How to Charge Electric Bikes With a Solar Panel?

If you’re an e-bike rider, you’ve probably wondered how you can charge electric bike with solar panel. Whether you want to invest in a special solar charger from the 12 Best Electric Bike Solar Charger Options or not, solar panels are perfect for off-grid riders.

You can’t always have access to a power socket, and solar panels are both sustainable and readily available. But then is it even possible to charge an electric bike with a solar panel?

Charge Electric Dirt Bike With Solar Panel: Is It Possible? 

Yes, it certainly is possible to charge your electric dirt bike using solar panels. You can either invest in a special solar charger or make your own system to charge your bike on the go. 

Additionally, as long as you have the proper equipment, you can also connect your bike to public solar panels. 

Should You Charge an Electric Bike With a Solar Panel? 

Yes, you definitely should look into charging your bike with solar panels. For one, when you’re off-grid, solar panels are lighter and easier to carry than batteries. Unlike batteries, solar panels do not require a power source to be charged either, which allows you to use them again and again. 

If you’re expecting you’ll be off-grid for a long time, a solar panel is your best bet for charging your bike. 

How Does Electric Bike Solar Charging Work? 

Solar panels generate DC current through the sun’s rays, which are used to charge your bike. However, bikes are not compatible with DC current and can overheat, so we use inverters for safe charging. We’ve discussed how to charge electric bike with solar panel in detail below. 

How to Charge Electric Bikes With a Solar Panel? 

The first thing you’re going to need is a solar panel. You can choose between two options: a foldable solar panel, and a rear/trailer solar panel. You’re going to need one between 100-200 W. 

The second thing you need is an inverter. Solar panels produce DC (Direct Current), but e-bikes are made for AC (Alternating Current), as we get AC in our power grids. You’re going to need an inverter to convert DC into AC so your bike can safely charge. Ideally, you want to go for an MPPT solar inverter. 

Finally, you also need a charge controller. Although this is not necessary, a charge controller will protect your battery against electrical overload. 

To charge electric bike with solar panel, connect your solar panel to the inverter, and the inverter to the charge controller. Your battery’s charging cable goes in the controller too. Be very careful, and protect your eyes and face when making the initial connection. 

You can connect both a battery bank and your e-bike’s battery to the controller, depending on your need. Once the connection is made, check if your bike is charging and if you’re still able to drive it. If your bike is on, try to drive it for a little distance, making sure there is nothing wrong. If all’s well, you can drive as you charge too.

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