Dirt Bike Ice Racing Tires: What’s It All About?

If you’re a dirt bike rider and don’t want to put your bike away for the winter, there are certain preparations you have to make. You could take a look at the best studded dirt bike tires on the market if you’re a normal driver. 

However, if you race, dirt bike ice racing tires would be better for you. Read on, because we’ve discussed these tires in detail below. 

Dirt Bike Ice Racing Tires: What’s It All About? 

Dirt bike ice racing tires are thick and durable racing tires with metal studs and screws embedded in their surface. For new racers, it is best to purchase the tires, but seasoned drivers can make them at home too.

What Is the Difference Between Ice Racing Tires and Regular Tires?

While normal tires are made of rubber and Kevlar, racing tires are made of carbon compounds. This makes them a lot harder and more durable. Additionally, to ride on ice, screws and metal studs are fixed into the surface of the tire which improves traction. 

Dirt bike ice racing tires can be made at home—you just need premium racing tires and some ice screws—but if you’re a professional racer, you want to purchase them. Companies that make these tires take special care to ensure they provide a steady ride and do not affect speed. 

At home, you might be able to make a workable tire, but you could see your speed affected. Also, attaching the metal stud is no easy thing. You need to make sure the screws don’t come off when you’re driving but don’t go too deep in the tire either. 

If you purchase a good ice racing tire, you’ll get one that is able to bear a lot of pressure, and has an extremely long life—good tires can have lifespans in 1000s of kilometers. Most ice-racing tires will end up lasting between 6-8 seasons of regular use.

It is always best to purchase these tires from the proper manufacturers. However, these tires are really expensive. Since these are specialized tires, and all companies don’t produce them, they can be difficult to source and expensive to buy. 

Can You Use Ice Racing Tires on Snow? 

Yes, you can use ice racing tires in snow, however, they don’t do much good. Ice tires are made to dig into the ice, and feature studs that break the ice and create friction. 

However, snow does not need to be broken because it gives way under pressure by itself. This is why snow tires are made with ridges that provide superior grip on slippery snow. Hence, we advise against using the two tires interchangeably, both of them have distinct characteristics and benefits.

If you’re thinking of racing on ice, studded tires will be your best friend. However, if you want tires for casual winter drives, go for snow tires. The best part about snow tires is that they’re not very loud, and can be used in the summer too. Studded tires, on the other hand, can exclusively be used in the winter.

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