However, if you are mainly transporting ladies’ or kids’ bikes with sloping or step-through frames, it becomes more complicated. So this might not be the right bike rack for you.

People Also Ask:

Where Are Yakima Bike Rear Racks Made?

All of Yakima bike rear racks are manufactured in their company owned factories in Taiwan and mainland China. Final assembly and fitting happens at Yakima’s headquarters in Southern California.

How Much Weight Can A Yakima Bike Rear Rack Hold?

Yakima offers a wide range of different styles of bike racks. The lightest can hold a maximum of 2 bikes up to 35lbs each, and the strongest can carry 2 bikes of up to 66lbs each which makes it ideal for carrying ebikes.

Best 4 Bike Rear Rack From Hollywood: Best From California

Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider


  • Holds up to 200lbs, so 50lbs per bike
  • More affordable than some of the other top brands


  • Heavy
  • Sticks far out from the back of your vehicle

Amongst the 4 bike rear racks, the HR1400 Sport rider is the best rear rack for carrying multiple mountain bikes. This rack is up to the task of carrying heavy bikes. It can hold up to 200 lbs in total, so up to 50 lbs per bike, and the wheel trays are adjustable for up to 3-inch tires.  

Weight Capacity:Max 200lbs
Number Of Bikes:4
Material:Alloy steel/aluminium
Ease Of Use:Easy

At 85lbs, this is a beast of a rack, but it’s still relatively easy to install, and you don’t need any tools. You do need a 2” hitch, but for this weight capacity, we wouldn’t trust anything smaller. This rack is quite bulky, so not easily stored away when not in use. However, if you need to transport heavy mountain bikes, this rack is a worthy contender.

People Also Ask: Can I Put 4 Bikes On A Rear Rack?

Yes, it’s possible to put 4 bikes on a rear rack if the rack, or its add-on, is designed to carry 4 bikes. A hitch-mounted bike rack is the best rear rack for carrying multiple bikes as they are strong enough to carry 2,3,4, or even more bikes.

Hitch-mounted bike racks come in both hanging and platform styles and work well for standard bike frames in addition to heavier bikes like MTBs or even e-bikes. However, always be sure to check the manufacturer’s weight and bike limitations beforehand.

These are our top picks for transporting 4 bikes. But maybe you don’t need a 4 bike carrier – so let’s take a look at the next best thing.

Best 3 Bike Rear Rack: For When You Need a Third Wheel… or Two

Want to go on a group ride with family or friends? Or maybe you’re encouraging your partner and child to go on rides with you? Then a 3 bike rear rack is just what the doctor ordered. Trunk and hitch racks fall into this category, but a trunk rack is less bulky and easily stored away when not in use.

Here are our top picks for a 3 bike rear rack:

Best 3 Bike Rear Rack From Yakima: Great For Strolling Down The Santa Monica

Yakima Fullback 3


  • 4-strap design for easy installation
  • Has an external frame that secures the bikes well


  • Installation takes some practice at first
  • Needs a TubeTop adapter (sold separately) for slanted top tube bikes

The Yakima Fullback 3 is a quality trunk-mounted 3 bike rack that fits a wide range of vehicles. Although this rack is limited to lighter weight bikes (35 lbs or less), it works well with traditional frame styles that have a horizontal top tube. With a bit of practice, it’s fairly straightforward to use, plus it’s compact and light enough to easily store away when not in use. 

Weight Capacity:Max 35lbs per bike
Number Of Bikes:3
Ease Of Use:Easy

Yakima has upped their game with this new, modernised design. After using it several times, we were impressed with how well it protects the bikes with its external padded frame which is very solid. We noticed no swaying with the bikes on this rack, and it is pretty stable. There are four straps that attach the rack to the car, plus this is one of the only designs to feature a built-in locking mechanism to prevent theft.

Best 3 Bike Rear Rack From Saris: Your Ultimate Plug and Play Option

Saris Bones EX 3 Bike Rack


  • Excellent build quality
  • At only 11lbs, its one of the most lightweight and strongest rear racks on the market


  • The rack and bikes sit very close to your vehicle, so beware of any paintwork damage
  •  Most women’s and kids bikes will need a top tube adapter

Saris is known for producing top quality bike racks and the Saris Bones EX 3 trunk bike rack is no exception. This is a quality, solidly built bike rack that is lightweight, easy to install, and can fit on almost any vehicle. 

The Saris Bones EX 3 trunk-mount bike rack can carry up to 3 bicycles weighing up to 35lb each. This should be more than enough for typical family bikes or even for some fairly serious mountain bikes.

Weight Capacity:Max 35lbs per bike
Number Of Bikes:3
Material:Rubber/moulded plastic
Ease Of Use:Easy

Despite this rack’s light weight we found it strong and sturdy when carrying 3 bikes. Made of molded plastic, the Saris Bones EX 3 is easier to fit and strap onto the back of a vehicle than some other brands. Plus, Saris claims that this rack is compatible with 90% of vehicles, even those with large spoilers.

People Also Ask: How Many Bikes Can Go On A Rear Rack?

How many bikes can go on a rear rack will depend entirely on the type of rack you purchase and the manufacturer’s specifications.

As a general rule, trunk-mounted rear racks can carry 2-3 bikes, although there are some 4 bike versions available.

If you are looking for a bike rack that can carry 4 or more bikes, then a hitch-mounted rear bike rack is the way to go. Some brands, like the Yakima HangOver rear rack, can carry up to 6 bikes, but then you will need a 2” hitch to be able to support the extra weight.

So now we’ve covered 3 and 4 bike rear racks, but what about the best options for 2 bike rear racks? Read on for our top picks.

Best 2 Bike Rear Rack: For The Couples… or Really Close Friends

In general, bike racks make travelling with a bicycle easier and more enjoyable. In addition, even if you’re the only cyclist in the family, having a 2 bike rear rack means that a buddy can always tag along for double the fun. There are many 2 bike rear racks available, but we’ve come up with our top picks.

Best 2 Bike Rear Rack From Saris: Plug and Play At Its Finest

Saris Superclamp Ex 2


  • Best rear view visibility
  • Lightweight but strong – carries 2 bikes up to 60lbs each


  • Bikes are spaced quite closely together
  • Some customers complain about the rack moving or bouncing when driving

This lightweight and versatile hitch mount-style bike rack can be installed and loaded at a moment’s notice. It secures your bikes by the wheels, so there is no contact with the frames. Despite it’s lightweight, it can accommodate 2 bikes up to 60lbs each and tyre widths up to 4”, which makes it perfect to carry just about any bike.

Type:Hitch-mount platform
Weight Capacity:Max 60lbs per bike
Number Of Bikes:2
Ease Of Use:Easy

Platform hitch-mounted racks are some of the easiest to use, and the Saris Superclamp EX 2 is no exception. Saris claims that this is the “fastest loading bike rack around thanks to the dual wheel-clamping hooks” – while we can’t claim it is the fastest, it is certainly quick and easy to install and load. Plus, we love the tilting feature, as it gives access to the trunk even when fully loaded.

People Also Ask: 

Can A Saris Bike Rear Rack Carry An Ebike?

Yes, a Saris bike rear rack can carry ebikes, but you will need to purchase a platform-style hitch rack to accommodate the heavier weight. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s weight limitations before you make that purchase.

How Much Weight Can A Saris Bike Rear Rack Hold?

How much weight a Saris Rear Rack can hold will depend on the style of bike rack you purchase. Typically trunk-mount racks and hitch-hanging racks can carry bikes up to 35 lbs each, whereas hitch platform racks can carry bikes of up to 60 lbs each. 

Best 2 Bike Rear Rack From Yakima: Your Ultimate in Ergonomics

Yakima HoldUp EVO


  • Can accommodate tyre widths up to 4.8” without purchasing adapters
  • Tool-free installation, plus it’s quick and easy to load bikes


  • Relatively heavy
  • Difficult to access the folding lever

This tray-style hitch rack needs no tools for installation or removing the rack. In addition, it’s super quick and easy to load bikes, plus the trays adjust, making loading 2 bikes a breeze with no worries about the bikes making contact. The Yakima HoldUp Evo can carry just about any bike, even fat bikes, and heavy ebikes. However, it’s best for bikes with 24” wheels and above, so if you regularly carry smaller wheels, it works, but there are better options out there.

Type:Hitch-mount platform
Weight Capacity:Max 50lbs per bike
Number Of Bikes:2
Material:Carbon fibre
Ease Of Use:Easy

From heavy fat tire bikes to sleek carbon frames, the Yakima HoldUp Evo hitch bike rack has you covered. The ratcheting straps and hooks hold your bikes by their wheels, so there is no frame contact and ample space between each bike. We found the lever that lowers and tilts the rack a little tricky to use, but the SpeedKnob locking device provides quick and easy tool-free installation.

Best 2 Bike Rear Rack From Thule: Your Heavy-duty Option

Thule T2 Pro XTR


  • Consistently good reviews
  • Easy tool-free installation and integrated hitch locking system


  • Heavy
  • Initial set-up takes time

The Thule T2 Pro XTR is an extremely popular bike rack that gets consistently good reviews. It’s a solid and very durable bike rack that, once set up, is super easy to use. It’s also very versatile as this rack fits 20 – 29″ wheels and up to 5″ tires without needing adapters.

Type:Hitch-mount platform
Weight Capacity:Max 60lbs per bike
Number Of Bikes:2
Ease Of Use:Easy

The Thule T2 Pro XTR is popular with good reason. It’s very easy to load and offload bikes, and the very generous 12” spacing between bikes means it’s easy to load any combination of bikes without having to worry about contact and damage between frames. It’s one of the only bike racks that you can load pretty much any style of bike without needing adapters. While it is on the heavy side, Thule has added wheels to the new XTR to make it easier to maneuver in and out of your garage.  

People Also Ask: 

Does Thule Make Good Bike Rear Racks?

Thule is a Swedish company that has been creating solutions for carrying outdoor gear for more than 75 years. They launched their first rear hitch bike rack back in 1992 and have been going strong ever since. 

Thule’s rear bike racks are some of the best available on the market. They are at the forefront of bike rack innovation, and they score very highly for reliability and safety, which no other brand can match. Plus, they offer a limited lifetime warranty on all their products. 

Are Thule Bike Rear Racks Safe? 

All Thule bike racks, including their best rear bike racks, are expertly designed to make transporting bikes easy and safe. Every Thule bike rack design has been rigorously tested to ensure your safety, the safety of your bike, and to ensure the safety of other user’s on the road.

While we’ve looked at the more conventional brands and styles of rear racks that you may be familiar with, there are some other good options out there. Let’s take a closer look.

Best Bike Rear Rack [SeaSucker]: Plug and Play… Quite Literally

Seasucker has come up with an ingenious solution for carrying bikes on just about any vehicle. They use suction cups to attach to even the most odd-shaped vehicle, which are lightweight, easy to install, and small enough to easily store away. 

But how does this system measure up to more conventional rear bike racks? Read on to find out more.

SeaSucker Talon


  • Simple to install and remove
  • Fits a wide variety of vehicles


  • Need to remove the front wheel to mount your bike
  • Only carries one bike

The Seasucker Talon should not be confused with the inferior Seasucker Hornet, which is the smaller, cheaper option in the Seasucker range of rear bike racks. While they both use the same system of suction cups to attach to your vehicle, the Searsucker Talon has a superior carrying capacity at 210 lbs.

Type:Suction cups
Weight Capacity:210lbs
Number Of Bikes:1
Material:Metal and rubber
Ease Of Use:Easy

This unconventional rear bike rack seems quite pricey when compared to the more traditional style of hitch or trunk-mounted racks. However, one bonus is that if you change your vehicle, you don’t have to change your rack.

The Searsucker Talon is easy to install – it only takes a few minutes. However, this rack only carries one bike, although you can add an extra set of Talons if you want to carry a second bike.

It does take a bit of getting used to, and we did get out and check that the suction cups were secure often. We had no problems, plus this rack is advertised as being the only American rack used at the Tour De France. If it’s good enough for the professionals, then it’s good enough for us too. 

People Also Ask:

How Safe Are SeaSucker Bike Rear Racks?

Seasucker bike racks are just as safe as any other type of bike rack out there. It is an American brand that has been rigorously tested to meet standard safety requirements.

However, that does not mean they cannot fail. Just like any brand of bike rack, if it is not used correctly or regularly maintained, then the suction cups can fail. It’s important to always make sure the suction cups and the surface of your car are clean so that the cups make a proper vacuum to ensure your bike is secure.

How Fast Can You Drive With A SeaSucker Bike Rear Rack?

The SeaSucker suction cups are extremely powerful, and when combined with a fork-mount style rack, it does make these racks extremely secure. The company claims to have tested these racks on a NASCAR race track, with speeds of up to 140mph. But we wouldn’t recommend this as, at high speeds, the suction cups may fail.

It’s recommended to drive at lower speeds with a SeaSucker rear rack or to at least obey the speed limits in your state.

Still not convinced about which is the best rear mounted bike rack for you? Then read on for some more of our top picks.

Best Bike Rear Rack [RockyMounts]: Stays Solid, Even Off Road

RockyMounts has been making dependable, well-designed bike racks and accessories since 1993. The company philosophy is simple – if you absolutely can’t ride to your destination, they’ve got you covered with solid bike racks that you can rely on to get you to your next ride or big adventure. 

RockyMounts MonoRail


  • User friendly tilt-system
  • Comes with locks


  • Some assembly required
  • Sits close to the rear of your vehicle

This 2 bike carrier is the most versatile bike rack in the RockyMounts line-up. It can carry pretty much any bike, from skinny tyre road bikes up to 5” fat tyre bikes without the need for adapters. While hitch mount bike racks are some of the most expensive, the RockyMounts Monorail is more affordable than most other brands.

Type:Hitch-mount platform rack
Weight Capacity:2 x 60lbs
Number Of Bikes:2
Material:Metal and plastic
Ease Of Use:Easy

This is a user-friendly rack that includes a one-hand quick release tilting system that you can use even with the bikes loaded. Like most good hitch-mount platform racks, the bikes are secured by the front wheel, so there is no contact with each bike’s frame. Plus, there’s enough distance between the two to give you peace of mind.

Best Bike Rear Rack [Kuat]: Your Premium Choice From Springfield

Kuat Racks is an American brand that designs lightweight, easy-to-use racks and accessories for cyclists and other outdoor activities. As a team of industry experts and avid cyclists, Kuat strives to bring you user-friendly, quality products.

Kuat Sherpa 2.0


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use


  • Maximum tire width is 3” only
  • Trays are fixed in place, so not adjustable

Weighing in at 32 lbs, this lightweight rack should be on the shortlist for anyone who regularly installs and removes their bike rack. While it’s not as versatile as other racks (with its 3” tire width and 40lbs per bike weight limit), it’s one of the simplest to use with standard bike sizes.

Type:Hitch-mount platform rack
Weight Capacity:2 x 40lbs
Number Of Bikes:2
Ease Of Use:Easy

The Kuat Sherpa 2.0 is a stylish and simple solution for carrying 2 bikes. Its low height make loading bikes a breeze, plus it takes most styles of bikes as long as they weigh less than 40 lbs. In addition, its’ lightweight and smaller size make it one of the easiest racks to install or store away when not in use.

Best Bike Rear Racks [Kupper Mounts]: Your Bike Rear Rack In a Cup… Literally

Kupper Mounts call themselves the next generation of bike racks and work the same as a SeaSucker bike rack. They use a vacuum-powered suction cup system to enable you to install this bike rack on just about any vehicle.

Kupper Mounts


  • Quick and easy to attach to any vehicle
  • Great for travel


  • Needs to be mounted on clean, undamaged surfaces
  • Need to remove front bike wheel

The Kupper Mounts bike carrier system is the only bike rack on offer by this company to date. It attaches in minutes, and as the rack is small, light, and compact, it’s a great option for cyclists who regularly travel with their bike.

Type:Suction cups
Weight:0.63 pounds
Weight Capacity:45lbs
Number Of Bikes:1
Material:Alloy steel
Ease Of Use:Easy

While it may take some getting used to, the Kupper Mounts bike rack system is a reliable way to transport your prized possession. It’s simple to use and safe and secure. It’s also perfect to use with rental cars or if you regularly change vehicle. It only carries one bike, but it’s affordable enough to buy a second one if you need to carry 2 bikes.

So, now we’ve given you a few extra options – still unsure which to purchase? Then scroll down for our final results.

Summary: Our Final Results and Picks for the Best Mountain Bike Rear Racks Per Section 

While we’ve included several options for you to choose from, the following are our top picks for the best rear racks for mountain bikes.

BrandModelTop AdvantageTop DisadvantagePrice
Best OptionThuleT2 Pro XTRFits most bikes without needing to purchase adapters.Expensive.Click to check price
Best ValueRocky MountsMonorailUser friendly tilt system.Needs some assembly.Click to check price
Best Cheapest OptionSarisBones X3Carries up to 3 bikes.Needs top tube adapter for most women’s and kid’s bikes.Click to check price

People Also Ask: 

Are Rear Bike Racks Worth It?

If you regularly travel with your bike or want to hit new trails that are just a bit too far to cycle to, then a rear bike rack is absolutely worth it. However, before purchasing your bike rack, it’s good to figure out what type of bike rack you want and how often you will use it.

Are Rear Bike Racks Stable?

All of the rear bike racks we tested proved to be very stable. However, some types, like the more expensive hitch platform-style racks are more stable than a hanging-style hitch rack which, due to the very nature of this style of rack, will have a bit of movement.

There are clearly many different rear racks for mountain bikes in the market, but we’ve identified the best price points for each brand, so you don’t have to. Click the link on the mountain bike rear rack that you’re most interested in to check the price because it’s bound to be on sale at this time of year.

Also read: Is a Rear Bike Rack Worth It?

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