Electric Bikes With Clutch: Do They Exist?

When looking at the best electric bikes for adults the market has to offer, what matters most is what you want in a bike.

What specifications do you want? What’s the top speed you require? And is it possible to find an electric bike with a clutch? Only you can answer the first two, but we’ve answered this last question below. 

Electric Bikes With Clutch: Do They Exist?

Yes, electric bikes with clutches do exist. Many electric bike producers do not include a clutch in their bikes, finding it unnecessary because of a lack of transmission. However, some brands like UM and KYMCO believe that not only clutches but gears are necessary for electric bikes too. This is good news for people that love traditional bike driving. 

However, electric bikes that come with clutches are a minority. Almost 99% of electric bikes have neither clutches nor transmissions. 

Unlike gas-powered bikes, an electric bike can reach full power the moment they are switched on. These bikes can produce full torque at 0 rpm, which a fuel-powered bike is unable to do. Since a clutch serves no real purpose, having one would only create new problems. 

Can Electric Dirt Bikes Have Clutches?

Yes, electric dirt bikes technically have a clutch, although they have no real need for one. However, it would mainly be for the aesthetic aspect. 

We recommend staying away from bikes with clutches though. They just mean more maintenance and repair costs. If you do find an electric dirt bike with a clutch, it’s probably meant to appeal to traditional bikers. 

Are All Electric Dirt Bikes Manual Transmission?

No, not all electric dirt bikes have a manual transmission. Normally, electric dirt bikes don’t have a transmission at all. Vehicle engines operate on a certain rpm (rotations per minute) to provide enough power. 

These gear ratios are pre-determined by the manufacturers, and the vehicle needs this gear ratio to produce maximum torque. 

The lower the gear, the greater the torque. If you lower your gear, less fuel reaches your engine, and the speed decreases. The smallest speed produces the greatest torque output. This greater torque is required to move the car from its stationary position. 

However, as the car gains speed and the gear increases, its torque decreases. You need a transmission to keep your torque output maximized, and there is a tradeoff between speed and torque. 

However, electric bikes can generate the greatest torque the moment they are switched on. They also produce the same torque at all speeds, so you don’t need control over the gears at all. It would simply prove to be another complication, and adding transmission and clutch would add weight too. 

This lack of transmission also improves the overall speeds and ranges of electric bikes, which gives them an electric bike with a clutch. 

However, some electric bikes are moving towards transmissions, which are mainly focused on increasing the speed of the bike. These are called multi-speed transmissions, and you can choose between these and single-speed transmissions.

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