Dirt Bike Tire Pressure for Trail Riding: A Pocket Guide

People invest in the best dirt bike tires for trail riding before they go on the trails. However, even these don’t do much if you don’t watch out for the pressure of the tires. 

What’s the ideal dirt bike tire pressure for trail riding? Read on to make sure you don’t end up popping a tire out on the trail. 

Dirt Bike Tire Pressure for Trail Riding: What PSI Is Ideal?

Ideally, you want to have your tire’s psi between 15 to 35. This will ensure your bike can take on the rough terrain that trail riding subjects it to. 

Always remember, the rear tire should always have more pressure than the front one because that is where the weight of the rider sits. Additionally, rear tires experience more abuse than front ones. So you want your rear tire pressure to be about 2 psi more than your front. 

However, the ideal tire pressure depends on a lot of factors. Everything from the width of your tire to your terrain makes a difference. The rider’s weight, though, is the biggest factor that comes into play here. Tire pressure should be increased if the rider weighs more. To accurately estimate the pressure your tires need, first, divide the rider’s weight by 7. Then subtract one from the answer for the pressure of the front tire, and add two to the answer for the ideal pressure in the rear tire. 

Is 40 PSI Too High for Trail Riding?

Yes, 40 psi is too high when it comes to dirt bike tire pressure for trail riding. The higher the pressure in your tire, the faster they go. However, trail riding subjects tires to a lot of abuse from dirt, rocks, and debris. If a tire has too much pressure, it won’t properly grip the surface and will bounce instead. This can be extremely dangerous as the bike may capsize. 

A rider faces a tradeoff between speed and grip when it comes to trail riding. It is best to compromise on the speed and adjust your tire pressure so that the tire can mold to the surface. You want to make sure your tire pressure is under 35 psi, with the exact pressure depending on your weight and terrain. 

What Is a Good PSI for Off Roading?

When offroading, ideal tire pressure is anywhere from 15 to 18 psi. We recommend you start at 20 psi and gradually reduce the pressure until you’re comfortable with it. 

Whether you’re using normal tires or trail tires, if you feel like your bike is bouncing too much, reduce air pressure. Likewise, if you feel your bike start to strain, increase the air pressure. 

Finally, never drive with your tire pressure below 15 psi because there’s a risk the tire may roll off the rim altogether. Additionally, if your tire pressure is too low, your tire will drag a lot and wear down faster.

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