About Mud Bike

Our mission is to help usher in a new era of off road riding electric dirt bikes. To do so, we’re bringing insight and perspective to this new breed of motorcycle through informative reviews, and preview articles. To help promote the category and encourage transition to electric, we also publish on a range of related topics.

Part of our mission is environmental. While electric dirt bikes are a blast to ride, they’re also much easier on the environment depending on the source of electricity. Great electric options should also help encourage more people to switch from single car occupancy to electric motorcycles.

The Mud Bike Team

Evan Bleker — Founder and Editor

Evan’s been riding motorcycles for nearly 20 years and got an early start on a KDX 175. But, in a fit of pure stupidity, later sold it for just $100. While his daily bike is a blue 2017 T100, his favourite memory is racing around the Philippine jungle at night with friends riding tiny 125cc enduros. Evan is from Vancouver, Canada.

Nick Ylac Gutladera — Lead Writer

Nick got his start by stealing his father’s dirt bike and riding it around the neighbourhood at the tender age of 11. These day’s he’s got a full license, so the cops mostly leave him alone. On weekends, he races pit bikes, enduro bikes, and anything else with a motor. Nick’s been a journalist and professional writer since 2017.

Hyacinth Cornelio — Content Manager & Website Administrator

Hya has been working in various marketing support roles since 2018. She is currently Assistant Manager at Hunter Media and manages content for Mud Bike. She’s currently based in the Philippines.

Mike Walter — CEO & Social Media Marketing

Mike “The Rock” Walter is a marketing support specialist, and has worked with small businesses since 2015. He has taken over leadership as CEO, and currently runs Mud Bike’s social media marketing campaign. Mike is from Switzerland so is a big fan of trail bikes.