Can You Fit a Cargo Box and Bike Rack?

If you enjoy recreational activities, you might want to carry your cargo and bikes together in your car. However, can you fit a cargo box and bike rack at the same time? You could get the best pickup truck bike rack on the market, but can you really use it?

If you’re wondering about how you can carry your bikes with a cargo box, scroll down and find out the best way. 

Can You Fit a Cargo Box and Bike Rack?

Surprisingly, the answer to “can you fit a cargo box and bike rack on your car’s roof?” is yes. Of course, this will depend on the type of carrier and bike rack you’re using, but if you go with smaller options, you can fit both. 

You can easily carry up to 2 bikes alongside your cargo box, although you might have to sacrifice some of your cargo box’s weight capacity. You have to be careful of the load capacity of your roof rack, as well as the capacity of your roof. If your roof rack breaks down, the damage could be extreme. 

Roof racks have a maximum weight capacity of 120-170 pounds (54 -77kg). You need to account for both the weight of your rack and cargo box and the load you will transport. 

Finally, not all bike racks and cargo boxes are compatible with the same roof racks. Some roof bars are crisscrossed, while others are not. You might need extra installing equipment to make things work. 

Can You Attach a Bike Rack to a Cargo Carrier?

Yes, you can attach a bike rack to a rear cargo carrier. However, you would have to be mindful of the weight limit of your rear carrier. If you exceed the weight limit, not only could the carrier break off, but it can seriously damage the hitch too. 

You cannot attach a bike rack to a rooftop cargo box, but you can attach a rack alongside it. Move the cargo box to one side and mount the rack on the other, making sure your roof rack can bear the weight. You can also remove the cargo box and mount the bike rack if you need to carry more bikes. 

Can I Use a Cargo Carrier for Bikes?

Yes, you can use a hitch cargo carrier for bikes. However, you’d need a bike rack adapter, and even that won’t be completely safe. The adapter will provide you with slots to fit the car’s wheels in, and you’ll be able to strap the bike in. But if you’re a frequent rider, drive very fast, or have to cover long distances, a special bike rack is the way to go. 

Using a bike rack adapter may seem convenient, but it also decreases the maximum weight load you can carry. Additionally, while it is true that bike racks can be insanely expensive, an adapter will not come cheap either. Compare the cost you will incur in both cases, and if there’s no major difference, go for the bike racks as they are safer.

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